Best Trekking Trails of The World

Looking for Best Trek for you Adventure Dream? Here Trekking Trail compiles the Best Trekking and Hiking Trips from around the globe. You can choose the Best Trekking Trail not only from the Himalayas country of Nepal, Indian and Bhutan. The Best Trek around the world section also covers those trekking which exists in the Dream Trekking Bucket List of adventure seekers around the world.

Best Trekking Trail Around the World

Adventure does not end after you completed Everest Base Camp. There are much more to see and experience to gather around the world. Trekking Trail Nepal comes with the list of Best Trekking Around The World that will fulfill your hunger of adventure, thrill and complete your dream. These Listed Best Trekking Around The World cannot be compared to each other. They offer the different views, carries the different importance, juggle with unique culture, nature, and lifestyle in the different parts of our small adventure world. Some Trek is short while some take more days. Some treks are short and some need more time to complete, some lie in the Himalayas while some are in the hidden world.

Top 10 Best Trek Around The World

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek - Nepal
  2. K2 Base Camp Trek - Pakistan
  3. Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek and Climb - Tanzania
  4. Chomolhari Base Camp Trek - Bhutan
  5. W Trek - Torres Del Paine National Park - Chile
  6. Mt. Kinabalu Climb and Trek - Malaysia
  7. Santa Cruz Trek - Peru
  8. Chomolohari Base Camp Trek - Bhutan
  9. Frozen River Trek - India
  10. Mt. Rinjani Trek - Indonesia

Honorable Mentions of Best Trekking Trail

  1. Everest Three High Pass Trek - Nepal
  2. Upper Mustang Trek - Nepal
  3. Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - Peru
  4. The Great Himalayan Garhwal Trek - India
  5. Manaslu Circuit Trek - Nepal

Your adventure mind must be wide like the Himalayas. Since accommodation and food on these different Best Treks of the world run on their own available resources. Not only cover Tea house Trekking Trail like Everest Base Camp Trek in the Himalayas fo Nepal. But also covers the toughest tent camp Trekking like K 2 Base Camp in the Karakoram Mountain Range of Pakistan while some trail offers basic hut and some trail with Nice Hotel. In addition, This Top Best 10 Trekking Trails around the world include Best Treks and the most adventurous Trekking Trails form the Himalayas, Andes, Patagonia, Indonesia and Peru, Chile and even from Malaysia.

The Best Trek of the world Everest Base Camp Trek, take you to the base of Mt. Everest at 5364 m, from where the climbing expedition starts to the summit of 8848m.