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    Duration 15 Days
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  • TransportationCar + Jeep
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Manaslu Base Camp Trek shows an incredible mountain view, with altitudes ranging from 710 to 5160 m. Similarly, a mix of Base camp, high pass, virgin nature, and remote people with ancient cultural makes this one of Nepal's best treks. Hence, this trek is known as Manaslu Circuit Trek, representing the highest mountain. Similarly, this trek is also called Larkya Pass Trek, with the Highest pass on our trail.

This Manaslu trekking is the best for those looking for a moderate adventurer with less crowded but best trekking in Nepal. Manaslu Base Camp Circuit Trek is also part of the Great Himalayan Trail. Manaslu Base Camp Trek is one of the constrained trekking vicinity in 12 days from in trail, but 18 days in total as an entire trip. This Manaslu Basecamp Circuit trek is the best alternative to the Annapurna Circuit trek, which you can experience from Dharapani to Besi Sahar.

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The lower altitude of the Manaslu trek offers temperate vegetation with Hindu religion, typical Nepalese people, average biodiversity, green hill, and cultivated fields with fruits, vegetables, and crops. As you gain altitude, Not only do you reach an isolated area close to the Manaslu Mountains everything gets different. People look like Tibetan following ancient Buddhist religion and culture. Buddhist monastery, Chorten, mani walls, and prayer flags replace the Hindu temple. Very rear cultivated land is available, making you feel like in far away from modern civilization to the lap of untouched nature. All these make the Manaslu Base Camp trek a must-do trek in Nepal.

Manaslu Base Camp Trek 2024

The Manaslu base camp trek is the most recognized adventure in the Manaslu trekking area. This moderate circuit trek is an untouched and natural paradise in a highly remote part of Nepal with a border to Tibet. Nepal Manaslu Trekking trail was starting to welcome hikers in 1992. However, despite over 27 years of history, very little trekking use to hike in this area because they love to follow the Big Name like Everest and Annapurna.

Manaslu Base camp Trek

Circuit Manaslu Trek with Larkya Pass and Base Camp

Manaslu Base Camp treks are the most diverse trekking in Nepal. When it was lunch in 1991, the original length is 175 km from Arughat to Beshi-Sahar, where the Annapurna circuit trek starts.

 Nepal Manaslu Trekking trail is full of rich culture, tradition, adventurous excursions, natural scenic beauty, and rural civilization representing the ancient Tibetan lifestyle. Due to the newly opened trail restricting trekking policy, Manaslu ridge and its surroundings offer a chance to explore the full range of Nepal's rich natural and cultural heritage.

Since you already know about the world's highest peaks trek aka Everest Base Camp (EBC) and over 70 years old Annapurna Base Camp (ABC Trekking) But Trekking Trail Nepal is here most amazing Manaslu Base Camp Trek with Circuit Route. Annapurna and Everest are the two most visited trekking areas because of their years-long popularity. Manaslu is open in the early 1990s for trekking. As a result, it lost the acronym MBC to the most iconic mountain of Nepal. Furthermore, the surprising fact is there is no expedition after 1963, and its a point on the trail of Annapurna Base Camp Trekking.

As our vision is to offer you the new trek route and alternative trekking trail in Nepal, here we come with Manaslu Base Camp Trek. 

Manaslu - 8th Highest Mountain of the World

Manaslu is the Eight Highest Mountain in the world and 7th of Nepal, with a staggering 8163 m high. These 8000ers are the major attraction of the Manaslu Base Camp trek, among other mountains that you experience along the trekking trail.

Since the first climber is Japanese, this mountain is also locally called Japanese Peak. The highest point of the Mansiri Himalayas range is commonly known as Manaslu Himalayas Range. Manaslu comes from a Sanskrit name meaning Mountain of the Spirit.

With the successful summit in 1956 by Toshio Imasishi and Gyalzen Norbu: Japanese-Nepalese climbing team, Manaslu becomes the pride symbol for the Japanese, similar to the British with Mt. Everest.

Where is Manaslu Mountain?

This iconic Peak lies in the northern Mid Himalayan range of western central Gorkha District, Nepal. Mount Manaslu stands out as the Eighth Highest Mountain in the world and the 7th of Nepal. Manaslu represents the one tallest, but it is also the whole range from Ganesh Himal to the east to Annapurna in the west.

Mt. Manaslu and Trekking is not popular as Everest, which is well known for Climbing and trekking. However, Manaslu Circuit Trek, aka Base Camp, is already starting to present as Best Off the beaten trails for the real adventurer.

How to reach the Base Camp of Manasl?

Manaslu Base Camp Trek is one of the remote as well as new trekking in Nepal. To reach the starting point of this beautiful trek, you have to experience the off-road 4wheel drive or local transportation. It is not like Everest Base Camp Trek, where you reach the starting point by flight. Being a circuit trek, your start and endpoint on Manaslu Base Camp Trek are different, while Everest Trek mostly start-end at Lukla Airport.

For the Manaslu Base Camp Circuit Trek, you are making a loop. A complete circuit when you back to Kathmandu. Starting from Soti Khola, following Tsum Valley entry point, stop by Manaslu Base Camp, cross Larkey Pass and then end up your trek in Dharapani on the trail of Annapurna Circuit Trek. You will experience the utterly different tour in Circuit trek over many base camp treks. These hiking trails are extra benefits to circuit trek over base camp treks that you don't need to return the same route after reaching the primary destination.

Almost all circuit treks in Nepal, starting point and endpoint, are always different. Everest Base Camp, Kanchenjunga Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, and the best 3 Base camp treks in Nepal. Similarly, Annapurna Circuit Trek is a competitor of Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking or Manaslu Base Camp Trek?

Manaslu is one of the best circuit trekking trails that comes with adventure hiking of Base Camp. In short, Manaslu Circuit Trek is another name for Manaslu Base Camp Trek. Just a difference is a one-day hike in Sama Gaun, whether you explore the Manaslu Base Camp or not. We do not have to reach the base camp Since we are not climbing Manaslu. As adventure trekkers, we need beautiful views of mountains, pristine nature, culture, and more, Which is impossible to get at the base of the mountains.

Manaslu Base Camp trek is more popular by the name Manaslu Circuit Trek. However, Manaslu Base Camp is not a different destination but is instead a one-day side trek, which you can do from Sama Village.

Why Nepal Manaslu Trek 2024 with Trekking Trail Nepal

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How is the Normal Manaslu Base Camp Trek itinerary?

Depending on the rest day, side trip, and season, the Manaslu Base Camp trek itinerary comes in 12 to 20 days. If the trek sometimes happens during monsoon in June, July, August to early September, we request you to follow at least 14 days Manaslu Trek itinerary. Make sure you add an extra day for your interest inside the trip and rest day.

If you want to explore the region as much as possible, you need two days of rest in Sama Gaun. However, one day comes with the standard itinerary. More popular side trips of this Trek are Manaslu Base Camp, Birendra Lake, Puygen monastery, the Tibetan border, and the traditional village.

To add an extra couple of days, Tsum Valley is the best side trip during Manaslu Trekking in Nepal, Which is the most recommendable. By exploring Tsum, you don't need to back to the Manaslu Trekking area twice. It comes with double benefits in 1 Trek of Manaslu Base Camp. If you want to follow Manaslu Circuit Trek, we recommend the months of October, November, March, and April. With good road conditions, longer days, and more accessible trails, even you can complete an itinerary of the Short Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Short Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu

Day 02: Kathmandu Valley Tour ready for Nepal Manaslu Base Camp trek

Day 03: 8 hours 4-wheel jeep drive to Kathmandu Soti Khola

Day 04: Trek Machha Khola (890m/2,920ft)

Day 05: Trek to Jagat and enter the restricted trekking area

Day 06: Trek to Dyang or Deng

Day 07: Trek to Namrung

Day 08: Trek to Sama Gaon aka Sama Village

Day 09: Sama Gaon rest and exploration of Manaslu Base Camp

Day 10: Trek to Samdo

Day 11: Hike to Larkya Phedi ( Dharmasala)

Day 12: Dharamsala to Larkya La Pass (5,160m/16,930ft) and Bimthang

Day 13: Bimthang to Dharapani

Day 14: 4-wheel jeep drive to Kathmandu via Beshi-Sahar

Day 15: End of Manaslu Base Camp Trek with Larkya La Pass around Manaslu circuit trail.

Manaslu Base Camp Trek Highlights

- Exploring Manaslu Base Camp, the 8th highest mountain of the world

- The deep insight of ancient Tibetan culture into the Buddhist religion

- Explore the godforsaken unspoiled, untouched natural heritage of the Manaslu region, Nepal.

- Enjoy the ultimate peace, and tranquility along the less crowed Manaslu Base Camp trekking trail

- One of the best trekking routes of Nepal comes with a genuine off-beaten trek.

- Spectacular views of Mt. Manaslu (8153m/26,748ft) and Himlung Himal (7216m\23,345ft) along with dozens of others.

- 10 peaks above 6500 m and a few more over 7000 m.

- Explore rural villages of the local Gurung as well as imported Tibetan people

- Accommodate yourself on the basis yet beautiful Teahouse long Manaslu Trail.

- Complete peace of mind, and you can lose up to 10 lbs with our unique guide plan.

- Understand and experience the authentic lifestyle of Nubri and Tsum, who are the two main ethnic groups residing in the Manaslu region. Among both groups, Tsum still gives a glimpse of their traditional culture, art, and tradition, which is a matter of study for many researchers.

- Cultural exploration and colorful monasteries, mani walls, prayer flags, and wheels along trails and villages.

- Pristine natural beauty, high-altitude glacier lakes, endangered and fascinating flora, fauna, and Himalayan Mountains make Manaslu Trek trekking in Nepal.

- Trek to untouched Manaslu Conservation Area

- Spiritual exploration and meditation inside Buddhist monasteries give you peace of mind with picturesque mountain views.

  • Why Manaslu Base Camp is Restrict Trekking in Nepal?

YES!!! Manaslu Base Camp belongs to restrict trekking in Nepal. There is no precise answer to why the Nepal Manaslu trek comes under a restricted area. There are many reasons like ancient culture and religious heritage, Geo-politics, Natural Heritage like the Himalayas, and exceptional biological features. High altitude Pass like Larkya La Pass, and Rui La Pass close to the Tibetan refugee village of Tsum Valley is close to the Open Tibet border, which is one reason for geopolitics.

However, it would help if you trekked here to believe why it needs to control the overflow of tourists by restricting the trekking policy. In short, the Nepal Government's policy to preserve this hidden treasure around Manaslu apply as determined trekking which allows control number of tourist by higher permit fees.

Accommodation During Manaslu Base Camp Trek 2024

With Trekking Trail Nepals' Manaslu Base Camp Trek, you will spend three nights in 3-star hotels in Kathmandu. Similarly, 14 nights in the basic teahouse and local lodge along the trekking trails. Kathmandu accommodation comes with a complimentary breakfast. Above all, our capacity comes on a twin-sharing basis.

The standard of Nepalese hotels, even star hotels, may not match the European average. But you will get good sleep and a beautiful dream after enjoying the outside and nature. Accommodation during the Manaslu Base Camp Trekking route is basic and cozy. Twin or triple sharing is primarily available with a shared toilet outside of the room at the end of the same building. Please do not expect luxury; It Adventures in the Himalayas, not in the Alps. Local lodges, hotels, and tea houses offer comfortable and clean beds, light blankets, and pillows.

With a single supplementary cost of USD 350 per person, you can get private accommodation for the entire trip. However, five days at the high altitude of Manaslu Trek three is not a possibility for that.

  • NOTE: Because considerable numbers of trekkers flooded into the Manaslu area. You may have to share a room with other trekkers, especially in Dharmalala (Larkya La Phedi) before the High pass of Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Meals During Manaslu Circuit and Base Camp Trek

During our Manaslu Base Camp Trek Trekking Trail, Nepal offers Fresh, healthy, and organic local and international meals. You will get the chance to taste typical Nepalese food in Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Tibetan. Even some lodge offers Mexican, continental, as well as Korean. Popular items are Dal Bhat, spring roll, Thukpa, Swiss roll, Mo: Mo, Pizza, Macaroni, Paratha, and Pasta. Breakfast and dinner will be served in camp, while we will enjoy lunch at the local lodge on the trekking trail. There are no limits to this; verities of hot, cold, and alcoholic drinks and garden-fresh homemade soup make a good food adventure with Manaslu Base Camp Trek.

Regarding the quality and freshness, you don't have to worry. All meals, snacks, and drinks are prepared and served hygienically and healthily. Most of the vegetables served in tea houses for meals are produced from their organic farm. Hotels and lodges use the boil and cleaner water for the cleaning and cooking process. We guarantee food and drinks will be your one adventurous part of the Manaslu Base Camp Trek.

Minimum 2 Hiker for Manaslu Circuit and Base Camp Trek is a must

Because of restricting and controlling the trekking area, Manaslu Base Camp Trek needs a minimum of 2 hikers to get a permit. This same rule is to apply for Manaslu Circuit Trek or Manaslu Tsum Valley. Therefore, you can book our Manaslu Circuit and Base Camp Trek with your best date if you are two people. However, please join a fixed date group departure for Manaslu Base Camp Trek if you are single.

Essential Trekking Gears for Manaslu Base Camp Trekking

Manaslu Base Camp trekking passes through many temperature zone and altitudes. The trek starts from 730 meters above sea level and reaches high up to 5,210 meters. Temperature varies with changes in height and climatic zone, and you need to match accordingly. To cope with is the temperate difference and make adventure enjoyable, you need to choose the right trekking gears for Manaslu Base Camp Trekking

  • Here is a short and Important Trekking Gears list for Manaslu Base Camp Trek.

General Trekking Gears: Four Season Sleeping Bag (If you don't' have Trekking Trail Nepal provides for the trip duration), Water Duffel Bag (Complementary from Trekking Trail Nepal), Sleeping bag liners, Light Daypack, Down Jacket, Trekking boots, etc

Essential Clothing List: Couple of pairs complete and half sleeve T-shirts, Lightweight expedition thermal, fleece jacket with heat, wind, waterproof shell jacket, Synthetic sports bras (for women), breathable undergarments, Trekking pants and shorts, Trekking pants, Windproof trousers.

Trekking Gears for Head, Hand, and Foot: Sun Hat, Ear covering warm hat made of wool or synthetic, UV protective Sunglasses and sunscreen, Headlight, Waterproof gloves with grips. Similarly, Waterproof Hiking Boots, light sandals, Light and warm hiking socks, and essential gaiters.

 Day to Day Trekking Gears: Water Bottle, Purification means, Toiletries (quick-dry towel, toilet paper, toothbrush and paste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.), Trekking Poles, Feminine Hygiene Products (for women). Do not forget Lip balm and Sunscreen SPF 40 above. Poncho and rain cover.

Other Trekking Accessories: Trekking Poles as your habit, Personal First Aid Kit, Personal Medication if any by your doctors, Wet wipes, Earplugs to get away snoring Neighbor, Hand sanitizer, Insect repellent, Camera, memory card, charging cord, Ziplock bags of valuable documents and cash. Small power bank or solar charger etc.

Best Season and Months for Nepal Manaslu Trek

Trekking in Nepal is possible during any month of the year, depending on the trail you choose. Apart from all-season trekking, spring and autumn are the most favorable season for Manaslu Base Camp Trek. The short spring months of March, April, May till the first week of June are best for Manaslu Base Camp. Similarly, the second half of September, October, November, and December are best during the fall.

On the other hand, the Monsoon months of June, July, and August are considered low. Therefore, the Winter months of December, January, and February are off-season. However, because of low temperature and heavy snowfall trail between Samagau, Bhimthang via Larkya La Pass is not for the faint-hearted. Even Hotel and Lodge will be close, so winter is not best for Manaslu Base Camp Trek.

  • Know More About Best Season / Month for Manaslu Base Camp Trekking in Nepal

Autumn Season Manaslu Trekking

Months of September, October, and November is the best time for Manaslu Circuit with the Base Camp trek. The blue sky, negligible rainfall probability, warm and sunny day, and chilly morning and night of autumn season-best for Manaslu Trekking. Nepalese biggest festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Chhat, and more makes September, October, and November best for Manaslu Base Camp Trek. This feature goes up to the second weeds of December.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Winter Season:

From mid of December, January, and February winter season hits Nepal as well Manaslu Himalayas. The sky remains foggy, and the land is usually dry because of low rainfall. However, snowfall is highly active above 2500 meters altitude. Therefore, lower height and easy trekking in Nepal are doable, but the Manaslu Base camp trek is not best during the winter season.

Spring Season is Best for Manaslu Base Camp Trek

The months of March, April, and May are the months of spring and the best time for Trekking in Nepal and Manaslu Base Camp. The sky remains dark blue clear, light clouds remain but confusing, very light snowfall adds adventure above 3500 meters altitude. Similarly, light pre-monsoon can occur, but weather and temperature remain fit for trekking. Days are a little hot, but the greenery of the trekking trail gives the contrast with high mountains. If you are a natural flower and orchids-loving adventurer, spring is best for Manaslu Trekking. Verities of rhododendron, a valley full of colorful orchids, make you like a big wild garden during March and April.

Monsoon aka Summer Season:

June, July, and August are the month of summer and monsoon in Nepal. Unfortunately, this period is not the best time for Manaslu trekking in Nepal. The sky always seems ready to rain, Full of cloudy and low visibility.

Low altitude trekking trails remain open but come as the extra adventure of slippery, leech slugs and mosquitoes. The temperature remains hot and infrequent thunderstorms with less probability of Himalayas views. Trekking routes like Annapurna Base Camp Trekking, Mohare Danda Trek, and Everest View trek are open; however, Upper Mustang is the best trek for the rainy season. Monsoon trekking in Nepal is not the best but is still popular because of agricultural activities, flooding waterfall, less crowded trails, and cheap trekking packages. However, Trekking Trail Nepal does not recommend choosing Manaslu Base Camp Trek for monsoon months.

  • NOTE: Above all, the Monsoon months best time for botanists to study, investigate, and research in Nepal.

Manaslu Base Camp Trek Permit and Cost

You need a minimum of 3 different permits for Manaslu Base Camp Trek. Permit costs are extra depending on your choice of season and months. In short high season cost higher fees while the lower off-season is cheaper permit fees.

Manaslu Trekking Permits Fees

Permits  Needed September to November December To August Currency
Manaslu Restrict Permits 100 for the first 7 days and 15 extra days 75 for the first 7 days and 10 extra days USD
Manaslu Conservation Area Permit  
Foreigners  3000
SAARC National: 1000
Foreigners  3000
SAARC National: 1000
Annapurna Conservation Area Permit  
Foreigners:   3000
SAARC National: 1000
Foreigners:  3000
SAARC National: 1000

Tsum Valley ( Optional )

40 for 7 Days  and 5 extra days 30 for 7 Days  and 5 extra days USD

In short, Manaslu Base Camp Trek permit costs USD120 to 140 depending on the month you choose.

Regarding the Manaslu Base Camp Trek Cost, there is no fixed mathematical answer. All Manaslu trekking package comes with Condition Apply with many variables. However, the price for Nepal Manaslu Trek comes between USD 1200 to 5000 per person. If you are dreaming about Manaslu Base Camp Trek, one significant thing you must know, you cannot do it on your own. Only local companies like Trekking Trail Nepal can issue your trekking permits for you with the Nepalese guide.

As a Guide will accompany your Manaslu Base Camp Trek, it comes at a high price but along with safety, depth knowledge, and authentic experience. However, Manaslu Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit, and Tsum Valley Trek are costly compared to Annapurna Base Camp Trekking or Everest Base Camp.

Physical Fitness and Preparation for the Manaslu Trek Nepal

Manaslu Base Camp is 12-day trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal in 15 Days trip. On average, you have to hike about 6-8 hours in rough and undulating terrains to reach our camp. Trekking trail full of ups and down add difficulty as well as adventure to the trek. To cope with the challenges of the Manaslu Basecamp trek, you must prepare from your side before hitting the trail.

If you are a regular hiker with average fitness, you can do this classical trekking in Nepal with essential preparation. However, if you are a pro athlete and climber, and trail runner, you probably don't need any practice.

 Follow our 1 Month Fitness Guide. And prepare yourself for Manaslu Base Camp Trek. Applying our four-week special training makes you the perfect fit for your Nepal Manaslu Adventure.

Furthermore, fitness regular physical activities like deep or river swimming, off-road mountain biking, running are helpful to get fitness. A moderate level of fitness is enough for conquering Nepal Manaslu Trek ahead. We prepare and dream Manaslu with complete mind and body, Trekking Trail Nepal applies 101% from our side too.


Fitness is required not only because Manaslu is a challenging trek. The challenges added because of its remote position. Minimal access is available to the area of Manaslu trekking. Even with a minor health issue, only a chopper evacuation is to reach civilization and cities. Although this does end Manaslu trekking for you, it comes with an extra financial burden to a holiday budget. Be assured of some Best travel Medical insurance with evacuation coverage.

Terrain and Difficulty in Nepal Manaslu Trekking Route

Manaslu Base Camp trek with a circuit route covers a wide variety of terrains. The landscapes are rugged and oddly shaped, even in isolated parts in the lap of the Himalayas. You will be hiking about 10 to 13 miles each day. Hiking on harrowing stairs trains on the off-the-beaten trail needs your stamina and physical endurance. The first few days are the easiest part of Manaslu Trek, Nepal, along the banks of Budi Gandaki Valley. Furthermore, the difficulty level increases each day after. Continuous downhills and downhill in thin air add more difficulty.

The highest point of Larkya La pass, 5,160 m, is one most challenging. It will test your strength and capabilities. Physical fitness makes you perfect for you, but your mental discourse plays a significant role in cove rough terrain and difficulty. Our fitness guide prepares your stamina to challenge the Terrain and Difficulty of Nepal Manaslu Trekking.

  • NOTE: Larkya La Pass is the highest point of Manaslu Base Camp Trek. Pass day is also the longest day in our Nepal Manaslu Trek, in which we need to cross the altitude of 5,160 meters, and trails come only with steep ups and downs. To avoid the disruption of Larkya La Pass, we start our day way early before sunrise.

How Long is Manaslu Circuit Trek?

The actual distance of the Manaslu Circuit trek was 175 Km ( 109 miles) when it was lunch back in 1991. This distance is between from Arughat Bazar of Gurkha to Beshi Sahar of the Lamjung district. With the increasing rural motor-able road network, The new famous Short Manaslu Trek starts at Soti Khola and ends in Dharapani, which is 117 km long.

Altitude Variation in Manaslu Trekking

As with other circuit trekking, the altitude on the Manaslu Base Camp trekking trail is also highly varied. The trek begins at an altitude of 730m, Soti Khola but reaches up to 5,106 m 16,752 ft (Larkya La ). Whether you are a pro or average hiker, your body surely experiences a profound change that comes with less oxygen and High altitude. All hikers were likely to risk altitude sickness as we gain elevation completing our days.

Trekking Trail Nepal's request to prepare yourself physically and mentally against the risks of altitude sickness comes with Manaslu Trekking. You don't need to be profit and mountain active to overcome the threat of the Manaslu Base Camp trek. However, one month of essential fitness guide will make perfect for achieving the experience of a lifetime.

  • NOTE: If you have heart, lunch, and knees problem, please consult your, doctor, before you hit Manaslu Trekking. Your previous High Altitude and Himalayas Trekking in Nepal is the best medicine to succeed at the Manaslu Base Camp trek.

Altitude Sickness During Nepal Manaslu Trek

It is not reliable to predict who gets affected by altitude sickness or not. Altitude sickness, aka Acute Mountain Sickness, is caused by thin air at high altitudes above 3,400 meters above sea level. Since the highest point of Manaslu Base Camp Trek is 5160 m, it carries the risk of altitude sickness. Therefore, it is better to acclimatize correctly, follow a healthy diet and drinks, stoping of cigarettes and alcohol to help you avoid the risk.

Our specially designed itinerary with the excursion and slow hike helps to feel the symptoms early to take a move ahead, and then altitude sickness becomes a risk. Our experienced leader guides you with a slow and steady pace to reach high, not as fast as a marathon.

Feel your body is the most significant part of knowing the early symptoms of altitude sickness. Common symptoms like headaches, shortage of breath, nausea, losing appetite, and fatigue; here, first preventive measures should be applied. These steps are descent to lower elevation, drink, and stay warm, if not improve the need for medical help.

Conclusion of Manaslu Base Camp with Larkya La Pass Trek

Manaslu Base Camp Trek with Larkya La Pass is a classic and new circuit trek. You will immerse yourself in geographical charisma. Manaslu Base Camp Trek in Nepal takes you to the rich and diverse culture, natural beauty, rudimental settlements, and ancient Tibetan culture and traditions. No doubt! You will have the great Adventure Holidays of Lifetime with Trekking Trail Nepal's Manaslu Base Camp Trek.

Manaslu Base Camp Trek is another best short Manaslu Circuit Trekking with Larkya Pass of Manaslu Conservation Area, Nepal, to experience the Unexplored You can also explore and experience the Manaslu Base Camp Trek With our most popular 12 Days Short Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Start of Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary, with welcome you at airport.
  • Day 02: Kathmandu Valley Tour ready for Nepal Manaslu Base Camp trek
  • Day 03: 8 hours 4 wheel jeep drive to Kathmandu Soti Khola
  • Day 04: Trek Machha Khola.
  • Day 05: Trek to Jagat and enter the restricted trekking area
  • Day 06: Trek to Dyang or Deng
  • Day 07: Trek to Namrung
  • Day 08: Trek to Sama Gaon aka Sama Village
  • Day 09: Sama Gaon rest and exploration of Manaslu Base Camp
  • Day 10: Trek to Samdo
  • Day 11: Hike to Larkya Phedi ( Dharmasala).
  • Day 12: Dharamsala to Larkya La Pass and hike down to Bimthang.
  • Day 13: Bimthang to Dharapani.
  • Day 14: 4-wheel jeep drive to Kathmandu via Beshi-Sahar
  • Day 15: End of Manaslu Base Camp Trek with Larkya La Pass around Manaslu circuit trail

Cost Includes:


- Manaslu Restricted Trekking Area Permit ( Require a minimum of 2 people in the group)
- Manaslu Conversation Area Project ( MCAP Permit)
- Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP Permit)
- All private ground transportation as per Manaslu Base Camp trekking itinerary and airport transfer
- Complementary Manaslu Base Camp Trek Map and Trekking Trail Nepal luggage bag
- Pre-trekking information with your question before going to trek
- Tasty and hygienic organic welfare dinner at the end of the tour in Kathmandu
- Full Board meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) during the trek with tea or coffee
- Standard teahouses and local lodges accommodation during trekking
- An experienced and certified guide and supported by porters and assistance guide as per your group size
- Medical first aid kit medicinal kit ( Carried by guide or team)
- Allowances, insurance, salary foods, transportation, accommodations, and local tax for all trekking staff.
- Down jacket and sleeping service during the Manaslu Base Camp Trek.

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