Trekking In Bhutan 2024 with Trekking Trail Nepal

Bhutan Trekking is very adventurous and it provides the best opportunity to explore the life of the people in the remote villages and high-up mountains and also enjoy the pristine environment with the most exotic and endangered species of flora and fauna. It also provides an outstanding experience of the spectacular views of the Bhutanese landscapes and breath-taking views of the Himalayas. These trekking trail suit both summer and winter seasons.

Bhutan is Open for Travellers again But Its Getting More Expensive. 

We, at Trekking Trail Nepal, organize Bhutan Treks and tours and More of varying duration, sights, needs and locations. We have what is called the Easy Bhutan Trek which is as short as 4 days of Hiking of Tiger's Nest of Paro and the Snowman Trekking Trail which last about 21 days to the Chomolhari Base Camp. Depending on the duration of your stay and your convenience, we will make specific recommendations suiting your needs and requirements.

Check the Best Trekking in Bhutan - Chomolhari Base Camp Trek 2024

Hiking and Trekking through experience selected Trekking Trail and creative itineraries offer local insight into Bhutan's many hidden treasures and wonders that most visitors miss. This Bhutan Trekking section combines local sightseeing, trekking, hiking, tours with memorable natural experience. Walking, hiking and climbing are some of the best ways to explore the beauty on Bhutan Trekking. Chomolhari Trekking Trail in Bhutan is the most popular and Beautiful Trekking.

Trekking Trail Nepal designs unique itineraries that enable our guests to get under the surface and experience the real essence of the countries we visit. Trekking Trail Nepal will take you off the beaten track and get you close to local people, cultures, and customs. Our small group sizes also allow flexibility so that you can take advantage of unexpected opportunities as they arise with trekking to Bhutan. Join Trekking Trail Nepal for Bhutan Trekking for best lifelong memorable adventure.


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