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India very large country with diverse cultures and fascinating change of race, creed, and places as you travel across it. Most people fancy India as a hot country with only places of historical importance and fantastical legends. What is underestimated is that India also boasts various trails that offer a wonderful peek towards the Himalayan ranges and much more.

There are various trekking routes in India, spread across the country; be it in North India or North East India. It is important to note that these trekking trails are filled with very different experiences compared to each other. While the most popular are the Garhwal trek, Darjeeling and Arunachal Pradesh have a long legacy of a trail being followed by hikers all over the world for more than five decades.

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Travel to India Trekking Trail Nepal is the very best way to get up close and personal with people, cultures, sceneries, thrilling adventure, un-followed Trekking Trail, unreached corner of creeds in India in a way you would never manage on your own. In our India tours, we bring people together through our meet a local and enjoy the local activities at home, day hikes in the countryside and local festivals. Experience our choice of small-scale hotels away from tourist traps and enjoy our personal approach in designing your trip exactly the way you like.

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