Tour and Trekking Holidays in Peru 2024

Peru is a South American country situated at the west of the Continent on the South Pacific Ocean. Peru also comes to the name of Amazon Rain Forest and its rich ancient Inca civilization of Titicaca and archaeological, widely known as Inca Trekking Trail. In addition to this, Macchu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, Sacred Valley, Cusco City, High Humantay Lake on the lap of Andes Mountain are the best-known Names for Adventure Holidays Trips in Peru.

Tour and Trekking Holidays in Peru 2024

As South America, Peru is also a virgin Holidays destination. The Andes Mountains, Costal beach, Inca civilization and Cusco, gift of Nature like Rainbow Mountain, Tambopata Reserved Zone, Salkantay Santa Teresa, Laser Trek, Hunhuy Qosqo are the best and popular Holidays Package for Peru. You can choose the activities by:

  •     Classical Inca Trail Trekking
  •     Alternative Trek Trail in Peru
  •     One Day Tours in Cusco
  •     Mountains, National Parks or Reserved Zone

Little History about Peru

Ancient South American Country; Peru was the seat of many outstanding range of Mountains and Andean civilizations. Most notably the Inca Civilization and Tribe, whose regime was captured by Spanish Conquistador in 1533. On 28 July 1821 AD Peru got the independence from Spanish colony. After a many years of military rule, Republic of Peru come back to the democratic leadership in 1980.

Know Little about the Geography of Peru

  • Total Area: 1,285,216 SQ Km
  • Bordering Countries:(5) Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador
  • Population of Peru: 31.5 Million

Population Distribution

The Fourth most Populated country of South America, Peru is the home of 31.5 Million People.

Approximately 35 Percent of the population resides along the desert coastal belt in the west of Peru, near to South Pacific Ocean. This large population makes the strong focus on the capital city of Lima. Capital Lima lies at the center of Peru on the pacific coast. While the eastern slopes of the Andes, which join to Peruvian rain forest is lightly populated.

Natural Risk and Hazards with Peru

Being a mountainous country based on the cost of South Pacific Ocean, beautiful Peru is also home of some natural risks. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Floods, Landslides, Moderate volcanic activities are another natural risk that you must be aware for you Peru Holidays.

Current Environmental Issues of Peru

Deforestation is one of the major environmental issues of Peru. The illegal smuggling of logging form the Peruvian Rain Forest is one the environmental challenges. The overgrazing of the slopes of the Coast and sierra creates a high risk of soil erosion, Landslides and rough floods. In addition to this Global Warming, Air Pollution and Water Pollution, over use of plastics, desertification and unmanaged mining wastes are comes to the list as other developing countries.

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