Kilimanjaro Trek - Mt. Kili Trekking and Climbing 2024

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    Duration 9 Days
  • Trip Difficulty STRENUOUS
  • accomodation icon
    AccommodationCamping and Hotel
  • TransportationPrivate Car
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    Trip StyleHiking + Climbing
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  • Meals: Lunch + Dinner + Breakfast
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Kilimanjaro Trek is the trekking and climbing adventure to the highest mountain in Africa. This volcanic mountain in Tanzania is one of the most iconic adventures in the world. The adventure goes from different route to reach the elevation of 5,895 meters above sea level to the top of the mountain. You will not believe yourself that you are in front of such a magnificent mountain in the Tanzanian plain.


Kilimanjaro is the highest point of Africa. The trek and climb goes to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro 5,902 m / 19,365 ft. via different routes. It is one of the wonderful trekking adventures in the

The Kilimanjaro Trek offers you an experience of diversity during the trek. You can explore and experience the charm of the rainforest to the volcanic rocks at the top of the mountain. The snow-capped peak of the mountain looks incredibly astonishing. It is an adventure that takes you to the roof of Africa. With fair fitness level and a good preparation, you can complete this amazing adventure on earth. Depending on the route you take, you may need to walk from a week above during the trek.

Kilimanjaro Trek - Climb and Trek Largest Free Standing Mountain

For the first time, from the distance Mt. Kilimanjaro does not look real. How can such a mass of layer cake of volcanic glacier rock stud up from the Tanzanian plains and touch the clouds so high that its peaks are snowcapped on the equator of the Planet Earth? In this Kilimanjaro Trek Climb, you will submit the largest free-standing mountain on earth.

Kilimanjaro Trek - Trek to the Roof of Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro is the icon of adventure and nature located in the Northern part of an African country, Tanzania. Since Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest point of Africa it is widely known as the Roof of Africa. During Kilimanjaro Trek to Climb, Your trekking trail passes through the vast different climatic zone. Most of the routes to Mt. Kilimanjaro you will experience the rainforest, The plains with unusual looking groundsel tree. The Volcanic erratic black stones and glaciers near to the summit add more on differences on your Trek to Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Trekking 2024 Highlights

- Mt. Kilimanjaro mixed up with Trek and Climbing
- Broad choice of Trekking Trail as your Interest, Days and Budget
- Stand on the top of Africa, Known as Roof of Africa
- Trek and climb into the most diverse topographic
- Rich with wildlife, dense vegetation, and climatic zone
- Completely different trekking routes from day 1 to end

Routes: Trails and Itinerary of Kilimanjaro Trek

There are different routes to trek to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. But that does not necessarily mean that all routes give you the same experience. But the Lemosho Western

Breach Route of 9 days itinerary has much higher success rate than other routes. The more time you spend at the elevation, the better your body can acclimatize. Despite the higher success rate, few trekking companies only offer trekking via this route.

Routes of Kilimanjaro-Choose the best Trail as you Need

For last few decades, there are only 3 routes for the Kilimanjaro trek to the summit. Although the roof of Africa is a volcanic mountain, it’s not easy to make trekking routes around Kilimanjaro. Currently, there are three different routes in operation after several years of exploring the area, nature, and topography of Kilimanjaro. You can choose one of these routes to fulfill your Kilimanjaro Dream Trek and Climb..

Machame Route - Kilimanjaro's Most Popular Kili Route

Machame route of Kilimanjaro is the most popular for the trek and Climb which start from Machame Gate.

This Route is also the shortest one to the summit of Kilimanjaro. You can complete your Kilimanjaro Trek Dream in 7 days from this route. This route is one of the most scenic routes with the mix of semi-deserted plateau and dense rain forest. In terms of natural beauty, you can compare this route to Lemosho Western Breach Route. But if you love peaceful surroundings with lush nature and beautiful landscape, this route is not for you. This trail carries about 70% of hikers and trekkers to the top of Kilimanjaro. Machame Route is the most crowded trail of Kilimanjaro Trek.

Lemosho Barafu Carter Route - Highly Recommended Trail

Lemosho Barafu Carter Route is the best alternative to the crowed Machame Gate. We start this route from west side of Machame gate from Shira plateau; it takes 9 days to complete the
Kilimanjaro Trek.

You can connect to the peace of African nature and beauty of mother earth while trekking via this route. You will see fewer people along the trekking trail and the camp zones. The length of this route adds more acclimatization days that give you higher success rate of your Kilimanjaro Climb.

This route is also known as the Shira Route. With Lemosho Route you can enjoy beauty of nature, the lush rain forest and may encounter some wildlife. The starting point of this trail is widely known as Lemosho Glades. Also known as the Trail of Big Tree Camp, this route is the only one that keeps more distance with over exploited Machame Route.

Lemosho Barafu Carter Route - Highly Recommended Trail

Lemosho Barafu Carter Route is the best alternative of over crowed Machame Gate. Since we start this route from the west side of  Machame Gate from Shira Plateau it takes 9 days to complete Kilimanjaro Trek. Here you can connect to the peace of African nature and beauty of the earth. You will see fewer people in the trekking trail and camp zone. The length of this route adds more acclimatization days which make your Kilimanjaro Climb success about 99.99%. This is also known as Shira Route. With Lemosho Route you can enjoy the natural beauty, the remote rainforest and might encounter with wildlife. The starting point of this trail widely known as Lemosho Glades. Also known as Trail of Big Tree Camp to Mweka Gate. This Route is the only one that keeps more distance with overexploited Machame Route.

Lemosho Western Breach Route - Trail Mix of Both

Lemoshe Route is comparatively longer that takes minimum 7 days, but there are many variations in the adventure. One of the important variations is Trekking Operator. You can fully rely on Adventure Company like Trekking Trail Nepal. Choosing the best operator has the benefits to you in field. Trekking Trail Nepal deals with quality services for your extra fare of high price. Furthermore, our success rate, our field staffs from porters to guide and chef to supporter will prove how we are different to other companies for Kilimanjaro.

Why Lemosho Western Breach Route for Mt. Kili Trekking

Lemoshe Route is comparatively longer which take minimum 7 days, but there are many variations in adventure, one of the important variation is Trekking Operator.  You can fully rely on Adventure Company like Trekking Trail Nepal will not the operator. The benefits of choose best operator come to you in fields. Like we, timed our departure and stagger our camp that makes possible to avoid the heavy traffic on the trail. This trail is a little lengthy and remote which increase the price for you via transportation. In Addition to this, Trekking Trail Nepal deals with quality services for your extra fare of the high price. Furthermore, our success rate, our field staffs from porters, to guide, chef and supporter will prove how we are different to those Budget Company for Kilimanjaro.

- Nine Days long and Acclimatization itinerary
- Less crowded trail, that you can enjoy time with nature
- Optimum chance to encounter with wild animals and staffs
- Vast diverse topography from desert to African rain forest
- Best acclimatization increase your chance of success
- Completely different trekking trail, nowhere walk again
- Getting popularity to skip old route

Other Popular Trekking Trail of Kilimanjaro Trek and Climb are:

Marangu Route - Trekking Trail of Kilimanjaro with Hut Accommodation

Rongai Route - Easiest Route of Kilimanjaro Trek.

Shira Route - Serious altitude gain on first 2 days of Kilimanjaro Trek

Umbwe Route - The most Difficult, Scenic and Demanding Route.

Have question about Kilimanjaro Trekking? Write your queries or Book Now. Here we are ready to take you to the roof of Africa with this Mt. Kilimanjaro Trekking.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival and Transfer to Hotel, Team Meet, Official Documentation
  • Day 02: Hotel - Kilimanjaro National Park Gate to Big Tree Camp
  • Day 03: Trek to Shira Camp One from Big Tree Camp
  • Day 04: Hike to Shira Camp 2
  • Day 05: Hike from Shira Two Camp to Lava Tower
  • Day 06: Acclimatization day hike and rest at Lava Tower
  • Day 07: From Lava Tower to Arrow Glacier our Base Camp of Mt. Kilimanjaro summit
  • Day 08: Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Stand up on the peak of Uhuru Peak 5,895 m. Hike down to Mweka Camp
  • Day 09: Hike down to Mweka exit gate. Transfer to hotel and End of Kilimanjaro Trek

Cost Includes:

  • 2 Night Premium hotel Accommodation before and after Kilimanjaro Trek with breakfast
  • Mountain Hardware Trango tent for camping and staffs
  • All meals in a private mess tent; Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Drinking filtered water ( Hot drinking water is also available)
  • Luxury camping chairs for your relaxing stay in camp
  • Private tented toilet
  • Hot shower tent available
  • Hot water bottle ( on request )
  • Foam or air mattress and pillow for your comfortable sleep
  • Solar charger to keep your digital gadget alive
  • Free phone-call to family, friends and near one
  • Cellphone and high-frequency radio for emergencies
  • Procedures of Fastest Emergency Rescue service with Flying Doctors Society of Africa

Insurance for Kilimanjaro Trek

Insurance is mandatory for Kilimanjaro Trek and Climb. Trekking Trail Nepal hearty suggests you, check your travel + health insurance and make sure that will cover all the possible illness, accidents or any travel related issue in adventure holidays with Kilimanjaro Trek. Make sure the travel insurance you buy for Kilimanjaro Trek also covers the followings:

  • Delayed, Lost, Broken, Damage of luggage
  • Health checkup, Doctors, and hospitalization charges
  • Emergency Evacuation from Mountain of Kilimanjaro

Flight cancelation, delayed, and relate. Our Recommended Travel Insurances.

Physical Fitness for Kilimanjaro Trek.

Am I fit for Kilimanjaro Trek? This is the most difficult question to answer. As we find our success rate and over a decade year of experiences and information and data from our Kilimanjaro Trekkers You can do it easily if you are physically fit. Mount Kilimanjaro is not a technical mountain to trek and climb. To complete the trek and stand on top of the summit you did not need any climbing skills, training, and equipment. You do however have to be in fair shape and good health to hike up and down in rough terrain.

Trekking Tail Nepal heartly recommended you to get approved from your personal physician with complete physical examination for Kilimanjaro Trek.

If you are patient of cornice diseases, Heart issue, lungs issue we do not recommend trying for Kilimanjaro Trek. There are many natural and local issue provides adverse effects to your health. Here Trekking Trail Nepal recommended you to book Kilimanjaro Trek prior to earlier possible and start some healthy routine and physical exercises. This little physical fitness routine will take you to the summit of Kilimanjaro with Trek and Climb.

  • Daily Walking around 3-4 km in the rough terrain as possible, Best if you find little up and down.
  • Deep swimming is best to make your whole body fit. This also increases the stamina to fight with altitude sickness.
  • If spending time on the treadmill, Please set it little inclined and dry with gentle steep.
  • If your ride the bike, Please try uphill as possible which will make your calf and knees strong. This helps you in Up hills and even in descent.

Any shorts of Physical Activities will help you to success Kilimanjaro Trek in an easy way.

Tipping for Kilimanjaro Trek

On Every Package of Kilimanjaro Trek, whichever trekking route you choose to complete your trek or climb We hearty request you to tip our Porters, Kitchen Staffs, Guide, and leader. For your easiness, You can give the tip in bulk to your Head Guide for the whole team. He will distribute to every member of your Kilimanjaro Trek. If you are interested to give any individual staffs of your team, You can tip them extra, personally. As our past experiences, the value of money and worth and role of their support in your Kilimanjaro Trek, we roughly suggest collecting between US$ 200-350 Per trekkers in local currency.

Biggest Tip for Kilimanjaro Trekking Climb

  • Pole Pole; which means Very Very Slow like BISTARAI in Everest Base Camp Trek.
  • Drink 3 to 4 Liters of drinking water.

Enjoy the view with competitions not the trek to Kilimanjaro.

Porters for Kilimanjaro Trek and Climbing

Porters are the studs of this Kilimanjaro Trek and Climb. Before you set-out, every porter luggage will be weight at the National Park Gate. One Porter is only allowed to carry 10 Kgs. Any excess weight was taken out accordance of Tanzanian Law. 

This limited weight law will be benefits the local people to find employment and government to solve the problem of unemployment.

The Ground Truth is, without porters Trek, Climb and Summit to the Kilimanjaro would be nearly impossible. You will see and feel as the Kilimanjaro Treks goes on, The crucial role that the porter play.

Drinking Water on Kilimanjaro Trek

Trekking Trail Nepal provides the purified drinking water to you. Our kitchen team collect the water from clean sources and use the filtration equipment and provide to you for drinking purpose. We use the filtered water for cooking purposes too. If you need hot drinking water, we will provide you from setup kitchen camp.


Kilimanjaro trek is also a seasonal trek with certain time of year being the most favorable time. The months of August, September and October are the best months for Kilimanjaro Trek. But some trekking companies also offer summit and climbing even in October and November. August - October is busier compared to October-November.
On another side of the year, December to March is also the good time to climb Kilimanjaro. But the weather will be dry but clean.


You will need a good travel insurance covering you on the adventure. When you go on the trek, you are going for an adventure that bears some risk. So, your travel or medical insurance must cover the medical issue, high altitude sickness, possible accidents and injury and emergency evacuation during the trek. We have to say this for safety precaution. Trekking Trail Nepal has ZERO RESCUE record with 100% success rate. You can join Kilimanjaro Trek with us for a better and smoother experience.


Kilimanjaro International Airport is the nearest International airport for your Kilimanjaro Trek and Climb. On your Arrival day, you can start the first day of hike to camp one if you don’t need any rest.


Basically, Kilimanjaro Trek and Climb is camping trek. But if you are doing Machame Route, the popular one, you can use very basic hut accommodation services during the trek.

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A trekking trip is a journey on foot for pleasure usually along the trekking trails along mountains. It is a multi-day, adventurous trip as a vacation who likes to enjoy the nature, scenery, wildlife, etc. Such trips allow you to enjoy and experience the aesthetic nature and the purity of the local traditions and customs. Trekking will exhaust you as it’s a physical enduring or challenging activity and requires a very high level of energy and fitness with technical skills. Guides and porters arr being hired so that your huge rucksack is carried by them and you can simply enjoy the trek.