Best Season for Everest Trek 2024

Everest Base Camp Trek is a moderate trek, but due to its high altitude and Himalayas climate, you need to choose the best time to suit your needs. Almost every day, you have to walk higher than 3000+ meters above sea level and a six to eight-hour continuous walk. Generally, September, October, and November (Autumn season) and March, April, and May ( Spring season ) are the Best Seasons for Everest Base Camp Trek.

Chose the best Season for Nepal Everest Trek 2024

With our years of experience, the best Season for Everest Base Camp Trek 2024 might differ as per your purpose and adventure level. For example, snow and cold lover choose the Autumn season. Whereas the lover of green nature, blossoming flowers, and those who want to trek in hot weather like a trek in spring. On the other hand, some trekkers choose the Monsoon and Winter seasons to avoid the crowd in the narrow trekking trail and to enjoy the peace and wild nature of the Himalayas.

September, October, and November - Autumn Season

Basically, during the autumn season, the sky is crystal clear, views of the Himalayas are spectacular and picturesque, little snowfall can be surprising by increasing the beauty of the Himalayas and mild temperature; neither hot nor cold increases the relaxation lever in the trekking. This Autumn season is the most preferred season when the weather is stable, dry, and transparent. Also, the trail is good to walk with no dust no wet. With the lush valleys, hills, forests, sparkling rivers, and waterfalls, you can see the blend of the natural beauty in its most beautiful contrast.

December, January, and February - Winter Season

December, January, and February is the coldest time of the year in Nepalese months. If you think cold weather is not a big deal and love a little more fun with snow, then the winter season is also a good season for Everest Base Camp Trek. However, trekking to high altitudes is not recommendable as everything gets covers with snow and the temperature is below zero in the night and early morning and evening. But as the weather is dry, winter trekking season can be great for those who would love to skip the crowd of trekkers in the trekking trail. For the trekking limit to the lower altitude, there is more fun waiting for you.

March, April, and May - Spring Season

Whereas in the spring season, the blooming of colorful rhododendron and full wild orchid and green high altitude Himalayan forest, the sprinkle of water on the small stream alongside the trekking trail with the breathtaking views of mighty Himalayas can be your one reason to choose Everest base camp trek. In these months of the year, the temperature starts to rises, but the possibility of precipitation remains. The flowers, the lush environment, the beautiful and colorful contrast of the Himalayas make the atmosphere vibrant as it is the Best of the Best Trekking Season in Nepal. 

June, July, and August - Monsoon Season

Generally, the monsoon is not so the perfect season of the year for trekking. Monsoon starts which make the skies cloudy that make unclear Himalayan views, roads muddy and slippery makes the trekking less enjoyed, Leeches and damp create some hurdles to achieve the target of trekking, In conclusion, everything about this season is not so attractive.

However, Trekking Trail Nepal is with you no matter the season. The weather may be rainy or sunny, cold or wet, and we take you to Everest Base amp in any season of the year out of Best Season for Everest Trek 2024.