Flight Cancellation or Delay on Trekking in Nepal 2024

Several domestic airline networks to different places in the mountains and cities in Nepal have been providing flight services in aviation. Flying in the mountainous landscapes of Nepal is a wonderful experience where we can see the snow-capped mountain ranges that stretch from east to west in the northern part of the country.

Flight Cancellation and Delay while Trekking in Nepal 2024

Flying in Nepal, especially in the mountains, is highly dependent on the weather conditions of the mountains. As the mountain weather is pretty unpredictable flying to those destinations for trekking can be delayed or canceled sometimes. Take the example of Lukla – the gateway to the Everest region. Lukla flights are one of the most unpredictable ones in the mountains as the weather in Lukla often gets worse. If the weather gets bad, all the flights are delayed for the day and sometimes resulting in the cancellation for the day.

So, it is highly recommended that you take a few extra days on top of the actual trip days if you are trekking to Everest region, Mustang, Dolpo or any other mountainous region where you are using flight. The extra days will keep you safe from the chance of missing your flight back home or to other destinations. Although flight delay and cancellation is not always the case, there is always a high chance of mountain weather getting bad all of a sudden causing the unwanted flight delays and sometimes cancellation.

NOTE: The Flight to Lukla Airport during the Peak month of the trekking season April, May, October, and November operates from Manthali Airport of Rammechhap.