Best Season For Trekking in Nepal 2024

The best season for trekking in Nepal is highly talked about when planning a trekking adventure in the mountains of Nepal. Based on the weather conditions, trekking months in Nepal are categorized as the best and not-so-suitable time to go. The months considered the best have clear views, pleasant temperatures, lovely surroundings, and an overall excellent trekking experience in the mountains.

Best Season For Trekking in Nepal 2024

There are two main trekking seasons in Nepal. The spring season starts at the beginning of March and stays until the end of May before the rainy season starts. The autumn season begins in the second half of September and lasts until December before getting too cold up high in the mountains.

March April and May; The time between March to May sees a lot of trekkers in Nepal

The season is one of the best seasons to trek to the mountains considering the pleasant weather. The view is clear, the temperature a little higher than other seasons but comfortably bearable, and lovely flower blooming season, a lot of trekkers prefer this time to trek.

September October November and till Mid December; This autumn season is the best time to go to the mountains in Nepal

The months of October and November are considered the Best months to explore Nepal and Trekking in Nepal 2023. These months are best to be in the mountains of Nepal given the clearest of views with the most admirable weather conditions. Apart from these months, January and February are too cold months to trek high in the mountains, although it is not entirely an impossible idea. Some people want to experience the snowy trek, so there may be fewer trekkers. June to mid-September gets high rainfall in Nepal so the trekking adventure can be slippery but not impossible. Trekking activity can be done throughout Nepal, but choose the best SEASON FOR TREKKING IN NEPAL, especially for dream trekking like Everest Base Camp Trekking 2024. These trekking areas will be limited for the months other than the best months for Trekking in Nepal.