Update | Covid-19 Second Wave and Nepal Travel Protocol

Covid-19 Update assemble all Trekking in Nepal Updates, regulations and policies you need to move on with. As the the recent pandemic of Covid-19 ( Coronavirus ) hit the world since late 2019 and hits the travel industry so hard in 2020. Moreover, the second wave of Covid-19 early 2021 makes traveller more suspicious. Even countries and airlines have different protocol which get updated with local scenario. As you need to fulfill the requirement, we need to get update as it get publish.

In the same vein, we provides the latest news and update of Covid-19, its symptoms, prevention and treatment. Similarly, vaccination program, its results as will all airlines protocol and country requirement to travel through.

Here Trekking Trail Nepal comes with Update Section, where you can get all recents changes in travel protocol and covid-19 updates.

  • Everest Trekking Protocols 2021

    Everest Trekking Protocols Update on 26 August 2021 by a joint committee of Pasang Lamhu Rural Municipality, Namche Lodge Association, and Namche Youth Group. Nepal is the country with the…

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  • Nepal is Open

    UPDATED: September 17, 2022 Nepal is Open. NO QUARANTINE, NO PCR. Just come with a Vaccination Certificate with QR Travellers and Trekkers. We provide visas on arrival at Kathmandu International Airport. Nepal has…

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  • Nepal Tourism Covid-19 Vaccine

    Tourism is the social and cultural phenomenon of people traveling to new places for new experiences and fun which is the escape to spirituality and joy. The movement of people…

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  • Nepal Travel Safety Protocols

    One of the most COVID-19 affected sectors of Nepal is Travel and Tourism. It has stopped the arrival of tourists since April 2020. Since the lockdown started around April, it…

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