Chandragiri Champadevi Hiking

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    Duration 1 Days
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Chandragiri-Champadevi Hiking is the best one-day hike to do in Kathmandu. Despite the huge traffic and busy city life, Kathmandu provides one of the best spots to go on hiking. It is none other than the Chandragiri-Champadevi Hiking Trail. Chandragiri is a great religious destination for Nepalis with extra flair provided by the most exquisite view of the whole Kathmandu Valley.  

People from Kathmandu love going on a one-day hike to Chandragiri. On weekends Chandragiri receives more travelers and visitors than expected. A popular reason for people visiting Chandragiri is that it is established as a religious destination, but it provides many means of entertainment. People from all age groups can visit Chandragiri and have the time of their life.

Is Hiking in Kathmandu the best thing to do on weekends in Kathmandu?

Hiking in Kathmandu is one of the most underrated activities to do. Out of the best things to do in Kathmandu, Hiking also comes on the list. Being a real mood charger and having healthy aspects, hiking is mandatory.

Trekking Trail Nepal provides the most amazing chance to go on the Chandragiri-Champadevi Hiking Trail. The one-day hike starts with a delicious breakfast at Chandragiri Resort. You can walk up the trail and reach the temple at a height of 2,551 meters. If you are not comfortable walking, a cable car to Chandragiri is the perfect replacement.

However, as this is a hiking journey, nothing beats the happiness of exploring the place on your own feet. The shining sun rays striking you from the top while you look at the destination gives you chills. The sweat you shed and the fun you have are unparalleled. While going up the hiking trail, you get to explore the local settlements and vegetation in the region. It all comes together for all the travelers to have the time of their life. Happiness and Satisfaction come alive together when you reach the destination with the best of your efforts.

Out of many hiking trails in Kathmandu, the Chandragiri-Champadevi Hiking trail is the most popular one.

The Best Thing about Chandragiri-Champadevi Hiking in Kathmandu

The best thing about Hiking in Kathmandu is that you get to see the other side of Kathmandu. Whenever someone talks about Kathmandu, the first thing we imagine is the pollution, huge traffic, and unplanned settlements. However, Hiking in Kathmandu gives a whole new impression about Kathmandu. For instance, when you go to the top of the Chandragiri-Champadevi Hiking Trail, the whole of Kathmandu looks like a big bowl of surprises.

Highlights of Champadevi Chandragiri Trail:

  • The gorgeous view of the world’s highest peak- Mount Everest
  • Many people have questioned if Mount Everest is seen from Chandragiri Hills or not. Well, the answer is “Yes, You can.” Chandragiri provides you with the most exquisite sight of the world’s highest peak- Everest. 
  • Perfect trip for all age groups
  • Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple is present at the top of Chandragiri Hills that the older adults will love to visit. Children will enjoy playing at the park which is built there. There is a trampoline and many other entertaining things to try.  Children can also reach their hiking up. However, for some older adults, hiking can be tough. 
  • Note: Cable Car to Chandragiri Hill is a good option for older adults who have difficulty walking. Check our Chandragiri Hill Hiking from Macchegaon.
  • Easy access from the city

Chandragiri-Champadevi Hiking Trail is very near to Kathmandu city. You can take a bus to the hike starting point. From there, you can continue the journey. TTN provides you the facility of a jeep ride to the starting point of the hike, and then you can start the trip.

View Tower and Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple

Many people who have not visited Chandragiri Hills don’t know a view tower. And what you see from the view tower is like a treat to your eyes. You get the most eye-wooing unobstructed views of Everest along with Dhaulagiri. Moreover, other hills play hide and seek with you behind the clouds. Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple is a cultural heritage that Chandragiri has in its heart. It is believed that whoever comes to worship there have all their wishes come true. You can tell it is a wish-fulfilling temple. Are you still going to sit down on your weekend doing nothing or plan a hike to the Chandragiri Trail? Trekking Trail Nepal can be the trekking buddy you always wish for. The one-day hike can be the best memory of your life.

Mountains and Hills you get to see during your Chandragiri-Champadevi Hiking

  • Annapurna 1 8091m
  • Annapurna II 7937
  • Lamjung Himal
  • Buddha Himal
  • Pisang Peak 6091m
  • Kanguru 6981m
  • Manaslu 8163m
  • Dahachook Danda 1874m
  • Khayan Peak 6159m
  • Chamar 7100m
  • Pabil 7104m
  • Yangra 7422m
  • Paldor 5896m
  • Jamacho Peak 
  • Halchok Danda 1497m
  • Swayambhu Hill1403m
  • Langtang Lirung 7227m
  • Shalbachum 6684m
  • Pongen Dopku 5928m
  • Shivapuri Peak 2720m
  • Ganchenpo 6300m
  • Gurkarpo Ri 6891m
  • Dorje Lhakpa 6966m
  • Madiya Peak 6591m
  • Ladies Peak 5800m
  • Phurbi Chachu 6600m and More on clear day.

All the mountains you get to see from Chandragiri-Champadevi Hiking are so awesome and they make the hike even more memorable. The eye-wooing sight of the mountains, while you are hiking up, is a treat for your eyes and your soul.

Chandragiri-Champadevi Hiking Itinerary | One Day Hiking in Kathmandu

The 4-6 hours Chandragiri Hiking starts with a delicious breakfast. A drive from your hotel to Bauthali Chowk is the first thing to do. Machhagaun is the starting point of the hike, and it gives you a sense of what the amazing trip can offer. 

The best time to hike is early morning as it is when the exquisite views of the natural treasures come out to life like never before. The routes through the forest make you feel like you are inside nature’s supremacy at its finest. The start of the steep uphill forest hike to Chandragiri starts. You get to enjoy the eye-wooing mountain views of the gorgeous mountains with Kathmandu Valley sitting at the base like a valuable piece of art.  Followed by a nature walk to the Chaap Phanjiyang Resort, you enjoy lunch. Eating after a great hike is the perfect way of refreshing and beating the tiredness.

Continuing the day hike with the forest and the views of Kathmandu on your left makes the hike even more worthful. You cross viewpoints like Bhasmasur Hill, Thaam Danda and Champadevi. The hike continues towards the Pharping Monastery crossing Hattiban Resort. A drive back to the hotel is the end of the amazing Chandragiri Trip.

Champadevi Hike with Chandragiri in conclusion

All in all, Chandragiri Champadevi Hiking is one of the best one-day weekend hikes to do in Kathmandu. As it is a short trip, you don’t have to have more time to complete the trip. Moreover, it is a trip you can complete with your family and friends. Being a trip that gives you an amazing chance to see the whole different side of Kathmandu valley, you must come over here and feel like living the best of your life.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Chandragiri Champadevi Hiking Itinerary | Best one Day Hike in Kathmandu

Cost Includes:

  • Bothway private transportation.
  • Experience Kathamandu Hiking Guide.
  • Local breakfast before starting the steep hike.
  • Mineral water.
  • Traditional Veg/Nonveg lunch at Chap Bhayanjyang resort.