Things to do in Mohare Danda Community Trek

A little bit up, a Little bit down. Nepalese flat trekking trail. Up-up-up and down-down-down is the best explanation of Mohare Danda Community Trek. But here we are, focusing on 7 Activities and Things to do in Mohare Danda Community Trek with local Locals.

Available popular blog regarding Mohare Danda Trek only focuses on beautiful Nature, Culture, Traditions, Himalayas, and Community. But they forget about the local Community Activities which take Mohare Hill Trek to the next level. Therefore, Trekking Trail Nepal comes with a different blog that prioritizes the 7 Must-do Activities and Things to do in Mohare Danda Community Trek.

If you think you need a unique Mohare Danda Community Trek Itinerary to experience these local Activities, You are Wrong. You can share these local activities with the standard Mohare Danda Trek Package. And only your Mohare Danda Trekking experience will complete with Beautiful Nature, Himalayas Mountains, Cultural and Community Accommodation. Similarly, peaceful circuit trekking trail, homestay and community lodge, local people, impressive valleys, sunrise, and sunset all get used to it with Mohare Danda Trek.

Local Community Activities and Things To Do in Mohare Danda Trek

Lets, talk about 7 must-do community activities in Mohare Danda Trek. Being a part of an active local community, every trekker can get close to their day-to-day lifestyle. Above all, heartily welcome nature people make the Experience of Trekking in Nepal the Best. Similarly, the local community of every town from Mallaj, Banskharak, Danda Katari, Nangi, and Tikot Village openly share with you. They love to talk, exchange experiences and dreams, culture, day-to-day lifestyle, eatery, and more. 

In other words, you will have the opportunity to interact with the local community, experience local activities, and enjoy the trek with community activities along with the Mohare Trekking trial. Honestly, Mohare Danda Trek with Local Activities will make your trek of the lifetime experience. Neither can you forget the adventure, not the day-to-day lifestyle, culture, and traditions of the local community? Besides, you always dream of starting one more trekking in Nepal.

Cooking Class in Community Lodge, Tikot Village

This is not hidden Mohare Danda Trek in the lap of the Himalayas range, offers only Community and Homestay accommodation. Although every town, homestay, and community lodge has a different feature, Tikot Community Lodge offers one extra activity. In short, you can experience the traditional cooking class here with local community lodge staff. As the standard itinerary of Mohare Danda Community Trek, you will reach Tikot Village early for lunch, which gives you enough time to enjoy Cooking Class. Most importantly, Mo: Mo and Pickle making is the best item to learn here with cooking class. In conclusion, Mo: Mo cooking class is one exciting thing to do in Mohare Danda Community Trekking in Nepal.

NOTE: Only a few Nepalese food cooking class is possible to teach here, due to time and other resources. Most importantly, you have to choose the same food for dinner, which you want to have for dinner. Similarly, Community lodge staffs expect any small gifts, gratitude, or tips. 

Visiting Local School

One of the different experiences that Mohare Trek with Eco-lodge, Community lodge, and homestay offers to you is local schools. Visiting the local school will give you in-depth knowledge about the Nepalese education system besides fundamental differences with yours.

  • The classical and popular Mohare Danda Community Trekking route passes through many local schools from primary to higher secondary. Above all, the unique Mohare Danda Trek Itinerary 6 Days with Trekking Trail Nepal passes through 7 schools.
  • Don’t worry; we have many small or big schools on the Mohare Danda Community Trek trekking trail. You can visit any of these schools in Nangi Village, Tikot Histan, Danda Katari, Banskharka, or Mallaj. 
  • Sharing names, national anthems, basic greetings, etc., with kids and teachers creates unforgettable moments on Mohare Danda Community Trek.
  • Trekking Trail Nepal guide will surely assist with this. Students, Teachers, Guide will highly appreciate your short visit to School. If you want to grab this opportunity, please mention it with your guide.

 NOTE: Visiting School - A Must Do Mohare Community Trek

Although, Visiting a school is one must-do activity on Mohare Danda Community Trek, But not possible every time. Some factors we are mentioning here determine, you will experience this opportunity or not. 

• Since Saturday is a public holiday and Friday is half a day, we have many holidays for festivals and more. 

• Timing is another part of making School Visit possible: School Open from 10:00 to 16:00.

• Visiting any school in the monsoon season may not be possible due to a rainy holiday during July and August. On the other hand, the Monsoon season is not considered Idle months for Mohare Danda Trek because of wetland, probable fewer views, and leaches of the trail. However, this is the best time for experiencing or enjoying rice planting and singing local farmers between Mallaj to Banskharka.

No matter what, visiting Schools remains the best activity to do in Mohare Danda Community Trek.

Orange Garden of Banskharka

On the first day of the Mohare Danda Trek itinerary with a community lodge from Pokhara, you will reach the village called Banskharak. Sunday Kharka is another name of this village, which typical means ORANGE GARDEN, Suntala ( सुन्तला ) is Orange in Nepali.

Although it is more beautiful to see ripe oranges on trees which is only possible for October to December. Oranges shining like gold in the garden and Dhaulagiri with its neighboring peaks on the horizon create unforgettable memories with Mohare Danda Trekking.

In the other months, you can visit the Agricultural farm and gardens along with the traditional village. Exploring farms as well as testing Himalaya orange is one best community activities in Mohare Danda Trek.

Extra Miles Hike To Poon Hill

The hiking trail of Mohare Danda Community Trek is the best trekking in Nepal due to its unique feature. However, following trekking routes and exploring the new destination is a never-ending process. Therefore, Trekking Trail Nepal always offers different experiences and adventures within your time, resources, and energy limits. Likewise, a few extra miles hike to Poon Hill is another activity you must do with Mohare Danda Trekking.

Mohare Hill is the new and best alternative to old Poon Hill. Although the Himalayan Mountains are the same, however, views will bite differences. These 2 viewpoints are not in the far distance, but Poon Hill comes under Annapurna Conservation Area, but Mohare Danda is not. However, you can hike to the viewpoint of PoonHill 3,210 m and continue your trek to Danda Kharka or Phulbari. It is only a 2-kilometer detour from the original trekking trial of Mohare Danda Community Trek.

As our experience says, this extra mile hiking to the viewpoint of Poon Hill is one best alternative activities to experience with Mohare Danda Community Trek.

Alpenglow Mountain Sunset Photography

Mountains, wild nature, green valleys are the biggest motivations for photography. Every trekkers and hiker love to capture the beautiful images which they get with natural eyes. Mohare Danda Trekking has many attractions, from mother nature, culture, traditions, and people to your photography. 

Your camera neither you will stop enjoying the views of the mountains, green nature, traditional culture, local people. Similarly, peaceful trekking trails, typical homestays, working community, animals like cow, goat, sheep, and yaks, suspension bridges attract your attention for photography. Above all, alpenglow mountain sunset photography is one must-do activity in this Mohare Community Trekking in Nepal.

Although it will be chilly outside, Do not forget to peek out at the Himalayas around sunset from Mohare Danda. Even Trekking Trail Nepal suggests your gear correctly and ready to capture the alpenglow Himalayas. 

Above all, who wants to miss the most irresistible and amusing things to do in the Mohare Danda Community Trek?

Note: Suggesting Sunset Alpenglow Photography is not lowlights the value and beauty of the sunrise, next morning from Mohare Danda.

Mohare Danda Trek 7 Thing To Do: Best Activities

We already mention the significant activities and things to do that you can enjoy in Mohare Danda Community Trek. Firstly, hiking on this new trekking trail is more adventurous and full of peace of mind. Secondly, you will closer to local people ever in any other trekking in Nepal. The above mention things to do in Mohare Danda Community Trekking are not only activities available there. 

Trekking Trail Nepals’ 7 Must Do Things in Mohare Danda Trek

1. Visit Kiwi Farm of Tikot Village

2. Visit Women Shop at Nagi Community Lodge and school Complex.

3. Visit of High Bridge of Baglung. 

4. Fire Camp at Phulbari with bbq is possible ( Need to request Guide for Meat ).

5. Experiencing the Raksi making process and Taste Raksi made with Yarsa Gumba (Caterpillar Fungus). (Depends on the season).

6. Visiting a traditional house in Tikot and check the local production, grains, and more.

7. Playing basketball and volleyball in Tikot Community Ground.

This is not possible to share the proper level of excitement and the adventure of Mohare Danda Trekking with you. Depending on trekkers’ choice, nature, season, group, guide, and company, the standard of services will be different. This blog regarding things to do in Mohare Danda Community Trek is the guidelines for enjoying it differently. Trekking Trail Nepal strongly recommended you to be comfortable about these things to do in Mohare Danda community Trek for the best Trekking experience in Nepal.