K2 Base Camp Trek - Best Trekking Trail of Karakoram

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  • ico-duration
    Duration 21 Days
  • Trip Difficulty STRENUOUS
  • accomodation icon
    AccommodationHotel + Tented Camp
  • TransportationFlight + Jeep + Car
  • icon trekkers
    Trip StyleHiking + Excursion
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  • Meals: Lunch + Dinner + Breakfast
  • Country : Pakistan
  • Mountain Range : Karakoram
  • Group Size: Min 2 Pax
  • Best Month: June to September
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K2 Base Camp Trek: The Best Adventurous Trekking Trail of The World

K2 Base Camp Trek is the best adventurous, Classical and Off-the-beaten trekking trail of the world you are in search of the challenging Trek, you must forget Everest Base Camp Trek - Nepal and follows the trekking trail of K2 Base Camp. Wildest Nature and Hidden from the world K2 Base Camp Trek is one of the most Challenging Trekking Trail of The world. You will reach Height of 5,400 m the ultimate height of K2 Base Camp Trek either Concordia or Gondogora La Pass. K2 is the best trekking trail of the world, in the magnificent country of Pakistan. The natural beauty, incredible, friendly and welcome nature of people adds the vale of K2 Base Camp Trek.

Concordia - Center of Gondogoro-La and K2 Base Camp Trek

Concordia height 4,650 where we will be surrounded by the massif peaks including four of the world’s 8000 m peaks. K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II are the highest peaks of Karakoram Mountain Ranges. Powerful peaks like Chogolisa, Golden Throne, and Gasherbrum IV makes the spectacular views.

K2 Base Camp Trek is undoubtedly one of the Best Trekking Trail of The World - THE KARAKORAM. This K2 Base Camp Trekking takes you into the hidden and remotest part of the world. The roughest terrain, wildest alpine weather and high altitude make K2 Base Camp trek excessively demanding. All this make the best choice of wilderness Adventure Trek at its finest.
Galen Rowell defines the Concordia as The Throne Room of The Mountain Gods

K2 Base Camp Trekking Trail

Pakistan is that Country where three mightiest mountain ranges of the world meet. These 3 Mountain ranges create the Unique Landscape, High Mountain, Knockabout Terrains and Splendid Beauty of High Mountain. You have two alternative trekking trail for K2 Base Camp. One is Called K2 BASE CAMP TREK or CONCORDIA K2 BASE CAMP TREK. This only goes to K2 Base Camp and reach the maximum height of 5,400 m and follows the same Trekking Trail while back down. While K2 Base Camp Trek with Gondogoro La Pass make the completely different trekking trail. In this trek, you will cross the Gondogoro La Pass of 5,585m as the K2 Base Camp Circuit Trek with the combination of Concordia and Dondogoro glaciers.

Pakistan - No 1 Adventure Destination

Pakistan is Ranked as Number 1 Adventure Destination by the British Backpacker Society. The ranking is done from 20 other adventure backpacker destination. The society considers Pakistan to be one of the friendliest countries. The Mountain scene beyond anyone dream, the vast deserts that captivate imagination to mesmerizing plateaus, Pakistan has it all. Here Trekking Trail Nepal encouraged people to travel to Pakistan so that their perception changes with the adventure holidays.

Pakistan - Country of 3 Mountain Ranges

The Karakoram, The Hindukush, and The Himalayan Ranges meet here in the Confluences of the Indus and Gilgit Rivers. East across the Indus is the Himalayas, The Karakoram in the North and in the West the Hindu Kush.

The Himalayas - Home of Everest and Everest Base Camp Trek

The Himalayas is about 2,400 km long, spread through India, Bhutan, Nepal, China, and Pakistan. The Himalayas is the home of Highest Peaks of the world including Mt. Everest The top of the world. The famous Trek EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK 2024 follows the trekking trail of Himalayas and ends in the base of Mt. Everest.

Karakoram - Home of K2 and K2 Base Camp Trek

The second highest mountain in the world K2 belongs to Karakoram Mountain Ranges. The ranges stretch to 500 km long in northern Pakistan bordering with China. Mount K2 touch the sky up to 8,611 m and creates the more adventurous trekking trail. Not only K2 8,611 m, other peaks like Broad Peak of 8,051 m, Gasherbrum I and II 8,080 m and 8,035 belong to Karakoram Mountain Ranges. The Trekking Trail of Concordia or K2 Base Camp Trek, of Broad Peak Base Camp Trek, is one of the Best adventurous Trekking of the World.

Hindukush - Mountain Range between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This 966 km long mountain range straddles between Western Pakistan and eastern north of Afghanistan. There is no any representation mount from this ranges in the list of world highest Peak. But this mountain ranges create the unique landscape and terrain topography, high altitude deserts and biggest rain shade of the world.

Solo K2 Base Camp Trek

POSSIBLE! If you want to do SOLO K2 Base Camp Trekking, this absolutely perfect. This is the best idea to soak with adventurous base camp trek of world second highest mountain K2. By doing Solo K2 Base Camp Trek you have your own date, Itinerary, selected attraction and camp site, private services as you want with peace of mind and soul in the remote wild of Nature. Although price for Solo K2 Base Camp Trek is high in comparison to group joining K2 Base Cam Trekking but, fair enough to pay for your dream adventure trek in Pakistan.

Highlights of K2 Base Camp Trekking in Pakistan

- Magnificent valley of Concordia
- Base camp of the second highest peak of the world Mt. K2
- View of 4 8000 m peak, G1 8080, G2 8035, Borda Peak 8051 and K2 8611
- The Hidden mountain valleys and trails of Karakoram
- One of the toughest and adventurous Trekking Trail of the world
- World Biggest and Longest Glacier - Baltoro Glacier.
- Trekking Trail that passes Gilgit and Indus river valley via Skardu
- The trail that mix of Karakoram Hindukush and Himalayas ranges
- Experience the Trango Towers, one of the largest cliff of the world

Book K2 Base Camp Trekking with Best Trekking Trail Company and complete your adventure dream of lifetime to reach K2 Base Camp with 21 days of Best K2 Base Camp Trekking Itinerary.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Meet our guide(s) waiting at Benazir Airport, Islamabad.
  • Day 02: Early flight to Skardu town (2,500 m).
  • Day 03: Off-road jeep drive to Askole (3,000 m) via Shigar Valley.
  • Day 04: First day of walk towards Korofong (3,075 m) via Biafo Glacier.
  • Day 05: Trek via Panma Valley to Jhola Campsite (3,100 m).
  • Day 06: Trek to Paiju (3,420 m) through Braldu Valley.
  • Day 07: Acclimatization rest day at Camp Paiju (3,420 m).
  • Day 08: Start of Baltoro Glacier Trek. Trek to Camp Khoburtse (3,795 m).
  • Day 09: Baltoro Glacier Trek. Views and Explore of Trango Towers around.
  • Day 10: Baltoro Glacier Trek. Trek to Goro Camp (4,295 m).
  • Day 11: Baltoro Glacier Trek. Explore to Concordia (4,500 m).
  • Day 12: K2 Base Camp (5,100 m) and Broad Peak Base Camp (4,800 m).
  • Day 13: Start return journey on Baltoro Glacier to Shachspong (4,100 m).
  • Day 14: Trek down stream towards Khoburtse.
  • Day 15: Trek to Paiju Camp (3,420 m) with great views of Trango Towers.
  • Day 16: Walk to Korophong (3,075 m) through Panma Valley.
  • Day 17: Final trek to Askole (3,000 m) past Biafo Glacier.
  • Day 18: Jeep ride to Skardu (2,500 m) through Shigar Valley.
  • Day 19: Fly to Islamabad. Sightseeing during the afternoon.
  • Day 20: Contingency day for possible delays.
  • Day 22: End of K2 Base Camp Concordia Trek.

Cost Includes:

  • Government licensed professional guide/leader ( Must for Gondogoro La Trek)
  • International Airport transfers from/to Benazir International Airport, Islamabad
  • Domestic flights and transfers
  • Islamabad - Skardu - Islamabad flight Ticket
  • Standard hotel accommodation in cities as K2 Base Camp Trek Itinerary
  • Tented Camping accommodation on the K2 Base Camp Trekking Trail
  • All meals; Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast in Tented Camp or Hotel
  • All trekking requirements on the ground (including cook, support staff, porters and their gears
  • All government trekking permit fees, paperwork for Gondogoro La Trek

Concordia - Best View Point of K2 Base Camp Trek

After you reach the terrain valley of Concordia, The magnificent and rough valley change into the viewpoint and camping site. From Concordia, you will not sea only Mt. K2, But Other 4 8000 m above peaks of the world as Broad Peak 8051 m, Gasherbrum II 8035 m and Gasherbrum I 8,080 m.

Where is K2 Mountain located?

K2 is located on the China-Pakistan Border between Baltistan, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Northern Pakistan.

What is K2, K 2 ?

K2 is known as Mount Godwin-Austen or Chhogor, the Second highest mountain of the planet earth after Mt. Everest of Himalayas.

What does the KKH mean?

KKH is is the shortcut name for The KARAKORAM HIGHWAY of Pakistan. On this highway, you will drive on day 2 as an itinerary of K2 Base Camp Trek which along the Indus river of Himalayas. This KKH takes you to the Skardu Town in Northern Pakistan.

Gondogoro-La and Concordia K2 Base Camp Trek?

After you reach K2 Base Camp Trek then we have two option for end our Trek. With Concordia K2 Base Camp Trek you will follow the same trekking trail that you hike a few days earlier. While K2 Base Camp Terk with Gondogoro La Pass make the completely different trekking trail crossing the Gondogoro La Pass of 5,585 m. In shortGondogoro La K2 Base Camp Trek is the sort of Circuit Trek.

What is Gondogoro?

Gondogoro the popular mountain pass near K2 Base Camp and Broad Peak Base Camp in the Karakoram Mountain Range of Pakistan. This is the most popular Trekking Pass with the 5,585 m height on the trekking trail of K2 Base Camp.

Do we need a climbing permit to clear Gondogoro La Pass?

You can climb on Gondogoro-La with trekking permit of K2 Base Camp Trek. The is not any types of legal needs that you need Climbing Permit for Gondogoro La Pass.

What is Baltoro Glacier?

Baltoro Glacier is the biggest and longest glacier in the upper north Pakistan. This 120 miles long Glacier based on the Karakoram that you will follow for 2-3 days in K2 Base Camp Trek.

Best month for Gondogoro-La and Concordia K2 Base Camp Trek?

It is difficult to predict the weather of high alpine trekking trail of Karakoram Mountain Range like Himalayas of Nepal. In the based of 4 weather and season K2 Base, Camp Trekking Trail is best in between of Mid June to End of September, Although, March, April, and May also getting popular as the season for K2 Base Camp Trek.

Which Trail of K2 Base Camp Trek is The Best?

The adventure of K2 Base Camp Trek can be fulfilled via mainly 2 different trekking trail Concordia and Gondogoro-La. It is very hard to tell you which trekking trail is best for K2 Base Camp Trek. In terms of View Point, the Physical endurance of trekking, Duration need for K2 Base Camp, weather support and success rate, K2 Base Camp Trek via Concordia is the best. But if you are in search of Longer trek to K2 Base Camp, More difficult and Adventurous trekking trail Kw Base Camp with Gondogoro-la is the best suit for you. The success of Gondogoro-La is subject to weather.

Can single trekker do K2 Base Camp Trek?

Sure, Even you are single trekkers you can do K2 Base Camp Trek. There are no any such types of rules and law that stop you to enjoy K2 Base Camp Trek on your own. Although there will be a guide and other staffs to assist to fulfill your all adventure requirements of K2 Base Camp Trek. But Trekking Trail Nepal will not suggest doing so unless you are real experts. The price for single pax is up to 30% extra as a single supplementary.

What is the price for K2 Base Camp Trek

Price of K2 Base Camp Trek depends on services you want on Trekking trail, choice of Hotels in your arrivals town and Length of K2 Base Camp Trek. Normally, K2 Base Camp Trek 19 days to 21 days will cost per person US$ 3300-3400 for group joining. If you want to do K2 Base Camp Trek alone, the price will be around US$ 4400.

Is travel insurance necessary for K2 Base Camp Trek as in Everest Trek?

Yes, You need the Travel Medical Insurance like in Trekking in the Himalayas for safety reason. K2 Base Camp is more difficult and remote then Everest Base Camp Trek Travel Insurance is Mandatory. Your travel insurance must include emergency evacuation up to 5,000 m.


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Group Joining 2024/25

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