Off The Beaten Treks and Trail In Nepal

If you are looking for something a bit mad to do in a destination. Maybe a bit gimmicky, take a look at any Extreme holidays Off the Beaten Treks Trail Nepal trips and Trekkking pursue you to Dear To Be Wild and Lost in Himalayan Unexplored Nature. Nepal is a paradise for trekkers. Here you can still find a lot of unexplored trekking trail. Trekking Trail Nepal have categorized such trekking trails under the title of Off The Beaten Treks in Nepal.

Off The Beaten Treks Exploring Hikes and Walks in the Wilderness of Nepal and hidden villages and Himalayas trekking trails will give you an opportunity to experience mystic and virgin places that are enriched culturally as well as naturally. Those unexplored Off The Beaten new trekking trails take you to places still out of touch with modern world and development. There you are in a completely different world with amazing lifestyle and pristine natural wonders in the hidden paradise of the Himalayas of Nepal.

Trekking Trail Nepal suggest all Adrenalin Trekkers, Adventure Seekers, and remotely explore like Upper Mustang Trek, Chitre High Bridge Trek, Guerrilla Trekking, Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek and so on. With us, you will not miss the great chance of being pioneer trekkers and experience silence and uniqueness of the particular places which will certainly be one of your unforgettable experiences in your life.

Do not follow the trekkers and trail in Nepal, Be an Explore with Beaten Treks of Trekking Trail Nepal


  • chitre high bridge baglung trekking
    Cost FromUS $1277Days13

    Chitre High Bridge Baglung Trekking

    Chitre High Bridge Baglung Trekking is a unique trekking in Nepal with full of Himalayas view including Chitre Trekking and Panchase…

    Trip details
  • upper mustang trek
    Cost FromUS $1995Days16

    Upper Mustang Trek

    Upper Mustang Trek takes you to the hidden heaven of Nepal known as the last forbidden kingdom which is still…

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  • guerrilla trekking
    Cost FromUS $1214Days16

    Guerrilla Trekking

    Trekking Trail Nepals Guerrilla Trekking is one of a very few Trekking Trail in the unexplored far western region of…

    Trip details
  • dhaulagiri sanctuary trekking
    Cost FromUS $1799Days14

    Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trekking

    Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trekking is a newly opened trekking trail in the lap of the Dhaulagiri Himalayas Range. It is also…

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