Manaslu And Annapurna Circuit Trek 2024 - A Combined Trek

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    Duration 25 Days
  • Trip Difficulty MODERATE 
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    AccommodationHotel + Tea House
  • TransportationFlight + Jeep + Car
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    Trip StyleHiking + Excursion + Tour
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We appreciate your interest in our Great Himalayan Trail Manaslu Annapurna Trek. At Trekking Trail Nepal, we are passionate about our off-the-beaten trekking trail experiences as we provide our clients with the thrill of face-to-face with original culture and Himalayas wilderness regions of outstanding natural beauty. We are committed to ensuring that our unique itineraries are well-researched, affordable, and tailored for The enjoyment of small groups or individual trekkers and hikers around the globe. This combined trek also mention as Larkya La Pass Throng La Pass Trek. 

Manaslu Annapurna Trek
Annapurna Manaslu Trek in Nepal combines the untouched New Manaslu Circuit Trek with the famous Annapurna Circuit trekking in Nepal. This section is the part of the Great Himalaya Trail, which passes through the Manaslu-Annapurna Mountains range. In short, Annapurna, Manaslu Circuit trek is the must-do circuit trekking in Nepal for the first time trekkers to Nepal and Himalayan enthusiasts alike.

Why Manaslu Annapurna Trek with Trekking Trail Nepal 2024

Travel itself needs a lot of planning. Few extra things that need to consider when it comes to Trekking in Nepal Himalayas. Quality of services, pricing, trust worth, reliability, as well as Local Experience, are a must.

Trekking Trail Nepal is not an old and traditional company. We start our trekking adventure in 2014 with legal procedures in Nepal. However, all our staffs carry a minimum of 11 years of trekking experience. We are not a big trekking company in Nepal since we believe in quality rather than quantity.

Our brand name Trekking Trail Nepal represents our core value and interest. Our all trekking package in Nepal, India even in Bhutan, comes with the quality feature of trekking trails. We also offer trekking which is classical as well as well known. Besides, we create different trekking packages combining many trails, villages, attractions, even two or more countries and attractions. In short, Trekking Trail Nepal is pioneering offering different trekking trail itineraries and packages.

Only experienced and local professional leaders lead all our Himalayas trekking adventures in Nepal and even other destinations. Furthermore, they are qualified and as international leaders and certified as government guidelines of Nepal. Therefore, advanced first aid training and knowledge of people, culture, nature, local attraction, history, and more passion for sharing with you. Similarly, star hotel accommodation, all flight, and private transportation, open menu meals also adds a reason to choose us.

Above all, our responsible travel approach, Fair Pice and Pay policy, makes Trekking Trail Nepal the best local company for Manaslu Annapurna Trekking.

Manaslu Annapurna Combine Circuit Trek Highlights

  • A combination of the two most popular treks in Nepal Manaslu-Annapurna
  • Stunning views of the Annapurna, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, and Ganesh Himalayas Ranges
  • Cross the Larkye La and Throng La, two high passes in 1 trek
  • All flight is must make it a more comfortable trip despite the long trek and ample acclimatization days in both Manaslu and Annapurna trail part
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu ‑ Pashupatinath (a central Hindu shrine) and the giant Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath.
  • Relaxing time in the beautiful city of Pokhara

Manaslu Annapurna Trek Fact

Trip Duration: 25 Days
Trekking Grade: Difficult
Activities: Trekking in Nepal
Trekking Area: Manaslu Trekking and Annapurna Circuit
Included City: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Jomsom, Manang
Summary: 25 days trip, three nights in 3-star hotel, one night in 5-star, 20 in Basic Tea House.
Country: Nepal
Region: Manaslu Himalayas and Annapurna Himalayas
Trail Type: Circuit Trekking Route
Visa: Available on Arrival at All Airport and Border
Vaccinations: Please consult a travel vaccination specialist for up to date information
Singles: A single supplement is available for this trip*
Trip Leader: 17 Years Experts Local Leader, Apar: Ask our leader for more information

Welcome to Trekking Trail Nepal for Manaslu Annapurna Trek

Since 2014, Trekking Trail Nepal began operating adventure trekking Holidays; we are giving alternative trekking holidays in Nepal, Bhutan, India, and more with the difference in design but best in quality and services.

Our Manaslu Annapurna Trek itineraries will give you the most incredible experience, uniquely designed by a group of local guides, explorers, and trip planners. However, we also ask our porters because they have the most significant responsibility to carry your luggage. Secondly, we do follow the authentic, responsible trekking approach. Whether you choose to do a short trekking in Nepal, new or classical, off the beaten trekking or cultural touring, multi-country tour, climbing, or any adventure holidays. Trekking Trail Nepal will present you with the best quality and price during fair pay and the best care with an excellent team. At the same time, some portion of our profits goes to social welfare and searching new routes. So join Trekking Trail Nepal and experience the trekking trail with love, care, and respect, ultimately changing your life.

Manaslu Annapurna Trek: Best of Great Himalaya Trail

The Great Himalaya Trail, acronym as GHT, is the longest and highest alpine walking track in the world, winding 4500kms through the tallest mountain ranges and most isolated communities from Tibet to Pakistan. The Nepal section of the GHT [1700kms] offers a kaleidoscope of experiences, and Trekking Trail Nepal is proud to provide our trekking services combining different parts of the trails in one trip to explore the Great Himalayas trail with Manaslu Annapurna Trek.

The trail, the Great Himalayan Trail, can be undertaken in one continuous trek of 157 days, trailing the country from Easteast to west. Meanwhile, mostly we have no luxury for this sort of time for our adventures; we have creat seven loop treks that can combine with link treks to make up the full traverse.

The beauty of each is that they all offer something completely different. Still, notably, by joining one of the GHT treks, you will be helping us achieve our vision of sharing the benefit of tourism dollars with isolated communities that currently receive little to no income from this source. We will employ porters and support staff from these various regions, purchase our food goods from these villages, and of course, travelers will delight in the opportunity to purchase traditional handicrafts from these communities. Thus, this GHT is sustainable tourism in practice as it addresses wealth disparity and helps to reduce poverty.

This combine Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek is an incredible opportunity to experience some of the least visited parts of Nepal as a well popular one. As in one trip, both treks are the best way to share and differentiate the natural wonder of old and New famous circuit trekking in Nepal. It also comes with some experience of GHT in Nepal.

Combine Trek: Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek

This trip is the best combination of a true gem of the Himalaya, the Manaslu Circuit, with the most famous trail of Annapurna Circuit. This mix produces probably the best trek in the world: Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek. This trek combining make a full circle of Mt. Manaslu 8,163 m and Annapurna 8,091 m constantly comes Himalayas surprise and delight the first time or experienced trekker.

Likewise, two high-altitude high passes of Larkya La 5,150 m with Manaslu and Throng La 5,416 m in Annapurna add adventure to Manaslu Annapurna Trekking in Nepal. In the same vein, stunning vistas Bimtang Valley, a vast arena of peaks. It is then on to Dharapani on the Annapurna Circuit, where we then follow the iconic trekking route towards Manang and over the Throng La Pass, our highest point. Continuous our journey to Jomsom vai Kangbeni where our great Himalayan Trail of Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Comes to an end.

Meals on Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek 2024

Trekking Trail Nepal includes a complete meal service as part of the trip price, unlike most trekking companies. This Annapuran Manaslu Trek is because we believe in the value of providing you with full-service trekking in Nepal, which is to lower the risks to you and to ensure you stay healthy, travel safely, and with maximum enjoyment.

The cost of meals in tea houses and lodges in the main trekking areas is not cheap. Therefore, the best choices are often limited; however, many the food is fresh and healthy. But Trekking Trail Nepal offers the best possible food items by using all fresh ingredients with carefully manage food preparation to hygienic standards. Many of our trekkers write to us to compliment the food they received on the trek, which is testimony to the quality of our fully serviced tours. Our experienced guide also suggests your food choice with its history, detailed ingredient, and cooking procedure.

In short, there is no restriction on food. All meals on Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek clean with a filter or boiled water to guarantee you the best experience on Annapurna Manaslu Circuit Trek.

The menu looks the same and small on every tea house long the Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek trail. However, you can choose the new dish every day during the entire trekking trail of Manaslu and Annapurna. Every day is different, but here is a sample.
Breakfast: Tea, coffee or hot chocolate served in your tent, porridge or a grain cereal, toast with spreads, fried eggs, omelet, poached eggs, or boiled, baked beans, fried veg, tomatoes, some fruits,

Lunch: Lemon drink, tomato, cucumber, and carrot salad, cheese, chapatis, pizza, canned tuna fish, meats, mushroom, seasonal fresh fruits, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

Dinner: Garden fresh soup, steamed vegetables, steamed rice, fried chicken, Veg curry, spaghetti, Macaroni, Pizza, Mo: Mo, Spring roll, Nepalese food items like Dal Bhat, Chapati, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Dinner also comes with sweet desserts like rice pudding, chocolate rolls, apple pie, apple filters.

Responsible Travel Approach with Trekking Trail Nepal 2024

The Himalayas environments and trekking trails where we are hiking are fragile. As a local adventure trekking company, we are responsible for reminding you about the responsible travel approach. Our combined effort is needed to minimize the impact of our presence in the lap of nature. Trekking Trail Nepal is proud to announce our responsible travel approach, vision, and our puny efforts with our valuable clients.

Some of Trekking Trail Nepal Responsible Travel Approach

- Hire a local guide
- Be careful about what you buy
- Experience and respect local people, culture, and nature
- Use the minimum resources as possible
- Bring environmentally friendly products with you
- Leave no trace policy and Say No to plastic
- Remove all excess packaging
- Plan your day to minimize carbon emissions
- Eat locals as much and follow no waste policy
- Respect dress codes
- Learn Local language at least a few greeting words
- Be a good human, great travel, and ultimate friend of nature.
- Meets locals, speak and share with locals
- Follow ethical photography, ask before you capture
- Support local and family-run businesses and firms
- Use reusable water bottles and purifiers
- Love, care and respect the Nature and Environment
- Choose a responsible Trekking company
- Choose sustainable, Eco-manage environmental friendly accommodation
- Please do not support animal tourism

Manaslu Annapurna Trek Grade and Difficulty

These adventures involve hiking and trekking in remote areas in variable weather close to the Himalayas. Continuous trekking up to 20 days with some rest days. Each day we need hiking an average of 5-7 hours. However, pass day needs up to 8 to 10 hours.

Manaslu Annapurna Trek Grade is Medium, but it is difficult because it combines two different treks with 5000 meters altitude pass. Above all, the longer duration of about 20 days makes Manaslu Annapurna Trek more complicated than it uses to be separate. However, if you are regular hikers with average trekking experience, Annapurna Manaslu Trek is for you.
However, this is not an expedition, but we cross 5000 meters twice and several days above 4000 meters. To cope with this, you need an above-average level of fitness and hiking skills. Similarly, be prepared to carry a daypack weighing up to 5kgs and be completely comfortable in adverse Himalayas weather conditions and a rough trekking trail in the corner of Nepal.

Suggested Preparation for Annapurna Manaslu Circuit Trek 2024

One hour of aerobic exercise, four to five times a week for one to three months before the departure date of Manaslu Annapurna Trek, is a must. Hill hiking or stairs with a backpack in variable weather conditions or off-road cycling, natural river swimming makes you fit for Manaslu Annapurna Trek. Check our 4 Weeks Fitness Guide for Nepal Trekking.

Experience the Adventure of Annapurna Manaslu

By its very nature, adventure involves an element of the unexpected. In remote and developing countries, do not expect luxury and standards you are used to at home. Itineraries may be altere as local situations since outlying areas are sometimes unpredictable. To get the ultimate adventurous experience of Annapurna Circuit Trek with Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal, you need to come with open eyes, an open mind, and care for nature and differences. Likewise, personal qualities like positivity, flexibility, readiness to try and experience new things, and ease to deal with any hurdles come with the Manaslu Annapurna trek.

In conclusion, if you are uncertain about your suitability for this trip, we recommend that you speak with your consultant at Trekking Trail Nepal or Apar Datta your Trip Planner for Nepal Trekking.

Who can do Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek

Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek is one difficult to strenuous trek in Nepal. This combined trek is more challenging than the Manaslu circuit trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek separately. Somehow Annapurna Manaslu Circuit trek can compare to Everest Three High Pass Trekking. Some challenge comes with continuous 24 days in the remote Himalayas trekking trail.

Although this Annapurna Manaslu Circuit Trek is full of pride and achievement but not for everyone, it is difficult to tell Who can do Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek. Still, we try our best to prepare you for this strenuous trekking in Nepal. If you are average physic with hiking and trekking experience, following our four-week fitness guide makes you ready for This Trek.

Trekking Trail Nepal helps you to achieve the ambitious, thrilling trekking adventure in Nepal. Our continuous contribution, cooperation, motivation, positive spirit, supportive staff, and particular itinerary makes this Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek rewarding and successful. At Trekking Trail Nepal, we guaranteed this adventure of a lifetime.

Similarly, Each of these expeditions follows an ambitious objective or goal that necessitates cooperation, contribution, and a positive spirit from every member to be successful and ultimately rewarding and enjoyable for all.

Physical Fitness for Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek

Although physical fitness is not only part of trekking and adventure, it is a must. For difficult trekking like Manaslu Annapurna, physical fitness is one essential requirement. Therefore, Trekking Trail Nepal suggests you start a 1-3 months fitness guide to increase stamina, flexibility, physical endurance, and familiarity, which help you get perfect Physical Fitness for Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Daily 2-4 sessions of perfect physical exercises along with actual adventure outdoor activities will prepare you for this Annapurna Manaslu Trek. Activities like trail running, undulating hiking, deep water swimming, off-road cycling, aerobic, etc., will make you fit for this combine trek of Annapurna and Manaslu.

Firstly, stamina and physical endurance are essential in the trekking trail to cope with long hiking days and less oxygen at higher altitudes. Therefore, if you are nearby the trekking route, hill, and mountains, please hike and bike there with a 7-9kg backpack, which gives you realistic experience and helps you to prepare for your best.

Secondly, the early planning of Manaslu Annapurna Trek is the best way to prepare yourself physically and mentally. All these help to gain the best Physical Fitness for Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trekking in Nepal.

Above all, Trekking Trail Nepal strongly recommended our guests talk and share their issues and current scenario. All these discussions and ideas ensure that you choose the right trip as your experience and fitness level.

Follow Rest and recovery methods, Slow and steady style, the principle of self-actualization, and self-reliance, focusing on physical and mental parts not only make you fit for Manaslu Annapurna trek but also the best human. Being physically very fit comes with a humble personality and a healthy human mind and soul.

Where is Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek

In short, Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek is in the lap of the Himalayas of Nepal. The South Asian country of Mount Everest as well as Lord Buddha. Nepal is known for its beautiful Himalayas and dramatic scenery valleys, hills, and gorges. Avid hikers and cultural explorers alike are drawn to its natural beauty of hills, culture, nature, lakes, and more, including the worlds highest mountains.

Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek is a combination of two different trekking package in Nepal. We add Manaslu Circuit Trek aka Manaslu Larkya La Pass Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek aka Throng La Pass Trek.

These both trek are similar to some points like Circuit trek, around highest Himalayas. Buddhist culture, hidden valleys, best trekking areas of Nepal are other standard features. Even more, this trail also shares the part of the Great Himalayan Trail.

Annapurna circuit trek makes a circle around the 10th highest mountain of the world Mt. Annapurna. Similarly, Manaslu Circuit Trek makes round the 8th highest mountains of the world; Manaslu.

Flight of Manaslu Annapurna Trekking Itinerary

Our Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trekking Itinerary comes with two domestic flights. These flights are the highlights of Annapurna Manaslu Circuit Trek. This flight is not less than the Mountain flight, which is one popular activity in Nepal.

The flights between Jomsom to Pokhara is a short but most spectacular part of the whole trekking. The flight between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayas range offers majestic views of mountains on your both-side. The views change from snow-capped mountains to green hills and valleys with lakes when we come around Pokhara.

Similarly, The flight between Pokhara and Kathmandu comes with different perspectives. It offers the mountains peaks from Annapurna Himalayayas range, Manaslu Range, Ganesh Himal Range, Langtang Range, and Gaurisanker Range too on the lefthand side while cultivated valleys, rivers, and hill on other.

Note: Delay in the flight is average, even canceled due to weather and climatic obstruction, especially in the Jomsom Pokhara section. Trekking Trail Nepal staff will surely assist and provide the best and easiest alternative to make your Manaslu Annapurna Trek a lifelong experience.

What to carry for Manaslu Annapurna Trek

Before we give you the complete list of what to carry for Manaslu Annapurna Trek, you need to divide the total stuff into two parts.

1: What to Carry in Day Pack

The day pack is small and light, about 5-7 kilograms, and you need to carry it yourself. Therefore, light and comfortable waterproof backpack are best. Your day backpack must contain all stuff that you need during the typical day. All your valuable documents, money, day snacks, poncho, suns cream, lip balm, gloves, water bottle, camera, sunhat, one warm jacket with the windproof feature, notes, maps, tissue, and other persona items for days need to carry by yourself in your day pack for Manaslu Annapurna Trek.

2: Luggage / Big Duffle Bag:

What you need for three weeks of the trek of Manaslu Annapurna needs to fit in the luggage duffel bag. Our porters will carry the luggage with care and love. So please make sure you grab all the essential stuff you need during the trek. However, please pack light but do not leave behind the important things.
Please make the luggage not exceed 14 Kg per person, as care for Nature and Porter. Please pack based on the Responsible Travel Approach. This pack will meet you from camp to camp; we just say hi to our bags and porters during the day.

Trek Choice of Private or Group

Trekking Trail Nepal offers the fixed date departure as a group joining as well as a Private trek. So we organized this combine trek of Manaslu Circuit with Annapurna Circuit with a minimum two-person group size, which is a must to restrict trekking in Nepal. If you have a dream to do this trek on your own, it is not possible. Even it is IMPOSSIBLE to do so on Manaslu Circuit Trek; Minimum, you must deal with another traveler, lead by a certified Nepalese trekking guide.

Trekking Trail Nepal happily customized the trekking itinerary to fit your needs and interest. Doing Manaslu Circuit with Throng La pass solo is the best way to experience the adventure, But not legal. You can find adventure friends to join you from your college, office, work center, clubs, charity organization to make Manaslu Annapurna Trek worth for you. Also, you can find the actual quality of your friend with care, love, trust, and support. We will happily assist you whether you choose private trek, intimate group, or joining group trek for Annapurna Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Transportation and Safety

During the trip to Manaslu Annapurna Trek, we have to use a variety of transportation. All our vehicles and transportation means are best in class as local conditions and availability.
We use private AC for airport transfer in Kathmandu and Pokhara. AC coach, van, or car is used for Kathmandu sightseeing tour while four wheels off-road drive provides the transportation services from Kathmandu to Macha Khola. Similarly, two domestic flight is included from Jomsom to Pokhara and finally to Kathmandu. We follow the complete safety measure even on our vehicles to offers you the lifetime experience of Manaslu Annapurna Trek.

Manaslu Annapurna Trek Availability

This combine trek of Manaslu and Annapurna is not for everyone. However, If this trek fits your needs and requirements, you can choose your date and book the excursion. JUST make sure that we need a minimum of 2 people to get the trekking permits.

Trekking Trail Nepal operates Manaslu Annapurna combine Circuit Trekking in Nepal from March, April, May, June, September, October, and November till mid-December. If you have a minimum of 1 other hiker friend to join you, you are good to go. Choose a date, pay a deposit, and prepare yourself to experience the adventurous Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek with Trekking Trail Nepal.

Manaslu Circuit Trek or Annapurna Circuit Trek?

Do considerable confusion and questions arise which trek to choose between Manaslu Circuit Trek or the Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal? Manaslu Circuit Trek is a new trekking route in Nepal competing with Annapurna Circuit Trekking to get the best circuit trekking in Nepal. But it is not easy to replace the brand, name, and popularity of 6 decades-old Annapurna circuit trek. Although construction of the road along the Annapurna route seems Manaslu is winning the race, it is not true. So the new hiking route option is created, which skips about 80% of the motor road in the Annapurna circuit trek.

Still, there is a comprehensive discussion and battle to prove which one is the best? The debate is considerable even you can find the forum on TripAdvisor as well as the lonely planet.
It is challenging to select one, so we are mentioning the strengths and weaknesses of each trek. Analyze all elements before you choose the best circuit trek for you. Trekking Trail Nepal is here with the combined trek of Manaslu Circuit Trek with Annapurna Circuit Trek if you cannot decide which hikes to do. We are sure by experiencing the adventure culture and nature of Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek; you can give the best answer to others.

Some of the other points to discuss on this matter are as follows:


Manaslu Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Permits Needed

  1. Restricted Area
  2. Manaslu Conservation Area
  3. Annapurna Conservation Area
  4. TIMS Card
  1. Annapurna Conservation Area
  2. TIMS Card

Permit Fees

120-135 USD

NRS 4000


Less Known

More Popular

Views of Mountains

Over 23 Mountains

43 Mountains


Untouched Nature

Nature Explored by Millions


Tibetan Buddhist Culture

Modern Buddhist Culture



Above Average

Foods and Drinks

Limited Choice

More Choice









Your choice

Most importantly decision is yours; choose any of the circuit treks Annapurna Throng La or Manaslu Larkya La. With Trekking Trail Nepal, you have the choice of all three treks: Annapurna Circuit Trekking, Manaslu Circuit Trek, and combined Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Manaslu Annapurna Trek Itinerary Note:

This itinerary is subject to change with any local rules, weather and climatic threats, Community regulations, as well as Governmental changes and natural circumstances beyond the control of Trekking Trail Nepal and our staff.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu (1335 m)
  • Day 02: Kathmandu Sightseeing and preparation for Annapurna Manaslu
  • Day 03: Drive to Soti Khola 730m via Arughat Bazaar (500m), approx. 8 hrs.
  • Day 04: Trek to Machha Khola (970m), walk approx. 6 hrs.
  • Day 05: Maccha Khola To Jagat 1340m, walk approx. 7 hrs.
  • Day 06: To Dyng or Deng 1800 m crossing village of Philim (1570m) and Ekle Bhatti, walk approx. 6 hrs.
  • Day 07: Namrung (2630m), walk approx. 6 hrs.
  • Day 08: Trek to Sama Gaon (3520m), walk approx. 7 hrs.
  • Day 09: Rest and Acclimatization and Hiking Samagaon.
  • Day 10: To Samdo (3875m), walk approx. 4 hrs explore around and rest.
  • Day 11: Trek to Larkye Base Camp, also called Manaslu Base Camp or Larkey Phedi (4460m), walk approx. 3hrs.
  • Day 12: Cross Larkye La Pass of 5140m to Bimtang village (3590m) 9-10 hours.
  • Day 13: From Bhimthang to Dharapani 1865 m approximately 7 hours hiking.
  • Day 14: Trek to Chame 2675 m, which takes easy 5 hours of hike.
  • Day 15: Trek to Pisang (2675m about 5 hours hike )
  • Day 16: Trek to Manang (3540m/5hrs)
  • Day 17: Free Rest Day in Manang (3540m ).
  • Day 18: Trek to Upper Ladder (4210m), walk approx. 5 hrs.
  • Day 19: Trek to Thorong Pedi (4450m) and High Camp 4850 walk approx. 4hrs.
  • Day 20: Crossing Throng La Pass (5416 m) to Muktinath, walk approx. 9hrs. The highest point of Annapurna Manaslu Circuit Trek.
  • Day 21: Trek from Muktinath to Kagbeni (2810m), walk approx. Five hours and a free day ahead.
  • Day 22: Trek to Jomsom (2760m), walk approx. 5 hrs. Where we end our Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trekking in Nepal.
  • Day 23: Flight from Jomsom to Pokhara 920 m.
  • Day 24: Flight from Jomsom to Kathmandu(1330m).
  • Day 25: Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trekking in Nepal concludes.

Cost Includes:

  • 25 breakfasts, 22 lunches, and 22 dinners
  • All airport transfers
  • flight Jomsom and Pokhara-Kathmandu valued US$245
  • expert bilingual guide and group medical kit
  • Good quality 3-Star hotel accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • Trekking Trail Nepal provides good quality sleeping bag and down jacket for Manaslu Annapurna Trek duration
  • Souvenir Trekking Trail Nepal waterproof duffle bag
  • All required park entrance fees, trekking permits, and local trail fees
  • Porters to carry all personal luggage
  • One assistance guide for support with first ad kid for the bigger group than four people.
  • Travel and medical insurance of all porters, guides, and staff also cover.
  • Guided sightseeing inclusive of entry fees in Kathmandu
  • Best tea house accommodation in the lap of wilderness during trekking.