Motor Bike Tour in Nepal | Highways Route | Best Place | Rent Cost - 2024

Nepal is a developing Natural and Culturally rich country. With expanding road networks, our Motor Bike Tour in Nepal takes you close to the Himalayas and is the best place to visit, which is only possible with a motorbike or intense trekking.

motor bike tour in nepal

While taking all the best places to visit in Nepal on a motorbike, you have to travel a few days off-road after passing the major cities of Nepal. These towns will be different depending on your choice of Motorbike Tour in Nepal with Trekking Trail Nepal. However, We try our best to combine Beautiful places to make our Motorbiking tour more adventurous. Whichever Motor Biking Tour you choose, you will get a chance to visit the best sites within your ride.

Trekking Trail Nepal offers Many Motor Biking tours within Nepal and India ( Kolkata, Kerala, Delhi, Mumbai, and Ladakh ) and Bhutan. Our Motor Bike Tours' Duration ranges from One Day Motor Bike Tour in Kathmandu to 15 Days Long Upper Mustang Motor Biking Tour. Our Kathmandu Motor Bike Day Tour is the most famous motorbike ride near Kathmandu. This Nepal Bike Tour combines the most visited sites and hill stations like Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Sanga, Bhaktapur, and Ranikot Village.

Biking Tour Itinerary - From Bhutan to India

If you are already on a biking tour in Bhutan and want to explore Nepal, Trekking Trail Nepal is here to organize your riding trip. You can explore the most visited place in Nepal with our best-customized itinerary. The wilderness of Chitwan National Park, Natural beautiful city of Pokhara with the Highest mountains, and the ancient heritage town of Kathmandu in just 8 days.

Trekking Trail Nepal not only operates Motor Biking Tours but also completes the documentation, customs, and permits for bikes. Our services start before you enter Nepal and are completed after you enter India or China.

Eastern Side Nepal Entry Point: We pick up from the Pashupati Nagar Custom Office, Bhadrapur Custom Office, and Mechi Custom Office along with all the entry points. However, we strongly recommend you enter from the Bhadrapur Custom Office.

Biking Tour Itinerary Entry from Bhutan and Exit to India

Day 1: Trekking Trail Nepal members will meet you on the Indian side.

Collect documents and proceed with the vehicle permits. Later entry to Nepal, Complete the procedure of Visa, customs, and permits, and Continue the Ride towards Janakpur.

  • Distance: 284 Km
  • Duration: 7-8 Hours
  • Lunch: Ithahari
  • Hotel: Hotel Mystic Maithali

Day 2: Breakfast, Explore the Janaki Temple, and Ride to Chitwan National Park.

  • Distance: 279 Km
  • Duration: 6-7 Hours
  • Lunch: Hetauda
  • Hotel: Chitwan Tiger Camp

Day 3: Jungle Safari on Jeep, Breakfast, Ride to Pokhara.

  • Distance: 167 Km
  • Duration: 5-7 Hours
  • Lunch: Damauli
  • Hotel: Hotel City Inn

Day 4: Breakfast, Rest, Free, and Exploring Day around Pokhara.

  • Distance: 20-40 Km (depending on interest to explore )
  • Duration: 2-5 Hours
  • Lunch: The Fresh Element
  • Hotel: Hotel City Inn

Day 5: Breakfast and ride to Kathmandu.

  • Distance: 210 Km
  • Duration: 7-9 Hours
  • Lunch: Hotel: Hotel Le Himalaya

Day 6: Breakfast and Kathmandu Exploration Day.

  • Sites to Explore: Monkey Temple, Bouddhanath, and Patan Durbar Square.
  • Distance: 24-40 Km (depending on interest to explore )
  • Duration: 7-9 Hours
  • Lunch: Koto Japanese Restaurent
  • Hotel: Hotel Le Himalaya

Day 7: Breakfast and ride to Bhairahawa.

  • Distance: 276 Km
  • Duration: 7-9 Hours
  • Lunch: Kawasoti Village Resort
  • Hotel: Hotel Maurya

Day 8: Breakfast and exit Nepal and enter India.

Best Motor Bike Routes in Nepal - Highways

The adventure of Motorbikes is different from classical types of drive or jeep tours anywhere in this plant. Trekking Trail Nepal always follows the Best Motorcycle Routes in Nepal, which gives you authentic, adventurous riding with your loved motorbike. Make Note Here: We are not constructing a highway to plan a biking route. However, we are organizing the itinerary to offer you the Best Motor Biking tour in Nepal. Most of our Itinerary passes through the following routes in Nepal:

1. Kathmandu - Mugling

2. Mugling - Pokhara

3. Lumbini - Pokhara

4. Mugling - Manang - Tilicho Lake

5. Pokhara - Muktinath - Lomangthang - Korala ( Tibet Border )

6. Chitwan National Park - Bardia National Park

7. Kohalpur - Rara Lake

8. Kathmandu - Barahabise - Tatopani ( Tibet Border )

9. East-West Highway - H01

10. Mid-Hill East-West Highway - H18

11. BP Highway - H 6

Offering Best Motor Biking Tour in Nepal is not possible only by combining these routes. To make the Best Bike Tour in Nepal, we sprinkle secret spices and kiss the hidden attraction and treasure beyond the traditional way. In Conclusion, You will get the best Motorbiking Tour for your Nepal Tour.

Best Motor Biking Tour in Nepal

Trekking Trail Nepal offers many biking itineraries and attractions, including the above Motor Cycling routes in Nepal. As a result, we have the Best Motor Biking Tour in Nepal. These biking packages include Nepal and Its Himalayas and Hidden Nature And include Bhutan, the Country of Thunder Dragon, and India, Country of Heritage, and Colors. In short, we are listing our best-selling motorbike tours in Nepal, which help you to choose one as your interest and resource.

10 Best Motor Biking Tours in Nepal 2024

1. Upper Mustang Motor Bike Tour 2024

2. Rara Lake Motor Bike Tour

3. Kathmandu Valley Motor Biking Day Tour

4. Nepal Glimpse of Motor Bike Tour

5. Nepal Bhutan Motor Bike Tour

6. Mumbai to Muktinath Motor Bike Tour

7. Tilicho Lake Manang Motor Biking Tour

8. Everest View Motor Biking Tour aka Kathmandu to Sallari Motor Bike Tour

9. Nepal Golden Triangle Biking Tour ( Kathmandu Chitwan Pokhara, via Lumbini and Palpa )

10. Nepal East-West with Pokhara Bike Tour

Note: The above list of Best 10 Motor Biking Tours in Nepal is based on inquiries and searches with the official website of Trekking Trail Nepal.

The most Demanded Biking Trip is #. Delhi - Kathmandu - Tibet Everest Base Camp Motor Biking Tour. We have this too.

Nepal's Best Place to Visit on a MotorCycle or Motor Bike Ride

Every motorbike rider wants to visit the best and famous places with the heart of two wheels. We organized our Motor Biking tour Package and Itinerary so that you will not miss any place to Visit Nepal on a Motorbike. It is possible since we know the Best Place for motorbike rides in Nepal. If you are dreaming about Motor motorbiking tour in Nepal solo or group, we are mentioning the best 15 places with the major attractions that you should not miss with your motorbike or pushbike ride.

Best Place To Visit With Motor Bike in Nepal

1. Kathmandu Valley Tour and its 3 Durbar Square and All UNESCO Sites.

2. Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Chandragiri - Best View Points around the Kathmandu Valley.

3. Chitwan National Park - The Third Most Popular Area To Visit for Jungle Activities, Royal Bangel Tiger, One-Horned Rhinoceros, Asian Elephants, and more.

4. Bardia National Park - New and a new destination for Jungle Activities.

5. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve - The Wildlife Reserve with the Widest River Bank as the Sea.

6. East-West Highway, also called Mahendra Highway - From East of Nepal to West over the most popular longest Highway of Nepal.

7. BP Highway - For Scenic as well as a most adventurous curved highway of Nepal

8. Lumbini - Must Visit sites in Nepal since Lord Gautam Buddha was born here. Very Important attraction and place of the Buddhist Pilgrim Tour.

10 Beautiful Places To Ride Your Motor Bike in Nepal

1. Pokhara - The Tourist capital of Nepal, where the Himalayas, Lakes, and Hills meet with your Motor Bike Ride.

2. Pokhara Baglung with Dhorpatan - For Different Riding, which takes you to The Only Hunting Reserve of Nepal.

3. Kusma - Baglung - The Hub of High Suspension bridges, the world's second highest Bungee, the First Cable bridge, Sky Walk, and Cliff Swing over Kaligandaki.

4. Muktinath - Temple situated above 3,800 meters with road links is also an important Hindu pilgrimage site.

5. Mustang and Lomanthang with Korala Border - The Best Motor Biking Place in Nepal. The unique highland deserts in the Rain Shadow of the Himalayas. Also full of ancient Tibetan Buddhist religious sites, old artistic palaces, caves, and traditional lifestyles.

6. Manang with Tilicho Lake Hike - Off-Road Motor Bike Riding and Deep River Gorge with the World's Highest Lake.

7. Salleri and Patel - From where you see Mt. Everest a short Hike, The Highest Mountain of the World.

8. Ilam and Eastern Nepal - The natural tea garden paradise, Antu Danda, and many other attractions.

9. Rara Lake and Phy Phoksundo Lake - The Most beautiful and deepest lakes respectively in the far virgin west of Nepal

10. Chandani Dohara Bridge - The Longest Bridge over the Mahakali River in West Nepal

Delhi Kolkata Kerala Mumbai to Nepal Motor Bike

If you are from India and looking for a Nepal Motor Bike Tour from your own city, we also offer a customized Guided Nepal Motor Bike Tour. As a result, we will show different itineraries for your particular motor Biking Tour; write to Trekking Trail Nepal. Then, our guide will meet you and your biker group in your city, All Over India. Currently, we are offering this service in 12 cities all over India.

These cities are Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Kerala, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, Ladakh, Jaipur, Punjab, and Sikkim. Above all, popular are Kerala To Nepal by Bike, Mumbai to Nepal Motor Bike Tour, Mumbai To Muktinath Motor Biking Tour, and Delhi To Nepal Motor Bike Tour. Furthermore, if you are out of these cities above, We are happy to help you with your area.

These types of Nepal motorbike tours from different cities of India are getting more popular day by day. Although these biking itineraries will be a few days longer, the trip will be cheaper and more adventurous. Similarly, lots of Bikers, Motor Biking Clubs, Biking groups, Family and Friend Riders, and even creators of Nepal Bike Tour Blog love to start a trip from their home in India. So join the Trekking Trail Nepal Motor Biking Tour from Your Home and add some Highway Adventure with Natural Adventure Off-Road Ride in Nepal.

Bike Rental Services in Kathmandu, Nepal

Trekking Trail Nepal not only offers the Motor Bike Guided Tour in Nepal, India, and Bhutan. Additionally, we also provide motorbike rental services in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bhaktapur, Patan, Chitwan, Baglung, and Kohalpur ( For Rara Lake and Phy Phokusundo ). We take it further ahead and offer Day Bike Rental Services for you on Trekking in Nepal for your day excursion. However, this service is only in Manang for Annapurna Circuit Trek, Lo Manthang for Upper Mustang Trek, and Jomsom, which is for both Trek. Motor Bike Rental in Kathmandu and Pokhara | Best Rate and Motor Bike Name.

Pulsar Motorcycle Rent Fees in Kathmandu and Pokhara

If you need a Bullet Bike, Pulsar Bike, or other Bikes for rent in Nepal Please Call us at +977-9818008337

  • Pulsar Motorcycle Rent in Kathmandu costs Nrs 3500 per day.
  • Pulsar Motor Bike Rental in Pokhara costs Nrs 3500 per day.

Bullet Bike Rent Fees in Kathmandu and Pokhara

  • Bullet Bike Rent in Kathmandu Per day cost Nrs 6500.
  • Bullet Bike Rent in Pokhara Per Day cost Nrs 6500.

Pulser Bike Rent Fees in For Off-Road - Upper Mustang and Manang; Tilicho Lake

  • Pulsar Bike or similar for Mustang or Manang Cost Nrs 5500 per day.

Bullet Bike Rent Fees in For Off-Road - Upper Mustang and Manang; Tilicho Lake

  • Bullet Bike or Himalayan for Mustang or Manang Cost Nrs 8000 per day.
  • Crossfire, CX, Hartford, Honda CFR, Hero X-pulse for Upper Mustang Motor Bike Tour, or Manang Tilicho Lake biking tour cost Nrs 15000 per day. (Crossfire has a fuel tank capacity of 6-8 Ltrs, so you have to carry sufficient fuel for the entire trip).

Furthermore, We on your other support for your Nepal Motor Bike Tour:

  1. Firstly, about Motor Bike Insurance in Nepal, with a good Bike Riding License. ( You Must Have 3rd Party Insurance for you ).
  2. Secondly, Nepal Motor Biking Route Maps with Local Information. ( Updated Every Month by our Local Riders )
  3. Likewise, Hotels, Lodges, Tea houses, Community Homestay, and their services and facilities will be enjoyed in our Nepal motorbiking tour.
  4. Further, Local Motor Biking Guide Services can give you the Adventure Bike Ride In Nepal. With our local guides, you will explore and enjoy the wild tracks, pristine natural and cultural heritage hidden for hundreds of years. During the Testing Period, Trekking Trail Nepal offers these services in Baglung, Chitwan, Palpa, and Chitwan.

Above All, Now You can Check and Choose our Best Selling Motor Bike Tour in Nepal: