Tibet Tours 2024

Tibet, known as the roof of the world. Currently known as Autonomous Region of China, the high desert land spreads over 763311 Sq Kms starts from Himalayas towards North.

Himalayas is the highest sharing Natural border between Tibet and Nepal. The diverse topography situated at least over 4,000 meters, meant to be a one of the toughest place to live in this planet. Furthermore, Tibet also offers breathtaking landscape, The oldest trade trail over the highest mountains ranges. In additions Ancients Tibetan Buddhist and culture, Most scared Mountain Mt. Kailash 6,638 m and the masterpiece Potala Palace also known as the home of Dalai Lama in capital city Lhatsa make Tibet a Hot cake for adventurous and religious Place.

Tibet is still a mystical place that few have dared to explore.

Tibet is an ancient country with Buddhist culture, hidden valleys, artistic monasteries, breathtaking landscape, centuries old caravan trails and highest point on earth, Mount Everest. It is highest region in the world with average altitude of 4,875m, isolated by vast mountain of Himalayas ranges on south. Tibet was a land locked country with India on the west and South, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar on South. It borders with the Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan on the east, Qinghai and Sinkiang to the north.

The inhospitable climate and alpine desert landscape has made Tibet uninhabitable to all but the hardiest of people live here.  It is one of the least populated Land on earth. But the hinterland of the Tibetan Plateau is the home of world endangers species of Bar-headed geese.

Weather conditions and high altitude make it very difficult to grow anything and only the hardiest of plants and animals can survive.

The largest region of Tibet, which covers almost half of its surface area, is the northern plateau known locally as the Chang Tang. It is one of the most inhospitable places on Earth with low temperatures, lack of rainfall, high winds and sparse vegetation. On the western border is the Karakoram Range, which includes K2; the second highest mountain on Earth.