Nepal - A Country For Nature, Culture and Adventure Trekking

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Impregnable and enchanting snowy Himalayas, including the Mount Everest (8848m), flat lowlands, lush tropical jungles full of wildlife and verities of flora and fauna, all lies within a distance of 240 kilometers of each other.

Why Trekking, Tours, and Adventure In Nepal

Nepal is a paradise for the tourists. Here Trekking Trail Nepal makes your dream come true with handcrafted adventure trekking and holidays package. Kathmandu, the capital with its rich cultural heritage, exquisite temples and pagodas dedicated to the Hindu Gods and Goddess, Buddhist Chaityas and old palaces with carved windows and doors, is a sculptor's dream and an architects delight. Nepal is also a land of incredible natural beauty. Mother Nature has showered her infinite love and gifts to this land and the visitors can witness these while trekking in the mountains, rafting in the thundering rivers and on elephant back safaris in the jungles.

Trekking Trail Nepal has prepared Nepal Tours, Nepal Trekking, and unmatched Adventure, Trekking in Nepal, Tour in Nepal, Aderiling Water Activities, Wildlife and National Park Tours, Cultural and Festivals Tours itineraries so you can enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.


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