Manaslu Trekking | Manaslu Trekking in Nepal

Manaslu Trekking Region is also called Manaslu Conservation Area lies on the border of the Annapurna Conservation Area to the west and the Tibetan Plateau to the north and east. The literal meaning of Manaslu is the Spirit-Mountain considering the local jargon as the strong deity. Manaslu region has been famous for trekking in Nepal, Since trekkers in this region was effectively closed to foreign tourists till 1991. After allowing to trek in Manaslu region, everyone got the chance to view the pristine natural and cultural conditions of this region. This Manaslu trek region also offers the amazing biological variety. The trekking to this unspoiled region is comparatively expensive than trekking to other regions as the Manaslu Trek Permits Cost a little higher.

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3. Classicial Manaslu Larkya-La Pass Trekking

Manaslu Trekking in Nepal

From 1951 to 1991, Manaslu Trekking Region was closed to the foreigners that hindered the development in this region. This region since then was occupied by the Tibetan refugees who fled to this unexplored region of Nepal and have been the residents for generations. The houses in these Buddhist villages are stone-roofed. The amazing beautiful hamlets are Namrung, Samagaun, Sambdo, Lho situated at the laps of the magnificent giant mountains of Manaslu, the Himal Chuli massif and Dhaulagiri peaks and the extreme beauty of the glaciers and lakes, surrounded by the Rhododendron forests and the pine forests. The alpine climate of this Manaslu region is really very intoxicating.

Manaslu Trekking in Nepal

The trekking to the Manaslu region commences from Kathmandu valley to the Aru Ghat, covering the distance via a full-day direct drive onto a bus or any privately hired jeeps. The next day, we will begin our trek after having the early morning breakfast. We will walk following the trail of the Budhi Gandaki river. For the first few days of the trek, we might face the difficulty level of the trekking such as the steep Budhi Gandaki Gorge, the highest point of Manaslu Trek Larkya La Pass, etc. The trekking trail easier pathways somewhere and still complex in some parts of the trekking. Gradually, we ascend and descend the trek leading to the Manaslu Conservation Area just before the Jagat. Here we can feel the amazing cultural shift from Nepalese Hinduism to Tibetan Buddhism. The lifestyle of the local Tibetan residents is the unique experience for you too.

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