Upper Dolpo | Lower Dolpo | Dolpo Trekking In Nepal

Dolpo Trekking Nepal is opened just in 1989, and it’s hard to match for pristine beauty and rugged and high alpine desert just south of Himalayas. Dolop Trekking is the one and only Trekking in Nepal, which rolls around the Himalayan Nomad People same as centuries ago. Nepal Dolpo Trekking will fulfill your different adventure dream to explore and live fare from what you used to do now. Far from this modern word and mixed up with Dolpoli People, Bon and Buddhist Religion, Gypsey Culture and more.

The Himalaya Trails offer an endless variety of landscapes, diverse people, unknown Dolpoli Culture, which wrape with ancient buddhist religion. This diversity makes Dolpo Trek a best Trek destination, that you have to explore in your next adventure Nepal trekking. It even becomes more interesting and fascinating every time you return for Dolpo Trekking.

Dolpo Trekking in Nepal - People Culture and Religion

Dolpo is one of the least rain fall area of Nepal resembles the landscape of Tibetan Plateau. Since whole Dolpo Trekking region comes under the Rain Shadow of the Himalayas as Upper Mustang Trek. Furthermore, Dolpo Trekking Trail altitude varies form 1,600 to 5,136 meters hight. So forget about the green nature and enjoy the dry and inhabitable landscape as the people of Dolpo.

The people of Dolop are very pleasant by nature as the impact of Tibetan buddhist religions culture and. Till today Tibetian languange is widely used in practices with most of the Dolpo Festivals as well for daily use. But still in some villages of Dolpo Trekking region you will find Bon Religion which is known as pre Buddhist religon of the Himalayas. , it all out of reach of the world either for Adventure Trekking or Research no things will change wheather Upper Dolpo Trekking or Lower Dolpo Trekking. Which make possible to offer gleaned artistic feature and spiritual trust and traditions for every visitors of Dolop. The feature movies Caravan of ERIC VALLIS represented in such manner that Dolpo Trekking is one of the best choice. Furthermore THE SNOW LEOPARD by Matthiessen makes this Hidden area of Dolpo more popular to outer world . And becomes the first choice of Adventure and remote trekking in Nepal.

Dolpo Tekking in Nepal for 2019 - 2020

Government follows restrict tourism policies to preserve the Dolpo region they charge you USD 500 Per person for 10 days permit only. Even though with increasing numbers of trekkers and adventure travelers, More Trekking Companies are offering Dolpo Trekking. The classical Dolpo Trekking trails goes to the deep core of Dolpo to Shey Gompa, traditional villages and Phoksundo Lake. This 800 years old Gompa with traditional buddhist surrounding make your Dolpo Trekking best with the Natural deepest lake. Dolpo Trekking can be done in the Monsoon season too. From June to November is considered as the best Months for Dolpo Trekking.

What to Expect form Dolpo Trekking

Although the diverse dry alpine desert landscape is the major attraction with hidden heritage of Dolpo. But You can see the one 8th highest peak of the world, Mt. Dhaulagiri scaling 8,167 m in the eastern north. The Lake lies in south of Dolpo region which is also the greenest part of Dolpo. If you are looking for Dolpo Trekking, Here we suggest you to forget about the Himalayas and Natural views. We deeply recommended you to live and experience the Living Culture. The Spiritual Value, Ancient Traditional Tibetan Buddhism and Bon Religion with their practices, festivals, rituals, practice and lifestyle makes your Upper Dolpo Trekking the best.

Even in this high alpine deserts terrain of Dolpo, the spectacle of the colourful landscape Shy - Phoksundo the deepest lake of Nepal is almost beyond describing. You must choose Dolpo Trekking or Phoksundo Lake Trekking to experience with all your sense.

Local People and Their Lifestyle on Dolpo Trekking

According to legends Dolpo stands Beyond the Imaginations. They adds as the hidden desert valley created by Guru Rinpoche to live as a refugee for those of exceptionally pure mind. Even nowadays the local tribe Rokpa and Drokpa of Northern Dolpo live like Gypsey or Nomad as traditional Tibetan. This culture is similar as the local tribe of Mongolia and use to migrate between Nepal and Tibet over Himalayas which is mostly covered by snow. These local people of Dolpo are one of the highest altitude inhabited among the driest land and toughest climate with Himalayas.

Are you are daring enough to take a different trekking adventure as follows by the nomads junkies? Dolpo Trekking is one of the best choice if you want to go far from your world to hidden jewels of Himalayas with traditional culture and Oldest religion.