Bhutan Holidays 2024

Trekking and tours in Bhutan is an exciting trip to the Land of Thunder Dragon. A small Himalayan kingdom lying in the eastern Himalayas, between India and China is Bhutan. The area of Bhutan covers an area of about 47,000 square kilometers, extending from the south at 300m high to the north at 7,000m high. Trekking in Bhutan is an exotic trip where happiness is the must. A smile is the power of the Bhutanese people. The name “Bhutan” is derived from the ancient Indian term “Bhotanta” meaning lands of Bhots while Bhot means Tibet in Sanskrit, finally giving the meaning of land of Tibet. Another meaning is also derived from Sanskrit word “Bhu – uttan” of High lands.


The history of Bhutan is so entangled that the religious school, the Drukpa that triumphed from the 17th century and even named the country in the Dzongkha language as “Druk Yul” and the Bhutanese people as “Drukpas”. It seems that the settlement in the country was probably from around 2000 B.C. According to the Buddhist folklore and mythology, the Bhutanese believe in the forms of Buddha and the reincarnation. Bhutan’s medieval and modern history is as exotic as its stunning geography. Until the 1960’s, there were no any developments like hospitals, schools, communications, or any tourists. But the Bhutan gradually speeds up towards modernization and nowadays Tours in Bhutan has become very popular.


The magnificent mountains, dense woods, the cool nature, and the amazing landscapes highlight the tour in Bhutan. The green paddy fields, the buckwheat plots, the amazingly decorated window frames of the houses with shingled roofs attract any travellers via its admiring beauty. The horses are main sources of the transportation where the roads have not reached yet. The yaks can be seen in the giant woods of rhododendron or oaks. The friendliness of the Bhutanese and the unique culture-traditions is very pleasant. Trekking Trail Nepal aims to provide you the optimal satisfaction via the standard services arranging the tours in Bhutan. Trekking Trail Nepal has been organizing all types of tours in Bhutan and the itineraries can be planned accordingly.


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