Mohare Khopra Annapurna Base Camp Trek - Difficult Yet Alternative Trail to ABC

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  • ico-duration
    Duration 19 Days
  • Trip Difficulty STRENUOUS
  • accomodation icon
    AccommodationHotel + Tea House
  • TransportationCar + Coach
  • icon trekkers
    Trip StyleHiking + Excursion
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  • Meals: Lunch + Dinner + Breakfast
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Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Mohare Danda Trek are two of the most popular treks to explore the beautiful Annapurna Region. Mohare Khopra Annapurna Base Camp Trek is the combined variation of the two treks. It is where you get to explore Mohare Danda without missing the chance to explore the ABC at its fullest. It is a long, amazing, and difficult trek with a 19 days itinerary. The trek provides you with an alternative trekking route to the Annapurna Base Camp. You may not have been on this type of trek before, as it is a newly improvised trek.

The Mohare Khopra ABC Trek provides trekkers the chance to make the most out of their trip to ABC, exploring many places. Despite the trek’s difficulty, every sweat you drop leads you to experience what it feels like to accomplish something. The journey you get to be on teaches you many things and gives you the true definition of happiness. Nothing feels as lively as being at the top reminiscing every moment you spend on the journey. The friends you make, the memories you live, and the places you explore make it all worthwhile.

Best Part of Mohare Khopra Annapurna Base Camp Trek 2024

The best part about the Mohare Khopra Annapurna Base Camp Trek is that it covers all the important spots in the ABC. Be it Khopra and Mohare Danda, Glacier of Annapurna South, or two extremely pleasant mountain lakes. You get to experience natural solace everywhere you go. Some trekkers find the trail difficult to an extent, but no beautiful things come without a price. As the saying Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Despite being a hard trek itself, you get to do many things. The beautiful valley of green forests, the human settlement with extremely colorful roofs bamboozled by the views of striking mountain peaks all make Mohare Khopra Annapurna Base Camp Trek a must-go trek. If you are planning to trek to Nepal in 2023, you know what your choice should be, Right?

As COVID-19 took the whole world by storm and all the trekking activities went to a halt. That makes 2023 a post C0VID era that could take the whole trekking game back to its absolute best. Mohare Khopra ABC Trek has strong possibilities in 2023. The 19 days of traveling and getting closer to nature after a long break is indeed a boost for your mind and body. Exploring through the green forests getting awestruck by the snow-capped Himalayas, and interacting with the locals. Everything you do during your journey around ABC Mohare Khopra Trek makes it all worthwhile. You get to enjoy two treks ABC Trek and Mohare Danda Trek- both in a single trek. The specialty of the trek is the new alternate trekking route to ABC that will be a new adventurous experience for all the tourists.

Alternative Trekking Route to Annapurna | Mohare Khopra ABC Trek Itinerary

What makes Mohare Khopra ABC Trek a unique trek is finding an alternative route to ABC and a revised, extended itinerary of 19 days. The trip starts from Kathmandu with a drive to Pokhara and finally to Beni. The real trek starts from Beni leading to Banskharka. It is all about exploring green fields, villages, orange gardens during the hike to Banskharka, where you experience warm hospitality. The trek continues to Nangi Village and Mohare Danda on the fourth and fifth days.

The Mohare Khopra Annapurna Base Camp Trek continues trekking to Swanta and Khopra Danda, finally leading to Khayar Barahi Lake. The trek goes on and on to Dorado and Hidden Lake Valley. Furthermore, you get to trek to Muldai Peak and down to Gurjug. Finally, after trekking to Bamboo and Deurali, your trek to ABC commences. Finally, after the 17 days trek to Mohare Danda- Khopra Danda- Annapurna Base Camp, the trek goes down to Ghandruk. With a drive back to Pokhara and Kathmandu, the 19 days of adventure ends.

Fun Fact: The 19 Days Mohare Khopra ABC Trek is a special trekking package brought to you by Trekking Trail Nepal. It is for the sole purpose of giving the trekkers a new way to explore the Annapurna Base Camp without missing any of its big guns.

Highlights of Mohare Khopra Mulde Annapurna Base Camp Trek

  • Golden views of the sunset over the Himalayas
  • Eye-wooing views of snow-capped mountain peaks like Annapurna South, Fishtail, Mardi Himal, Buddha Peak, and many more.
  • Hike to the extremely gorgeous Khopra Danda View Point
  • Visit to the Khayar Barahi Lake
  • The supreme sight of the green valleys and gorgeous vegetation
  • Experiencing warm hospitality in all the villages you get to visit during the trek

Difficult ABC Trek Package-Itinerary

Despite providing an alternative and unique trekking route to explore ABC, certain things make the trek difficult. First things first, it is a 19 days trek that is generally longer than most treks. Some people feel anxious about spending such a long time away from home. It would be best if you were mentally and physically prepared.

There are some areas during the trek where you might feel pain in your body while walking. The trail between Phalate to Swanta is extremely steep with a sandy surface and loose stone. Your knees and ankles might hurt during this part of the trek. Another hard part about the trek is that there can be some days where you need to start your trip without proper intake of sugar in the morning. It may cause difficulty at some points.

The next thing that is uncertain and can cause difficulty is the weather. As the trek is around the Himalayan Region, the weather is extremely unpredictable. So, you never know when it can cause havoc.

However, no matter how many difficulties the trek can cause, there is always a light on the next coast. With proper preparation and plan, everything goes fine. A journey without some adventure is not exciting. You can prepare yourself for the exciting, unique trip to the Himalayas and fall in love with nature all over again. The choice is all on you to pack your backpack and come over to the Himalayas or sit back at home enjoying the extended quarantine.


All in all, Mohare Khopra Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a unique adventurous trek to the Annapurna Region. It provides you with an alternative trekking route to the ABC, where you get to explore new places. You get to explore Khayar Barahi Lake, visit Mohare Danda and Khopra Danda all in a single trip. Isn’t that exciting? Your trekking bucket list needs to have ABC Mohare Khopra Trek in it.

Life is a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get. It is the quote from the movie Forrest Gump describing the uncertainties and surprises in life. Why not plan a moment in a life full of surprises ahead? Book your next trip to heavenly Nepal and never miss out on the golden chance to explore nature’s elegance.

As the name suggests Annapurna Adventure Trek a Difficult Annapurna Base Camp Trekking combines with Khopra, Mohare and Khayar Lake with Annapurna South Glaciers comes not only a strenuous trail. but also a long trip. Even the easy hike early in the morning without any sugar feels tough. Today we explore the Muldai View Point which is also called Muldai Peak. Muldai Peak 3637m is a new viewpoint in the Annapurna Region which offers views of 33 Mountain Peaks from Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu as well Ganesh Himalayas Range.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu.
  • Day 02: Drive to Pokhara.
  • Day 03: Drive to Beni and Trek to Banskharka.
  • Day 04: Trek to Nangi Village.
  • Day 05: Trek to Mohare Danda.
  • Day 06: Trek to Swanta.
  • Day 07: Explore the Trail to Khopra Danda
  • Day 08: Exploring Hike to Khayar Barahi Lake
  • Day 09: Trek to Dobado
  • Day 10: Trek to Hidden lake and valley and Annapurna South Glacier.
  • Day 11: Trek to Muldai Peak and trek down to Gurjung village.
  • Day 12: Trek to Bamboo.
  • Day 13: Trek to Deaurali.
  • Day 14: Trek to ABC.
  • Day 15: Trek to Bamboo
  • Day 16: Trek to Jhinu Danda.
  • Day 17: Trek to Ghandruk and drive to Pokhara.
  • Day 18: Drive Back to Kathmandu.
  • Day 19: End of Mohare Khopra Annapurna Base Camp Trek A Difficult Yet Alternative Trail to ABC with Trekking Trail Nepal

Cost Includes:

  • 3-star accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara on twin sharing with breakfast in Itinerary.
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and accommodation in a mountain lodge in Khopra Mohare Annapurna Base Camp Trekking.
  • Tourist coach from Kathmandu Pokhara Kathmandu.
  • Site visit of the World's highest and longest suspension bridge, swing with the world's second-highest bungee center.
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project permit.
  • TIMS permit (Trekkers Information Management System).
  • Required number of Government certified English-speaking trekking guides and supporting staff.
  • Insurance for all trekking staff, with basic equipment.
  • All ground transportations including transfer to airports/trekking starting–ending points.
  • First aid medical kit for group. 
  • Trekking map, sleeping bag, and down jacket for each member.
  • Salary, allowances, travel expenses for all trekking and tour staff.

Mountains Peaks from Muldai Viewpoint: West to East:

Gurja Peak, Dhauligiri 6, Jirbang aka Dhorpatan Peak, Dhauligiri 4, Dhauligiri 5, Dhauligiri 3, Dhauligiri 2, Dhauligiri 1, Tukuche Peka, Lomanthang Peak, Nigiri South, Nigiri North, Bhara Shikhar aka Fang aka 12 Peak, Annapurna 1, Annapurna South, Hiunchuli, Annapurna 3, Gandarv Peak, Machapuchree aka Fishtail, Mardi Himal, Annapurna 2, Lamjung Peak, Ngadi Peak, Himal Chuli, Buddha Himal, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal 5.

New Mountains from ABC: Gangapurna, Tent Peak, Shinga Chuli, Mardi Himal, Gandarva Chuli.

Other Mountains from ABC: Himchuli, Bharashikhar, Annapurna South, Mount Annapurna, Annapurna 3, Gandarv Peak, Machapuchree aka Fishtail, Mardi Himal.

NOTE: Do not miss the sunset glowing Mt. Fishtail on the eastern side of Annapurna Base Camp.

Mohare Khopra Annapurna Base Camp Trek is the best but long and difficult yet adventure alternative trekking trail to reach ABC designed to explore all the southern side of Mountain Annapurna including world-renowned Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) and new Khopra Ridge and Mohare Danda Trek. In addition, the Hidden valley above 4000m, Glacier of Annapurna South, and 2 high altitude mountain lakes with the cultural heritage of Ghandruk and Nangi is a complete trip as Mohare Khopra Annapurna Trek. Although this is one strenuous trekking in Nepal, inside the Annapurna trekking region this Difficult Annapurna Trek is enough for a lifetime experience of Trekking, Adventure, and Annapurna Himalayas.