Check List For Wildlife Tours In Nepal 2024

Any trip to the wildlife safari and forested national parks needs very careful preparation. Here Trekking Trail Nepal tries to list everything you need for the specific requirements for the wildlife activities. Hence our preparation manual and requirement checklists make you ready to face the harsh wild terrain. Jungle safari with NO ELEPHANTS RIDE, wildlife trekking, and jungle walks are difficult and exhausting. it is very important to prepare yourself why great waterproof rucksack.

Nepal has got a very variable relief and that's why it is very difficult to suggest common clothes for the entire of Nepal. Here Trekking Trail Nepal tries to give some idea regarding the clothes and Items needed for wildlife safari and national activities. The southern parts of Nepal are green wild, dense forest basically much plainer and we called this Terai. Which is much lower than the Himalayas of the Northern part of Nepal. All of the wildlife and jungle activities and safari are only available in Terai.

Check List For Wildlife Tours In Nepal

In the months from April to July, the plain or Tarai region is very hot and the maximum temperature hovers around 42 c. The best clothes suited to this condition are the light cotton dress. These are light and absorb lots of perspirations. 

The months between July and October sees most of the rain falls. The monsoon in Nepal is very generous and it rains a lot in both mountainous as well as Tarai regions. The same clothing, as prescribed in the summers for Wildlife and National Parks of Nepal.

The winter sets in the month of November and continues till the month of February. The Tarai region comes under cold waves and experiences chilling nights. Heavy winter clothing is required in winters.

Through years of experience, Trekking Trail Nepal have compiled the essential kit list for your wildlife and National Parks adventure.

  • Check the temperature of the place you are visiting before you reach there is that you can carry sun block, sure straw hats, shades, flips, light cotton clothing etc if it is a hot humid place and umbrellas if it is monsoon season.
  • If you are visiting the wildlife sanctuary, ensure you carry boots, jackets, flash with etc.
  • Common to any wildlife vacation would be a good powerful camera with powerful zoom as wildlife, is usually take from a distance.
  • Another item on your list could be a good set of binoculars
  • Wildlife location will have mosquitoes, insects and bees etc in abundance so ensure yo carry pest repellents, cream to soothe irritation caused e by insects, pets etc.
  • Ensure your camera is charged well. Alternately carry enough batteries for all your gadget and camera.
  • Your  Clothing is essential too as you would want o hidden and not visible to animals, so ensure yo do not carry bright colored clothing and instead option fo greens and browns and dull colored clothing 
  • Check with a doctor before traveling and carry enough medication needed to such trips and plenty of water.

This is the outline guide only. Please use you Knowledge and Experience.


All your belonging will be transferred from Pokhara to Kathmandu to rafting and on to Chitwan and vice versa. All This will depends on your starting and ending of your tours. Please consult  with Trekking Trail Nepal for any sort of issue.