A wonderful Nepal trip with closed friends from Trekking Trail Nepal

  • Phamsilam Da Nang
    Viet Nam Published: Monday, September 18, 2017

    A wonderful Nepal trip with closed friends from Trekking Trail Nepal


    I traveled alone to Nepal on August 2017, so what I need was a friend. I met Apar at Kuala Lumpur airport and he brought me to my hostel on 12 pm.  Then, he introduced Laxman to me and we became close friends on 12 trekking days. Thank you, Laxman, my best friend on my trekking. I had a reasonable trekking plan owing to Laxman advice. We shared a room, local foods (I requested b/c we were friends!) and unforgettable moments.

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    I had so many many interesting experiences with wild birds, flowers, snow mountain, waterfall, dreams...even leeches... sometimes he took care of me like a baby!!! Thank you, Laxman again for your advice and explanation on the trekking tour. Without Laxman, I could not have a wonderful trekking tour! When I came back Kathmandu, Apar volunteered for my local city tour! He brought me to some Hindu temples/Buddha pagodas local restaurants/bars/beer! Another close friend on my Nepal trip. So lucky! Both of them so good in English and I know more and more about Nepal traditional festivals, daily life, religion, local foods... We became the close friends. Keep in touch, my friends Apar, Laxman. I love all of you and your Trekking trail Nepal! I have not done Upper Mustang Trekking yet. Another trip to Nepal and Trekking trail Nepal, with my close friends, Why not?