Adventerous Manaslu Annapurna Trek

  • Ela Joe
    United States Published: Friday, April 27, 2018

    Adventerous Manaslu Annapurna Trek


    There is not Best than this adventure of Manaslu Annapurna Trek with did in 2018. The Ultimate trek in terms of features, adventure, and fun. As a newly married couple and first-time travelers to Nepal, we did lots of research before choosing Trekking Trail Nepal. Especially three things help us to book our Short Manaslu Trek with Annapurna Circuit with Trekking Trail Nepal.
    1. We don't want to do our adventure with the big trekking company of Nepal neither International Brand.
    2. We need a Quality company and with the best services at a limited price. The Tripadvisor reviews of Trekking Trail Nepal speaks a lot.
    3. The prompt and authentic response. In short, we got a reply to our email before 4 hours. This is only possible because the team has real experience of Combine Trek of Manalsu

    Annapurna Circuit Trek. Apar Trip Planner of Trekking Trail Nepal was an excellent communicator. His words make us feel like we were in the trekking trail even from the first queries.
    Apar and his company Trekking Trail Nepal get our trust when we are unable to transfer the booking amount on time. As he promises we meet the welcome person from the company at Kathmandu International Airport who escorts us to our choice of Hotel. Later in the evening, Apar meets us for the Manaslu Annapuran Trek briefing, guide meets up, and payments. Our guide Bishal helps to organize the trekking gears checklist and we enjoy our dinner after deposit our vital documents and passport to Apar.

    The next day, our One Day Hiking Tour starts from Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Secondly, we reach the Ranikot to prepare ourselves for the trek of Annapuran Manaslu.
    Next day our adventurous Manaslu Annapuran Trek starts with 4 wheel jeep with our guide Bishal, porter Bharat and Driver Dhan. But at the lunch place of Dhadhing, our guide got an ankle sprain. Then all things halt for the moment. We wait in the Hotel with Bharat. We drink like 10 CocaCola during our 4 hour stop. The driver takes Bishal to Hospital and comes back to our place with bad news. Our guide breaks his leg. He is in pain and we are in big confusion. We almost decided to cancel our trek but with a few minutes call with Apar changes everything back on track.

    He arrives in Dhading with his backpack.  And then owner of Trekking Trail Nepal is our guide for the next 24 Days of Trek. Although we were very late on our first day to reach Soti Khola. We reach our camp about 10 at night, but happy to see the photo send by our first guide Bishal with his plastered leg.

    After this point, we have the greatest Adventurous Manaslu Annapurna Trek. Since we were guided by the founder of the company who was a guide and porter since 2003, he deals with the scene with soft and easy. We don't need to deal with any others to change the itinerary which we use a lot. We add 3 Extra days in Manang, Dharmasala, and Jomsom.
    We spend 28 days together with Apar and Bharat. He even comes at the Airport to say good buy with our first guide Bishal. This was the touchy moments. I could not cry after getting the adventure of Lifetime, but my tears rolls.

    Apar, Bharat, and Bishal did a lot to us to make our Annapuran Manaslu Trek the best adventure holiday of our life. Apar teaches us lots of Nepalese words and songs by Bharat.
    Choosing the Trekking Trail Nepal is the best part of our decision. If you are looking for the best experience trekking in Nepal, Close your eyes and book the trek with Apar and Trekking Trail Nepal.

    In conclusion, Trekking Trail Nepal is small but the best adventure company for your Himalayas Treks. They are local but professional, small but organized. Similarly, motivating, social, and experienced. We already decided to book our next trip Everest Three High Pass Trek with them again.