Best Short Manaslu Circuit Trekking to fit our time

  • Ms. Suz Broughton
    Australia Published: Thursday, May 31, 2018

    Best Short Manaslu Circuit Trekking to fit our time


    We appreciate the whole efforts of Trekking Trail Nepal to manage Short Manaslu Circuit Trekking with such perfections as our little available time. Not only trekking days, all our question and queries before we booked our Short Manaslu Trekking replied in such a gracious presence, Airport transfer, suggestion for one day Ranikot Village Hiking and more are far above then our expectations.

    You fulfill our needs and wish as tailors made and execute short Manaslu trekking package. Keep Remember SHORT MANSLU TREK IS POSSIBLE IN 12 DAYS!
    Apar, you are a wonderful person, you did every things beyound our imagination to make our Manaslu short Trek with lots of memories, smiles and adventurous. If there is anything you even need, I would be more than happy to help by recommending your Short Manaslu Trek to my friends and return the beautiful gift you gave us during our period of short Trekking in Nepal.

    Please continue to keep in touch and try your best to take care of your supporters and our trekking porters in their hard time.

    Thank Again for representing Nepal and with best trekking experiences in Nepalese Himalayas Trekking Trail.