Himalayas View Tour For All

  • Ellie
    Denmark Published: Friday, November 22, 2019

    Himalayas View Tour For All


    What A View Tour of Himalayas. Highly Recommend; HIMALAYAS VIEW TOUR: You all must Experience this.

    I can not express my happiness when I see the beautiful alpenglow mountain peaks with sunrise in Pokhara. I was not a morning person and not keen to commence my day before the sun. But with the request of my guide Ganesh and trip designer, I agree just for one day. And this day becomes the Best Day of My Life with Himalayans View Tour.

    I am grateful to get a companion like Trekking Trail Nepal. The team includes guide Ganesh and driver Su Deep who take special care of my 10 years old son. They listen to my every tiny request and change the itinerary as my interest even at the very last minute.

    My extensive thanks go to Apar ( Trip Planner of Trekking Trail Nepal ) to make my annual holidays the best with the Nepali Himalayas View Tour.