Memorable Everest Base Camp Trek

  • C Hayes
    Australia Published: Monday, November 27, 2017

    Memorable Everest Base Camp Trek


    Dear Apar, Chattan ( Our Supporter ) and Trekking Trail Nepal

    Well fate and your sore throat have brought us together for this Everest Base Camp Trek. Although it was unfortunate you were not feeling well, Thanks very much for leading our trek to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar and down to Lukla and Kathmandu with looking after us.We found your commentary really insightful on the region as well as general life in Nepal and local cuisine ( Still I am thinking Tongba and Somor Sauce with the bread of Potato that we tried in Lukla ) We really enjoyed your participation in our games of YAHTZEE and think you had great winning average!. I will never forget the Aussie slang you teach me.

    Best of luck with your Business and applying creative solutions to the field of Eco-tourism. We support this all the way to protect the beautiful country of Nepal with your New Trekking Trails as Mohare Danda Trekking, High Bridge Trekking, and Guerrilla Trekking Trail.

    We cannot wait to see you next year for Mohare Danda Trekking with Annapurna Base Camp.

    Cheers Mate!