Mohare Danda Trek 4 Day 3 Night

  • Ms. Lim
    Singapore Published: Monday, December 16, 2019

    Mohare Danda Trek 4 Day 3 Night


    Our group of 5 friends had a great time with Apar and his team (Ashishm, Lokendra and Joyendra) during our Short Mohare Danda Trek of 4 Day and 3 Night!

    The community trek was a very interesting experience and we are glad to be able to contribute back to the community lodges and small businesses. The views along the trek were very diverse and beautiful, though we were a little unlucky with sunrise as it was cloudy.

    Mohare Danda Trek 4 Day 3 Night - The Best Community Trek

    Special shout-out to Lokendra and Joyendra, who were exceptional - super friendly, caring, patient and very knowledgeable about the trail. We were well taken care by them of throughout the trek!

    Though there were some hiccups such as one of our friend's falling ill and another whose shoes fell apart, the team were very well prepared and helped to tape up the shoes, provided medicine and blood oxygen reader. Another thoughtful act was to build a fire and heat up some potatoes & hard-boiled eggs for our lunch during one of our longest days of trekking.

    We are glad to have engaged Trekking Trail Nepal for this Mohare Danda Trek and we look forward to visiting beautiful Nepal again in the future!