Nepal Yoga Tour to Know Nepal With Yoga Retreat

  • Ms. Marie
    Germany Published: Saturday, March 23, 2019

    Nepal Yoga Tour to Know Nepal With Yoga Retreat


    We were a small group of our closed friends planning for mind refreshment Yoga Tour in Nepal Himalayas. From the help by Google, we found Trekking Trail Nepal and started conversation with them by mail. After exchanging our needs and requirements the company trip planner Mr. Apar Datta suggested us Nepal Yoga Tour to get all insights of Nepal with Yoga and Meditation and we book it.

    The trek is not so difficult and satisfying trek for nature lovers. Every morning and evening we had YOGA with peaceful mind in a breathtaking location. We were lucky to see all the Mountains including Fishtail, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri Himal and many others.

    We collected lots of sweet memories and which they filled it in our hearts, our both Guides Yoga and trekking are fabulous. Our trekking guide and porter served us delicious foods with fruits and nuts in every meal. So we can say this Nepal Yoga Tour is the best YOGA TOUR for mind refreshment and to know more about Nepal.

    Our big recommendation goes to Trekking Trail Nepal for all sorts of Yoga Trekking and Tours in Nepal for their true services.