Nepal Flight Resume from 17 August 2020

Nepal flight resume from 17 August, 2020 as The Nepalese government decision of 20 July 2020. All commercial flight resume to and from Nepal weather domestics or international. Operators of both domestic and international airlines and travels feels this as one victory over Coronavirus. All these domestics and international commercial flights were suspended for nearly about 4 months due to COVID-19.

Nepalese government cabinet meeting decides to resume all flights from 17th August 2020. All commercial domestics and International flights will be in operation under social distancing marks and safety guidelines.

All commercial flights; domestics and International will suspend with the notice of Nepal Government on March 22nd to prevent to spread of coronavirus and to fight this global pandemic. During these months only chartered flights, rescue, and generous flights were made. This also contains the delivery of medical supplies, SWAB collection, mobilization of medical personals.

Minister for Tourism, Culture, and Civil Aviation Mr. Yougesh Bhattarai told the press yesterday ( 20 July 2020) about the decision to resume both international and domestics commercial flights starting from 17 August 2020.

Nepal Flight Resume and Coronavirus Cases

In the last few weeks, some corona virus case has almost come in 2 digits, which gives government strength to resume commercial flights. Although the total coronavirus case reached 17,844 but 11868 were already recover and only death numbers below 41 as the data of the Health and Population Ministry.

Tourism and Nepal Flight Resume

Similarly, the Nepalese Government pleased the tourism and trekking company in Nepal with some good news. Travels, Tours, Expedition, Hotels and Tourist transportation, and Trekking company like Trekking Trail Nepal welcome this effort of Government. However, we also suggest tourism ministry needs to come with some guidelines and industries that need to follow, which helps Nepal to achieve the dual goal of the Safety of Corona virus and Economic growth.

Is Nepal Best To Travel and Trek After Coronavirus?

Its too early to say, Nepal is the best country to travel after Coronavirus. It is true Nepal is not 100% safe to travel but with the resume of international commercial flights adds more hope. Even this seems obvious that Tours and Trekking in Nepal will be back on business from next season, which starts from September mid. The first few weeks of commercial flights give hints of how people eager to travel. Similarly, this gives the idea of how it affects the Coronavirus spreading.

Even Trekking Trail Nepal is not expecting trekkers and travelers coming to Nepal at least for the next 1 months. However, the movement of people from travel industries, trekking companies, hotels, and accommodation helps the economy active as will helps to prepare for the next trekking season. If the lockdown is ease, and road transport network comes to active public transportation, the Nepalese Travelers and trekkers will help the travel economy to sustain.

Nepal Flight Resume In Concussion:

This is the positive move taken by Nepal Government to Resume all flights. Operation of domestics and International flights makes the trekking and travel industries hopeful for the coming days.