Pangolin Trekking Trail - Pangolin Trekking Trail - Pangolin Hiking Route

Kritipur, the Ancient City of Kathmandu Valley announced the first Pangolin Trekking Trail in Nepal.

On the auspicious occasion of 10th World Pangolin day, this special Trekking and Hiking route is announced which is inside the part of Bhag Bhairab Community Forest. To protect this Rear and dangerous animal Pangolin, Of February 20, 2021. A program was organized on February 20, 2021, one program was conducted in partnership between Community Forest, Kirtipur Municipality, and Small Mammals Conservation and Research foundation (SMCRF) along with other small foundation to announce the program to protect this Rear and endanger animal Pangolin along with the inauguration of Pangolin Trekking Trail.

First Pangolin Trekking Trail of the world

The route starts from Kirtipur-4 Bhagbhairav Community Forest and ends at Salak Chautari ( Pangolin Rest Place ). For which normal hikers complete after 2 hours of inclined steep with stairs. This Pangolin Trekking Trial stretch over 5 Kilometer. A conservation program is important to protect these endangered species along the hiking trail. Since this trail can easily cobine with Champadevi Hiking and Chandragiri Hiking, this first Pangolin Trekking route will give the market hit in near future.

Pangolin is a very shy animal, but they are helpful friends of farmers since it eats ants and insects. Authority says, This Pangolin Trekking Trail not only helps in the preservation of Salak. But also to aware of the farmers and locals about the benefits created with trekkers and hikers to the area. Further, they add, This is the first kind of route, Not only in Nepal. But This Pangolin Trail is the first hiking route in the world. Despite being only a 5 km long trail, hikers can easily explore the many Pangolin and their habitat along the route of the Pangolin Trekking Trail.

On Pangolin Day 2020, Bhagbhairav Community Forest trains and prepare Pangolin Trekking guides. They lead the trails for a better experience for the hikers. Over 32 guides already complete the training out of which 3 guides already started to work hiking.The program is not only for hikers. This also helps in research and in-depth information about pangolin. In the long run, this helps to create big value to the world of Pangolin Conservation. We create the courses on basis of Birds Guide Format to make the resourceful Pangolin Guide. These guides not only lead the Pangolin Trekking Trail but also helps in Conservation, Protection as well Information database, Said By Ms. Tusli Laxmi Suwal, President of ( SMCRF ).

Pangolin Hiking Trail Map and Information Boards

Trail Map, Information board, and Route Sign along the pangolin trekking trail provide hikers effective information. Pangolin Hiking Route Managing Committee already active to do further improvement of the Conservation and Protection along with Tourism on the Pangolin Hiking Route.

Pangolin Hiking Route In Conclusion

These endangered Mammals available in 2 colors, Black and Copper Red. Black Pangolin is also called Chinese Pangolin is more rear. Ms. Suwal adds; Pangolins are widely present in 62 districts. However, no special preservation program in action yet. This initiation will lead the protection and conservation program with Pangolin Trekking Trail for tourism.