Tansen Palpa | New Place to Visit in Nepal

Tansen (Palpa) perched high above the Kali Gandaki River on the road between Butwal and Pokhara, and is far enough off the radar to make it a rewarding detour for independent travellers. A beautiful hill station in the western part of Nepal, Tansen is the headquarter of Palpa District with the elevation of 1,310m. A pleasant place to visit during any season of the year weather Monsoon or Winter. Tansen is in the distance of 122 Kilometer from the beautiful city Pokhara in between of Buddhist shrine Lumbin. You can reach Palpa ( Tanse ) in 65 Kilometer form Indian Border Sunauli and in 86 Kilimeter from Birth Place of Gautam Buddha; Lumbini.

Tansen - Beautiful Newari Town Out of Kathmandu Valley

Tansen’s main attraction is its Newari charm and distinct medieval feel. The stone paved nerrow streets with adjoining small house decorated with carved doors and windows make the old Tensen a must visit place in Nepal.

In the winter months of December, Januray and Feburary, the valley of Tensen and around coverup with beautiful pattern of mist. The bells of Hindu temples and religious chants make this misty views more close to your innner peace and adventure. Until the rise of the Shahs, Tansen ( Palpa )  was one of the most powerful kingdoms in Nepal. Troops from Palpa even came close to conquering Kathmandu in the 16th century under the leadership of King Mukunda Sen.

Tansen is also famous for various kinds of handicrafts, textile, organic coffee, Dhaka clothes and  Karuwa are famous sovenier shoopping in Tansen Palpa. Palpa is also called the city of Kaurwa, which is a water pot made with metal expically bronze with one nozzole to make easier to drink water. Furthermore a typical Nepali cap shawl made of Dhaka textile are legendary souvenirs from Tansen. Now days with increasing habit of drinking coffer, Organic coffee produce in the are of Tansen and Palap is known too the world.