Lumbini | Place to Visit For Peace in Nepal

Lumbini situated 232km/145 miles from Kathmandu which is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, the apostle of peace, compassion and non-violence. He was born here in 543 BC. The Sacred Grove where he was born converges on the Ashoka Pillar, which carries an inscription identifying the spot as the birthplace.

The broken Ashoka Pillar, remnants of an old monastery and images of Buddhas mother Maya Devi are still preserved here. Recent excavation has revealed stone bearing footprints indicating the exact place of birth. The Puskarni Pond where Queen Maya Devi had taken a bath before giving birth to The Siddartha lies nearby.

Lumbini - Place to Visit in Nepal and UNESCO World Heritage Site lists

With international support, Lumbini is being developed as the supreme Buddhist pilgrimage location and a symbol of world peace. Many countries have built or are building temples, monasteries and stupas near the Sacred Garden in the International Monastery Zone as part of the global initiative to promote Lumbini. The biggest shrines of Bhuddhis Religion and ancient history of Royal Family of Siddharth Gautam makes Lumbini a International centers for Peace and Love over to Just Buddhism Pilgrimage Tours.

To the west of Lumbini lies Tilaurakot, the palatial area of King Suddhodhan, father of Lord Buddha. Buddha spent 29 years of his life here. Many archeological ruins and findings make the visit worthwhile.

Lumbini is accessible by flight from Kathmandu to Lumbini or form Pokhara and from there you has to proceed by car, which takes 25 minutes. From Kathmandu it takes 8hrs to reach Lumbini by car while 6-7 hours from Pokhara and 4 Hours from Chitwan National Park.

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