Place to Visit in Tibet

With high standing mountain ranges, ancient lifestyle, spirited Buddhist shrine and monasteries, high altitude grasslands with yaks and alpine lakes as way because the eye will see in your Tibet Tour. Tibet is while not a doubt, one in every of the foremost outstanding places to go to within the world. Discover Trekking Trails Nepal’s prime locations to go and to explore during this hidden land.


Tibet, known as the roof of the world, is still a mystical place that few have dared to explore. It is an ancient country with Buddhist culture, hidden valleys, artistic monasteries, breathtaking landscape, centuries old caravan trails and highest point on earth, Mount Everest. It is highest region in the world with average altitude of 4,875m, isolated by vast mountain ranges that form its northern, southern and western borders. It is a land locked country with India on the west and South, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar on South. It borders with the Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan on the east, Qinghai and Sinkiang to the north.

The inhospitable climate and different trail landscape has made this country uninhabitable to all but the hardiest of people. It is one of the world’s least populated areas and a large portion of the total land area of 474,008 square miles is uninhabited, barren desert. Weather conditions and high altitude make it very difficult to grow anything and only the hardiest of plants and animals can survive.

The largest region of Tibet, which covers almost half of its surface area, is the northern plateau known locally as the Chang Tang. It is one of the most inhospitable places on Earth with low temperatures, lack of rainfall, high winds and sparse vegetation. On the western border is the Karakoram Range, which includes Mt. K2 the second highest mountain on Earth and Most Adventerous Trek K 2 Base Camp Trekking.



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