Shigatse - Place to Visit in Tibet

An excellent tours of Lhasa may be a circuit trip that takes in cities of Sighatse, Gyantse and Tsetang of your Xizang Tour even in your Short 4 Days Lhasa Tour. New and Finest highways and beautiful natural scenery on the driving way adds more beauty of Shigatse. It put together offers a comprehensive experience of Xizang in an exceedingly neat Itinerary. Shigatse 3,900 meter above sea level, lies 270s miles long measure to the west Lhasa and is Tibet’s second largest city. The route runs aboard the Yarlung Tsangpo widely know as Brahmaputra river, watercourse passing through slender gorges and broad watercourse valleys.

Farming fields with domastic yaks, grazing sheeps and local people plowing field with their traditional dress makes the side views the best to enjoy even from driving road. The rocky terrains, sandy plains with small small green oasis adds more reason to Visit Shigatse in your Tibet Tour.

Shigatse - The best Place to Visit in Tibet for rural and remote lifestyle

The Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, built in 1447 by the first Dalai Lama, is Shigatses most important cultural and religious site. The 26 meter high Maitreya Buddha ( future Buddha ) Statue is one best attractionof Shigatse. Other buildings contains images of Sakyamuni (the present Buddha), white and green Taras and embalmed bodies of past panchen Lamas.

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