Adventure Holidays in Nepal 2023

The adventure activities in Nepal will surely give you a selective memorable moment. Nepal is a land of outdoor activities or escapades for the adventure lovers. Trekking to the Himalayan ranges of Nepal is the highly preferred by the adventure seekers. The magnificent  Himalayas with stunning landscapes, the gorgeous waterfalls, the icy glaciers, the bubbling rivers provide the unbelievable but enchanting experiences to the thrill seekers. Balloon ride, fly over mountains or fly an ultra-light, rock climbing, bungee jumping, jungle safari or trekking to peaks, any sort of adventure activities will give you the pleasure and the excitement you want. The stunning geographical distribution with the amazing natural and the exotic cultural diversity of Nepal makes it adventurous unsurprisingly. Rafting on the rivers flowing from the high snowy Himalayas or over the calm waters exploring the hamlets, dense jungles, wildlife, the terraces is simply awesome. The Jungle safari in the flat lands allows the chance to view the exceptional varieties of animals, birds, and vegetation. The Elephant ride to the lush green forests soothes your eyes and pleasures you. The frequent happenstance with the one-horned Rhinoceros with the magical appearance of the Royal Bengal Tiger might give you astonishing pleasure.


Also, the mountain biking amidst the Rocky Mountains is another popular sporty adventure activity in Nepal. The ultimate bungee jumping from the high bridge of the Bhote Koshi over the 160 meter has also become an attractive adventure activity in Nepal. The exotic traditional varieties of food also delight the trekkers or travelers during the adventurous activities.  Arguably, the Nepal is full of adventure activities which are clearly environmental friendly and the most feasible way to entertain you yourself with an electrifying experience. Trekking Trail Nepal hence offers you a variety of packages for the Adventure Activities in Nepal keeping in mind for the optimal satisfaction through the high-quality services.


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    Jungle Safari

    Jungle expedition is one among the foremost wonderful journeys in Himalayas country of Nepal. made in wild life, the tropical…