Holidays With Help | Charity Trip

Help can be of any nature. We, Trekking Trail Nepal, organize the charity for the Children of Nepal by creating holiday tours and trips to different parts of Nepal. We have combined our trekking and tour company with Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ). The main goal of Holidays for Help is to provide quality education for Nepalese children who cannot afford the school.

This Holidays With Help program is designed in such a way that travelers can roam around different villages of Nepal, experience the local lifestyle of Nepalese people, and understand their customs and traditions. Meanwhile, they can do volunteer for a short period which will help the needy children to gain a certain level of education in a better way towards their bright future and also feel the loving and caring family environment. This help to broaden their perspectives and discover and then simultaneously enhance their talent.

Trekking Holidays in Nepal for Help to Local Backward - 2024

Holidays for Help has provided support to many such children who have limited capacity to afford quality education. We, Trekking Trail Nepal, feel very fortunate to help such children and guide them towards a bright future. We are proud to make such children able to support the nation in someday being doctors, engineers, teachers, and much more. Trekking Trail Nepal proud to combine our expertise as a trekking and tour company in Nepal with our Corporate Social Responsibility goals as a company. Trekking Trail Nepal Coordinate HOPAD (Helpless, Orphan, Poor, Affected, and Dalit) and with the charity project For Children of Nepal, who focus on getting a quality education for Nepalese school children. In addition to this you can join Trek and Help the special project for the Nepalese required sector with Trekking Trail Nepal.

Check our Holidays For Children Volunteer Program 2024

Working with For Children of Nepal, Trekking Trail Nepal look to create adventure holidays that can be combined with philanthropy. Our tours and Trekking in Nepal will all you to travel and experience local Nepalese life, while your time volunteering will help provide a stable, loving, family environment, for children towards their bright future. It also gives the children an opportunity to broaden their horizons and become sociable, educated members of society so they may thrive later in life.