Jungle Safari in Nepal | Wildlife Tour in Nepal

Jungle safari in Nepal is one of the interesting outdoor activities in the amazing dense forests of Nepal. Jungle safari provides a lifetime experience among the wild animals, birds, and the immensely exotic nature. Jungle safari is usually escorted with the ride on the elephant back on a jeep accompanied by a well-trained and well-experienced guide or by walk. But sometimes, walking could be dangerous, hence for the safety reasons and less time consuming, we recommend the jeep ride over the elephant ride. Hence, Jungle Safari is the best outdoor activity to discover Nepal pristine and exotic nature at the closest distance.

Jungle Safari as Wildlife Tour in Nepal

Jungle safari in the tropical jungles of the Terai of Nepal offers to view some of the most endangered and rarest species of birds, wildlife, and plants on the Earth. 16% of the total geographical area of Nepal is occupied by the National parks, conservation areas, and Wildlife reserves. The Chitwan and the Bardia National parks are the most visited ones.

Chitwan National Park The Most Popular

Chitwan offers the golden opportunity to view the Royal Bengal Tiger, One-horned rhino, Asian Leopard, Blue bull, Red panda, Gharial crocodile, etc. Similarly, Bardia is considered a better option for four-wheeler ride to experience the amazing beauty of the sanctuary. For both options, additionally we can visit the Tharu villages; enjoy their cultural dances, canoeing, Tiger tracking, bird watching and a visit to the elephant breeding centers.

We Do Not Promote Elephant Ride Safari

Likewise, the Koshi Tappu and the Koshi Barrage in the eastern part of Nepal is one of the best places to enjoy the amazing waders and shorebirds during the winter months along with the migratory waterfalls. A flock of birds gathers here before migrating to the North. Parsa Wildlife Reserve and Sukla Phanta Wildlife reserve comes as and alternative.

Finally, Nepal is one of the best destinations for the Jungle safari to get into the wilderness of the natural beauty and the varieties of species of birds and wildlife. Jungle safari in Nepal is an amazing way to get soaked up into the purest form of the jungle activities like bush walking, canoeing, tiger tracking, camping, etc. Trekking Trail Nepal offers you packages to take part in the organized and systematically arranged Jungle safaris to relax in the unspoiled nature. Our team of Trekking Trail Nepal is committed to providing the quality service for the utmost satisfaction and comfort of our guest as we, Nepalese believe Atithi Devo Bhava meaning GUESTS ARE A FORM OF GOD.