Tours in Nepal

Tours in Nepal is an amazing vacation with adventure or relaxing holiday trip on the lap of the Himalayas with a chance to explore the full blend of the exotic nature. Nepal is the land of dreams of conquering the Himalayas along with exploring the magnificent natural beauty, full of cultural heritage and historical places.Kathmandu, the capital city, is full of temples mainly featuring the “Kasthamandap” which is famous as a heritage built from a single tree. Also, the tours in Nepal provide opportunities to discover the World Heritage monuments such as Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, BaudhaBoudhanathhangu Narayan. So, Tours in Nepal acknowledges the cultural, architectural and natural diversities of Nepal.
Tours In Nepal also lets us explore the historical aspect of Nepal. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, palaces of the royals, etc. are the attractions of the Kathmandu valley. The visit to the museums reveals the history, art and cultures, traditions, ethnicity and the royalty of Nepal. The geographical divisions of Nepal as Himalayan region, Mountain region and Terai region gives a chance to experience the alterations in the climate, the distribution of varieties of floras and faunas, the living style of the local residents in these regions and their respective cultural variations. Tours in Nepal provides you the amazing combination of nature and culture.
Kathmandu valley is famous also for the authentic food and entertainment. Many Thakali restaurants serve delicious dishes while the five-star casinos are opened for the enjoying the luck. Pubs are opened and serve beverages along with fast foods. There are other many things to do around Kathmandu. Other places like Pokhara, Baglung in the Mountain region are the famous tourist spots. The tour equally provides the thrills and the charms of nature with adventures, knowledge about the customs and traditions via a visit to museums, yummy foods at different types of restaurants and cafes around.  Places like Chitwan, Parsa, Lumbini in the Terai region let you explore the flat terrains along with the  dense jungles full of different floras and faunas.


  • hindu pilgrim tour
    Cost FromUS $997Days10

    Hindu Pilgrim Tour

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  • buddhist heritage tour
    Cost FromUS $871Days9

    Buddhist Heritage Tour

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  • glimpse of nepal tour
    Cost FromUS $649Days8

    Glimpse of Nepal Tour

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  • muktinath drive tour
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    Muktinath Drive Tour

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  • himalayas view tour
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    Himalayas View Tour

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  • kathmandu valley tour
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    Kathmandu Valley Tour

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  • kathmandu shopping tour
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    Kathmandu Shopping Tour

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    Nepal Golden Triangle Tour

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  • nepal luxury tour
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    Nepal Luxury Tour

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  • everest view tour
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    Everest View Tour

    Everest View Tour offers the first view of Mt Everest; Top of the worlds from Everest View Hotel Nepal. Everest…

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  • nepal holi tour
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    Nepal Holi Tour

    Learn and immerse in spiritual cultural wonders of Nepal Holi Tour. This enriching cultural Nepal Holi tour is an insightful…

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  • family adventure tour
    Cost FromUS $995Days11

    Family Adventure Tour

    Family adventure tour lets the entire family enjoy and experience Nepal. We have created this tour especially for families looking…

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  • nepal jungle paradise tour
    Cost FromUS $ 1795Days9

    Nepal Jungle Paradise Tour

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