Upper Mustang Trekking

The trail of the Upper Mustang Trek lies within the rain shadow area of the Himalayas. This upper valley of the Mustang area comes under the Annapurna Conservation Area, but entry is restricted for normal trekkers. Upper Mustang is one of the best monsoon trekking in Nepal because of it features of rain shadows. Allowing you to travel throughout the monsoon season - perfect months but you can jump to Upper Mustang Trek any time around the year.

It is one of the most mystifying and barren treeless landscapes with eroded sandstone pillars joined by a multitude of different earth colors, the countryside similar to the Tibetan plateau. Furthermore, the beauty and happiness that flourishes in people, in spite of the hardship of ancient Buddhism and lifestyle with some existence of Bon-Po religion, makes Upper Mustang Trek the best one.

The kingdom remains untouched by modern civilization, so life, culture, and religion in Mustang go on as it has for centuries.

Trek into Upper Mustang is a rare and privileged opportunity, you experience the true life of real mountain people within Nepal. In many ways, trekking into the Upper Mustang Area is similar to trekking into Tibet. After the end of this trek, you will be proof of The World Hidden Kingdom MUSTANG.

Upper Mustang Trek Highlights:

- Discover a forbidden Himalayan kingdom.
- Spectacular moon-like landscape.
- Unique culture, tradition, and lifestyle.
- Best monsoon trekking.
- Caves and ancient living history.

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