Upper Mustang Trek Information 2024

20 Jun, 2018  |   By Apar Datta

All updates, information and suggestions for Upper Mustang Trekking likes Upper Mustang Trekking Itinerary, Photography and Videography options, Land and Horse Transportations, Flight cancellation and weather, accommodation grades and facilities, food and drinks available in Upper Mustang Trekking Trail, Electricity, Communication and Internet facilities for Upper Mustang Trekking days, High altitude sickness and recommended medical kit for upper mustang trekking, Trekking Gears Checklist and more Upper Mustang Trekking Related information are included in this Blog of Trekking Trail Nepal entitled Upper Mustang Trek Information

Upper Mustang Trek Itinerary

As Package and normal schedule as classical Upper Mustang Trekking 2024, You will found 16 days Upper Mustang Trek Itinerary as the shortest one while the longest and easy itinerary with 2 rest or excursion days will be 19 days. But as the needs of trekkers itinerary of Upper Mustang can be customized easily.

Here, Trekking Trail Nepal adds one more thing is the permit cost for 1-10 days is US$ 500 per person, most people do Kagbeni to Kagbeni follows 8-10 days Itinerary. With your interest, time available and request Trekking Trail Nepal can offer Short Upper Mustang Trek and Upper Mustang Trekking from Pokhara. In addition to this, You can stay inside the restricted trekking area of Upper Mustang with Longer Permit, which cost USD 50 per person per day. Details Itinerary of Upper Mustang Trek

Photography and Videography in Upper Mustang Trek

Normal photography and videography camera and advance personal cell phone sets are allowed in the restricted area of Upper Mustang Trek. Trekking Trail Nepal wants to make clear, Photography and videography in some of the important forts, gumba, monasteries and as well as Royal palace premises of Lo Manthang. While some place you can use your camera for videography with a small charge, which amount will go for the preservation and maintenance of the attractions.

In addition to this, Upper Mustang Trekking area follows the same strict policy to the drone photography and videography. Read our Blog of Drone Policies In Nepal, for drone flying in Upper Mustang Trekking Region.

Transportation Available for Upper Mustang

The Secret Kingdom of Upper Mustang is only connected by rough and tough dirt road from Pokhara via, Beni, Tatopani, Jomsom, Kagbeni, Chuksang and to Lo Manthang all the way to Korola Border with China. This road only can be completed 4wd with all-terrain vehicles like Nissan Patrol, Toyota Pajero, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mahindra Scorpio and Bolero and so on. Either you can do Upper Mustang Drive Tour on Public Vehicles by changing from places to places.

While on Private Vehicles you can follow your own itinerary of Upper Mustang, but little expensive. You can choose the best drive option to fit in your budget and needs. Horse Transportation is available along the trekking trail of Upper Mustang. The best and easy way to explore Lo-Manthang, Choser Cave, Namgyal Monastery and around the Valley is to take the horse with drivers. One horse with local horse guide charge you about 50 to 75 US dollars depends on availability. Local Jeep drive to Lo-Manthang is available from Chuksang, Chale, Samar, Tsarang from local jeep counter. From Chuksang to Lo-Manthang per person cost 15 US dollars on sharing basis

Air Transportation for Upper Mustang Trek

Small airstrips of Jomsom on the bank of Kali Gandaki River is another alternative to do Upper Mustang Trek or Drive tour de Upper Mustang. There are daily flights between Pokhara Jomsom Pokhara. Tara Air and Summit Air do a flight to Jomsom regularly.

Flight Cancelation and Bad Weather

The weather of Jomsom airport and surrounding changes in very short moments. The Himalayan weather, High Altitude alpine climate, Airport Situated beyond the High Himalayas and high-speed wind of Kali Gandaki Valley makes hard to forecast the weather of Jomsom Airport.
Normally, flight to Jomsom starts early morning from Pokhara and mostly ends the flight before noon, before strong winds of Kaligandaki Valley starts to rise up. While flights between Jomsom and Pokhara might be canceled due to unpredictable and un-flyable condition with high-pressure winds, strong and thunder monsoon rains. In case of flight cancelation, You have only two alternatives to start Upper Mustang Trek or end. Either you have to start driving by hire Jeep to Jomsom or Pokhara which cost 200 - 400$ for reserve ( six seaters) and Chopper flying per person cost US$ 400 - 700 subject to availability.

Tea House Accommodation in the Upper Mustang Trek

Accommodation in Upper Mustang trekking region is of moderate standard but Teahouse is much smaller also in size of the room, mostly common rooms are available in between of Kagbeni and Lo Manthang. You must be prepared to share the room with your teammate if you are alone on trekking trail to Upper Mustang. In short Tea House and Accommodation is minimal in comparison to Everest Trekking Region and Annapurna Region.

Electricity and Communication in Upper Mustang Trek

Electricity facilities are easily available till Chale and after Tsarang. Places like Samar, Ghiling, and Syangboche, Ghimi have electricity but not so reliable. They have a backup solar system to fulfill the needs of electricity for trekkers. While the Internet is available up to Kagbeni and Lo Manthang with small pay and Cellular reception is mostly available along the trekking trail of Upper Mustang on a clear day. You can use Mobile Data services of Nepal Telecom up to 3G in few place, while 2G in many places. You will enjoy the Nature of High Himalayan Desert more ten Internet in Upper Mustang Trek.

Food and Drinks in the Trail of Upper Mustang

Since the Trekking Trail of Upper Mustang is not commercialized you will get the fresh and mostly locally-grown organic meals. Popular food like Pizza, Pasta, Noodles, Brades, Rice, Macaroni, Eggs items, Curry etc is available additional with non-vegetarian. Yak meets are easily available than chicken and lamb. 
Tea, Coffee, Coke, Beer, Local Drinks, Juices are easily available in the tea house and along the trekking trail of Upper Mustang. For more our article about Meals on Trek.

High Altitude Risk, Medical Kit for Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek is a moderate grade of Trekking. Maximum altitude you will reach is 4280 m of Chogo La on the trekking trail between Lo Manthang to Dhakmar. Even this part of the trail you can skip easying and lower elevation trail. Since you will not spend overnight over 4000 m, Upper Mustang Trek carries the very low risk of High Altitude Risk. A normal and small first aid kit will be enough for Upper Mustang Trekking which must contain eye drops, good quality dusk mask, and earplug or cotton. But for safety precaution we suggest you to carry small Medical Kit for Upper Mustang Trip with Altitude sickness tablet. Read More about the list of Medical Kit.

upper mustang trekking trail information

Trekking Gears Check List for Upper Mustang Valley Trek

Trekking Gears and packaging list for Upper Mustang Trek is not must difference as for Everest Base Camp Trek. As you know Mustang is the district of High Alpine Desert and lies beyond the Himalayas, trekkers think there is no rainfall. Which is somehow true.
While packing trekking gears for upper mustang trek you must not forget following items:

  • Good airtight sunglass
  • Dust and windproof outer even light glitter are recommended to protect your feet from dust.
  • Snow-proof jacket or poncho is recommended since trekking trail between Samar to Ghilling have more chance of rain.
  • Nonsticky, water and windproof sunscreen of SPF 40+ are highly recommended. You can read more about Trekking Gear Checklist for Upper Mustang Trek in our article.

Be Prepared for the dust of Nature

The trekking trail to Upper Mustang is now days connected by dirt Road on which local people used to enjoy the driving facilities for their own movement and for transportation of goods and products. The Trekking Trail from Chale to Samar, Syangboche to Ghiling and Tsarang to Lo Manthang is full of dust. In this part, the original trekking trail is replaced by motor-able road on which basis we offer Upper Mustang Drive Tour.

We try our best to provide all the pre-required basic information for Upper Mustang Trek as our Latest Updates. If you feel any things we missed in our Upper Mustang Trekking Information Blog, Please write us at Trekking Trail Nepal. We will appreciate your time and valuable suggestions and we will update our Blog As Soon As Possible.

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