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04 May, 2018  |   By Trekking Trail Nepal

The Drone is one of the famous and must-have gadgets for travelers around the globe, legally known as Un Named Flying Object. It gives you the perfect shot by filming the landscape from different perspectives. This unnamed aerial vehicle helps you to capture your travel memories from another angle. Many travelers and Trekkers are using this device to make beautiful travel blogs. Being a mountainous country, you will get a perfect shot from drones to capture the landscapes, mountains, hills, and rivers from a different angle. Due to its lightweight and portability, it is easy to carry and handle. But to get a perfect shot and control this Drone, you have to practice more and more. Using this drone footage, different travel agencies and travelers are promoting their business.

Drone Policy in Nepal - Updates Law Rules in Nepal 2024

It is illegal to fly the Drone over the Nepalese sky without permission. There are some rules and regulations to follow by the drone operator while passing. You cannot give a drone near the airport areas, sensitive areas like the military area, and some temple premises. Apart from that, you have to get permission from the Department of TourismMinistry of Home Affairs, and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). After getting permission from those authorities, you can now fly the Drone. But if you are flying a drone that is less than 1 kg or flying a drone below 100 feet from the ground, you do not need to get permission. However Depends on the Local Police, Community, Authority as well area. And also, if you are flying a drone for personal purposes on private property, you can fly without permission. However, if you violate the rules and you got caught flying Drone without permission, you will be fined and punished according to the civil aviation rules. For permission, you have to fill-up the form requesting to get a license to fly a drone. You have to pay to get approval and complete this process; it can take up to 7 days; you will get permission from CAAN to fly Drone, with related ministries.

Download The Dorne Application Form

Yes, you can bring the Drone to Nepal to shoot video and photos. However, before you use or fly a drone over the sky to get a shot, you have to get special permission from the related department, aviation authority, or local authority. Sure, you can use a drone in Trekking or Tours in Nepal but with legal permission only.

Your Drone will be Seized without Permits, as the Drone Flying Policy of Nepal. Here, Trekking Trail Nepal request you to read all the rules and prepare for all document you need for your drone in Nepal.

NOTE: We Only Offer Drone Permits Services for Our Guest Only for Tour and Trekking in Nepal

drone notice in nepal

One can also fly a drone within the visual range of about 500 m horizontally and 400 m vertically. But flying drones around restricted areasPrivate, Public or Military, Air Space, army, military or securities areas, and Archaeological areas are strictly prohibited. So you Cannot fly your Drone in these areas in Nepal.

For research and study purposes, you have to get permission from the Line Ministry or Department relating to research or study, from the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). But it is not necessary to get permits if the Drone is less than 2 kg or you are flying below 200 feet from the ground. Follow these rules and capture great shots from your Drone to promote local tourism. The Trekking Trail Nepal team will help you to get a permit to fly a drone. After the license, you can pass a drone following the rules mentioned above.

Download The Nepal Drone Application Form

Trekking Trail Nepal will help to get permits to fly a drone as possible in all Trekking in Nepal like Everest Base Camp Trek, ABC Trekking, Upper Mustang Trek, or any other trips. You need to per-inform us and pay small government fees and Book Nepal Trekking Tour with Trekking in Nepal.

In Conclusion, You can fly Dronein your Adventure Holidays as Trekking in Nepal, Tours in Nepal. Just complete the legal procedures and get the permit to use Drone under the law of the Nepal government. In Short, You Can Fly Your Drone in Nepal, But under the control of Nepal Government Law.

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