Benefits of Yoga and Trekking in The Himalayas

23 Jun, 2019  |   By Trekking Trail Nepal

Yoga and Trekking are two independent and beautiful adventures that give us some wonderful life experiences. Although these adventures are completely different in nature from each other, both make a good combination as an adventure. The mountains in Nepal are ideal places to go for a trekking adventure and practice yoga. When you go for these two amazing adventures at one go, you will have even more wonderful experiences. Knowing about the benefits of yoga and trekking adventure at one go will certainly appeal to the adventure bug in you.

You may have heard about the trekking adventure in Nepal. But knowing that the mountains in Nepal are also the ideal places to practice yoga can be incredibly appealing. If you love nature, mountains, trekking, and yoga, there can be no other alternative to combining yoga and trekking adventure at a go. Lets have a look at what you can expect on a combined adventure.

Yoga and Trekking Adventure: Two Adventures create one Lifetime Experience

You may not be aware that the Himalayas in Nepal had been the home to many ancient yogis and sages. They practiced their yoga in the mountains and were enlightened. There has been researched to prove that Sage Patanjali was born in Nepal. Thus we can relate so many stories and shreds of evidence that prove how Nepal is the true land of yoga.

And, we bet, the mountains in Nepal offer an unparalleled trekking experience no matter where you go trekking. Be it Everest Base Camp Trek 2022 or a hiking adventure of the Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek, you certainly get an experience that you will cherish for life.

Benefits of yoga and trekking adventure in Nepal

When you combine two amazing adventures, you will certainly get a beautiful experience. You may be wondering why to combine amazing adventures but probably of different nature! Although yoga and trekking are of different nature, they offer the same essence eventually. The peace of mind, lightness of heart, and strength of the physical body are the primary goal of these adventures in essence.

Physically active yet mentally and emotionally peaceful holiday

When go on an adventure that combines yoga and trekking, the first thing you expect is physical activity. You will surely remain active throughout the trip as you walk and practice yoga asana. Staying physically active helps you gain some physical strength and fitness. And the other aspect you expect is the peace of mind that you certainly get as you walk through the mountains and practice yoga and meditation.

The major benefit of combining yoga and trekking is physical activity and mental peace.

Practice yoga in Nature

We are not sure if you already know the charm of practicing yoga in nature. Yoga and nature most certainly go really well together. It is a lovely experience of attaining the peace of mind and joy of the physical activity. As you trek through the mountains, you will find yourself amidst pristine nature. And practicing yoga in such a natural surroundings is certainly a blissful experience.

The great healer of mental and physical anxiety

Another benefit of yoga and trekking is that it heals our anxiety. Taking a short break every now and then to be in nature practicing yoga and walking can be greatly beneficial. We go through a lot of situations in our life that give us anxiety. But we have the best healer of it. Go for a walking adventure and practice yoga at the same time. You will find yourself anew. All the mental and physical anxiety will be far gone as the trip comes to end.

Yoga in the Himalayas is A meaningful Wellness holiday trekking in Nepal for a Peaceful and Healing Experience

No matter whether you go for a long yoga trekking holiday like our Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek or a shorter one like Mardi Himal Yoga Trek, you are sure to get a wellness holiday experience. While you are on a yoga and trekking holiday, you have incorporated wellness in addition to a holiday experience. It is certainly a meaningful holiday experience that inspires you to stay aware of your health all your life.

There are several benefits of yoga and trekking adventure together in addition to the ones mentioned in this post. Although yoga is not only a wellness activity, having it in our life definitely helps us achieve it if not the deeper essence of yoga. And the two activities, yoga and trekking, together with give us a wonderful experience. A lovely way of exploring the Himalayan world and life at the same time!

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