Popular Walking Street in Kathmandu

24 Mar, 2019  |   By Trekking Trail Nepal

When it comes to Kathmandu, you cannot say No to Walking around the streets and corners here. Every street in Kathmandu here with corners has its own history, culture and meaning to display. The inner town which is also an old city is just few kilometers, where you will see different markets, courtyards, temples, stupas, narrow alleys, old Houses and not to mention people from different part of the country. Here Trekking Trail Nepal gives you the general ideas about your one day tours with Popular Walking Streets in Kathmandu.

The Streets of Thamel

Thamel is the center of Tourist. If you start to walk from Thamel, which is the busy tourist hub, you can do one circuit in just few hours. Although it is a short walk, it will take more time than usual to complete this circuit. The old houses, the decorative windows and doors, the temples and stupas behinds the traditional houses will definitely make you stop for a while.

Ason Bazar - The Narrowest and Busiest Street of Kathmandu


Starting from Thamel, you will walk for 10 to 15 minutes to reach Ason Bazar, which is one of the oldest and busiest market here in Kathmandu. Her you meet  the people from different part of the city visits here for shopping. You will find every things you need for birth to death, from spices to vegetables, from clothes to household items, you can find almost everything that you need for the daily use. Nothing can beat the crowd and the ambience of the Ason Bazar.

Walk through the alley for 5-10 minutes, you will reach Indrachowk. Indra Chowk is another busy market where there are temples of Lord Bhairab and old beautiful houses with lots of markets. You can buy local products here in a low price Compared to other market.

Furthermore if you are a food junkies you can try some local spicy cuisines here. But make sure that your stomach is strong enough to digest. Following the streets, you will walk around
Freak Street. Freak Street used to be a Hippy Hub in early 60s to late 70s. This is also an entrance to the Kathmandu Durbar Square. If time allows, you can visit inside this square.

The King of Street - KingsWay

This streets further takes you to Sundhara, Kamalakshi and Jamal and then to Kingsway widely known as Durbarg-Marg. Be prepared to face crowd and hustle and bustle traffic and not to mention the ear piercing honking of the horns. Kingsway is more of a new market which is targeted to the tourist. Cafes, shopping malls, chain restaurants are opened here. Evening time is more lively to walk around Kingsway. Towards the North, there is a royal palace which now turned into the museum. From there you can reach back to Thamel, completing one loop. Although, it is lively to walk in this area in the morning and evening.

Trekking Trail Nepal organized this One Day Walking Street Tour in Kathmanud with including some nearby places with special Historical and archeological Tour Guide on your Special Request. The best thing about this circuit is, you do not have to pay any entrance fees. So if you have a leisure day here in Kathmandu, this will be the best option to spend your leisure time exploring local marts, tasting local foods, and buy some local products.

Come and Enjoy you Free One Day on the Walking Street in Kathmandu with Trekking Trail Nepal. Request for Street Walking Tour.

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