Experience The Ultimate Peace and Nature: Traveling Nepal During Covid-19

02 Nov, 2020  |   By Trekking Trail Nepal

Since the Covid-19 pandemic terrorized the world, a lot of travel and vacation destinations have suffered. Now almost seven months into the outbreak slowly, countries are starting to reopen their doors for tourism but here comes the good news and opportunity of Traveling Nepal During the Covid-19. Nepal is no exception, as a significant destination for trekking, touring, and expeditions. With new rules and safety measures in place, tourism is ready to resume in Nepal, and Trekking Trail is there to organize your long-awaited trip! While not every destination is reopening, at least a dozen famous trekking and touring destinations have resumed operations. They are making it possible to again enjoy the Nepalese Himalayas in a peaceful and safe environment.

The current rules for Nepal Trekking COVID-19 2021-2022

The ministry of Nepal has put out some rules and regulations regarding tourism in Nepal, but these rules are a bit unclear for most, so Trekking Trail is here to help and guide you through these.

Everest Heli Trekking during covid-19

Terms and Conditions for foreign tourists for trekking and expeditions in Nepal:

1. You must obtain your tourist visa before arriving in Nepal; for those who don’t have access to a Nepalese Embassy or Consulate, a visa-on-arrival can be issued through your travel or trek organizer.

2. The following documents should be with you at the arrival immigration service:

a. Negative report of RT (Polymerase Chain Reaction: PCR) test taken within 72 hours before arrival.

b. Visa or prior approval document (ref. Article 1) for entry to Nepal.

c. Hotel booking for at least seven days quarantine in Nepal.

d. Insurance Coverage of at least US$ 5,000.00 (Five Thousand US Dollars) against COVID-19 per person.

3. After entry in Nepal, you must stay in your hotel for min. 7 days.

4. During your seven days quarantine, you are required to take another PCR test on your expenses to be allowed to continue on your trek or expedition in Nepal when getting a negative RT PCR report.

5. Upon obtaining a positive RT PCR Report for Covid-19, you are required to remain in quarantine until a negative test report comes negative.

6. During your trek or expedition, all rules and health protocols issued by the Ministry of Health and Population need to follow.

So what do these rules all mean? Trekking Trail Nepal will explain them in more precise terms. First off is the issue of arrival visas to enter Nepal. Before the outbreak, almost all countries could, upon arriving in Nepal, get their tourist arrival Visa of 15-30 days. Now you need to request your Visa via the Nepalese Embassy or Consulate in your respective country. If this is not possible, then Trekking Trail Nepal can ask for your Visa and send you the necessary documents that will allow you to get the Visa upon arriving in Nepal.

 Nepal Trekking Rules During Covid-19 for 2021-2022

PikeyPeak Trek

  • Another mandatory point is that you need to submit and bring with you a negative PCR report of at least 72 hours before arriving in Nepal. For those who request the Visa via Trekking Company, a copy of the PCR negative report is must at least 24 hours before your departure.
  • Seven days hotel quarantine upon arriving in Nepal? Don’t worry; this rule is there for those who entered Nepal from a hot zone country only or those on the same flight as a Covid-19 positive person. With all trips and tours in Nepal, it always starts with an overnight in Kathmandu. A minority of hotels have been in services in Kathmandu with the limited allowance from the Nepalese Government and by abiding by the safety and health rules during the Corona Virus outbreak. Trekking Trail Nepal only books hotels deemed safe to stay, so there is nothing to worry about!
  • The other rules are pretty basic health guidelines for Covid-19, which you can get from a reliable travel insurance seller, and you’re good to go on your trip to Nepal with Trekking Trail. For more detailed info, you can always follow the latest updates of the ( NTB )Nepal Tourism Board.
  • What do I need for Traveling to Nepal during the Covid-19 outbreak?

With all these news and regulations in place, there are two other things that you need to bring with you to travel to Nepal during the Covid-19 outbreak. First is your PCR Covid-19 negative report with a validity of 72 hours before you depart to Nepal. The other is insurance for Covid-19 of min 5000 $ UIn addition, trekking permits, and other documents will be organized by Trekking Trail and are included in the package prices.

Other things you might want to bring are your face mask, a personal sleeping bag, and your standard gear for an adventure in Nepal! Trekking Trail Nepal travel team is available 24/7 to answer any other questions you might have about bringing to Nepal.

  • How can I book a trip to Nepal during Covid-19 Coronavirus?

To book your trip to Nepal during the Covid-19 outbreak with Trekking Trail is just the same as before. However, be noted that not all destinations in Nepal are open yet, so during your booking, make sure to consult on the options available with the Trekking Trail Nepal travel team. To book your trip simply mail, or use our website’s booking form. Please send us a copy of your Covid-19 insurance and your negative PCR report 72hours before departing, and you are good to go! Trekking Trail Nepal will book your accommodation in a safe hotel in Kathmandu and ensure that safety measures are in place during your trip or trek.

  • When can I travel to Nepal?

The good news is that Nepal is opening and welcoming trekkers and travelers, so presenting you can get a Covid-19 negative PCR report 72 hours before departing and have a Covid-19 insurance policy, you are good to travel to Nepal. Furthermore, to get an entry Visa for Nepal, Trekking Trail can organize for you without any additional cost!

Some other helpful info for TRAVELING NEPAL DURING COVID-19

With rules changing as fast as the virus is spreading, it can always be helpful to keep checking up on the recent updates regarding the situation in Nepal regarding the lockdowns and current safety rules. About a dozen trekking destinations have officially reopened with ample checkpoints that from now one besides checking your TIMS and permits, will also be preventing you& are a valid PCR report.

Nepal Trekking Area Open for Traveller during Covid-19 Coronavirus.

1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking

 2. Sagarmatha National Park (Everest)

 3. Short Mardi Himal Trekking, Since ABC Trekking is Open, you can combine Ghandruk, Landruk, Poon Hill, and Ghorepani.

 4. Manang and Tilicho Lake Trekking

 5. Mustang Drive Tour and Upper Trekking

 6. Dolpo

 7. Rara National Park

 8. Manaslu ( Open only for the expedition, If you are thinking of a Short Trip to Manaslu Circuit Trek, you need to wait for few more weeks.

 9. Helambu

 10. Rubi Valley

 11. Pikey Peak Trekking

 12. Mohare Danda Trekking; The First Community Trekking Trail of Nepal is also open during Covid-19 Outbreak. This given picture is the view from the Community Lodge of Mohare Danda. Evaluate this and choose one.

Community Lodge Mohare Danda Trek

2022 Traveling Nepal During Covid-19 in Conclusion

Unfortunately, the beautiful Annapurna region is still closed, but this might open soon. Trekking Trail will keep you informed on the current situation. If there is a place you want to visit in Nepal, you are not sure if it is open or not? Do not hesitate to contact us via mail or through the website, and our Trekking Trail Nepal travel team will update you on the recent updates regarding that destination and help you book the trip of a lifetime!

The wait is over; with these new Covid-19 terms and conditions for safe travel, Nepal is officially open for tourism. So trekkers, climbers, explorers, and general travelers do not hesitate and take that long-awaited vacation to Nepal with Trekking Trail!

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