Top 5 Newari Food You Must Try in Kathmandu

27 Nov, 2018  |   By Apar Datta

Newari people are known to celebrate different festivals and feast from time to time throughout the year.  This blog includes the Top 5 Newari Food that you have to try in Kathmandu.

There are over 100 varieties of cuisines served on different occasions, Festivals rituals of Newari Culture. Whereas rice, lentils, veggies, curries, and pickles (dal, bhat, tarkari, and achar) are consumed on a daily basis. According to the season and availability, varieties of cuisines are prepared in different festivals. Cuisines prepared in different festivals have a special significance. Following are the lists of foods that you should try while you visit here in Kathmandu Valley :

Newari Platter: For Best Taste and Newari Food Set

must try food in kathmandu

This dish is known as “Samay Baji” set and is consist of varieties of dishes like bitten rice, green vegetables, seasonable pickles, beans, bara (special dish prepared from the paste of black lentil), egg, and meat delicacy. It can be also served as a vegetable Newari Platter. To digest this variety of items, you will also serve raksi (locally brewed alcohol) or chyaang (rice beer) in a paala (clay bowel). This cuisine can be found in and old places in the valley; Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, and Kirtipur.

Chatamari: Nepali Pizza

It somehow resembles to pizza, but the ingredients used here is different than pizza. Chatamari is basically a rice pancake with the varieties of toppings like beans, egg, and minced meat. It is served with or without pickle according to your choice. Egg chatamari, keema chatamari, plain chatamari, mixed chatamari with egg are some of the different varieties of chatamari you can order. Different local restaurants here in the valley serve this local cuisine.

best food in kathmandu

Juju Dhau: King of Yogurt

If you are visiting Bhaktapur while your stay here in Kathmandu, then do not forget to try the special curd here; “Juju Dhau”. The thick cream melts inside the mouth as soon as you put it in the mouth. The taste of this curd is quite different from the other curds found around the valley. It is served in a special clay bowel and is specially served as a sweet dessert at the end of the feast.

Mo:Mo: Fast Food of Nepal ( Nepalese Dumpling )


Do not forget to try momo whenever you are here in Kathmandu. It is one of the most popular foods among the people who visit or lives here. Momo which is also known as dumpling, can be found in almost every hotel and restaurants here in Kathmandu and different part of the country.


It comes in different shapes and size and is served with hot, spicy, and tingy soup. Fillings inside it can either be veg or non-veg. Finely chopped meat and varieties of finely chopped seasonal vegetables are mixed with the required ingredients and is stuffed inside the dough made of flour. Different hotels here serve steam, deep fried, semi fried momos. According to your taste and interest you can try these available MoMos.



It is one of the popular cuisines in Newari culture. It is mostly prepared with buff meat, but these days, hotels and restaurants are serving chicken as well as mushroom chewla. It is quite similar to barbeque, but instead of cooking with the heat of the coal, it is cooked and smoked inside a packed straw / fodder for its authentic taste. Then it is cut in edible pieced then marinated in oil, salt, chili powder, and tomato. It is served with beaten rice and other side dishes like beans, green vegetables,



It is a sweet dish quite famous in Newari culture. It is also known as chakumari (sweet dish). It is prepared mixing flour, sugar and butter. It comes in different shapes and size. Different shapes of Lakhamari are prepared in various occasions like marriage and other ceremony. It is deep fried in an oil then soaked in sugar syrup; hence giving it a sweet flavor. You can also take it back to your home as a gift for your friends and families. This will be a different taste for you and your friends back home. You can get Lakhamari in different sweet stores in Kathmandu valley.

Apart from these Top 5 Food Items of Newari Comunity around Kathmandu, We mention some other must try food  here.

  • Alu-Tama (potato and bamboo shoot soup)
  • Yomari (sweet dish with fillings of molasses)
  • Kwati (hot soup prepared with the mixture of different kinds of cereals and beans)
  • Paun Kwa (sour soup made with hog plum). If you are looking for Best Food of Nepal, Check This.

If you are food junkies, food traveller and love to try all these 5 Newari Food In Kathmandu we can help you. On Request, Trekking Trial Nepal organise One Day Kathmandu Food Tour in which you will explore  local Place in Kathmandu and experience Best Food form each place.

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