Reasons to go on the Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek 2024

30 Aug, 2018  |   By Trekking Trail Nepal

If you are wondering why? there are enough reasons to go on the Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek to Nepal. This is one of the best adventure journeys that you should go once in your lifetime. This is the journey that combines two incredible adventures trekking and yoga. While trekking adventure lets you explore the mountain wonders, yoga adventure is an opportunity to delve deeper into your inner self.

This post talks about the reasons to go on the Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek 2024 Of the several reasons to go on this lifetime adventure, we are going to talk about some here today.

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Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek is A Life Journey, more than just an Adventure

As the trip involves walking in the high elevation of the mountains, this is surely an adventurous trip. In addition to enjoying the mountain views, the trip takes you on the journey to your inner world through yoga. Practicing yoga throughout the trek in the mountains certainly brings you a chance to explore your own self more closely. When two amazing adventures in the inner and outer world combine together, the trip becomes simply more than an adventure. Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek is a lifetime journey.

Yoga Practice in front of Mt. Everest and Himalayan Magnificence

As a yoga trekking adventure along the trekking trail to Everest Base Camp, this journey brings you a chance to practice your daily yoga in front of mountains. Exploring the inner world through yoga practice and enjoying the mountain views at the same time is certainly a blissful experience. You will have the wonderful time in the mountains practicing yoga in front of the gigantic mountain peaks for several days.

An Immersion into the Inner Self

This yoga trekking adventure to the Everest base camp is an amazing chance to be not only with the mountains but also with your inner self. Yoga in itself is an exploration of the inner self and it becomes even more effective while it gets the exposure to nature. During this yoga trekking adventure, you will get to know your own self better. You will learn about your limitations and also learn how to walk past them in life.

Explore the Base of the World’s Highest Mountain

As the matter of fact, this adventure trek reaches the base camp of Mt. Everest on Nepal side. A multiple-day trekking up in the mountains will take you to the Everest base camp and also to Kala Patthar. Many can dream to reach the base camp of the highest mountain in the world but you can make it even more wonderful by mixing yoga on the trekking adventure. You will also find the joy of practicing yoga at the base camp and enjoy blissful moments. The trip also takes you to the fantastic viewpoint of Kala Patthar early in the morning for an early morning sunrise yoga practice right in front of the Mt. Everest and other mountains in the region.

Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek is a beautiful Everest Base Camp Trek modification with an addition of yoga and meditation practice. Although we have mentioned only four reasons to go on the Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek here, you will experience much more amazing things while you are on the trip. You will truly find this trip to you once-in-a-lifetime experience and the memories you get will be worthy to treasure for life.

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