Best Monsoon Trekking in Nepal 2023

05 Jul, 2018  |   By Trekking Trail Nepal

With the start of the monsoon, the spring trekking season in Nepal slows down and the number of tourists also falls down. Monsoon season (June – August) is a slow time for trekking adventures in Nepal. But Nepal has certain trekking trips which can be best experienced during the monsoon season. Monsoon trekking in Nepal can be an awesome time as any other time of the year.

You may be wondering how it feels to go monsoon trekking in Nepal while it rains most of the time during the season. The high mountain regions in Nepal have beautiful trekking trips that become more beautiful and can be best explored during the monsoon time. We have listed those trip in one post here only for you.

Upper Mustang Trek

upper mustang trek

Although it is a rainy season in the whole country, there can be no other better time to explore the Upper Mustang region than the monsoon. The dry land of Mustang is one of the places to get the least rainfall in the country. Although there is still the rain effect, it only enhances the beauty of the region during the monsoon. You will enjoy crystalline skies, a little bit of greenery here and there, and eventually the vast land of jagged mountain folds with Upper Mustang Trek 2023. Nature will project its best here during the monsoon season. More importantly, you will feel at least a bit of humidity in the air and the blow of dust with the strong gust of wind nicely settled. Thus, the monsoon is the best time to explore the amazing Upper Mustang in Nepal. It is one of the best Monsoon trekking trips in Nepal.

Everest View Trek

everest view trek

There is nothing wrong in experiencing a bit of Everest region during the monsoon season. In fact, you will get a different and nice experience of trekking in the region than other times of the year. Although the trek doesn’t go all the way up to the Everest Base Camp Trek 2023, the trekking trail will take you up to Tengboche at the elevation of 3,860 meters above sea level. This monsoon trekking in the Everest region will be a great cultural exploration in addition to the awesomeness of nature with Everest View Trek. Experiencing the wonderful greenery, listening to the sounds of the gushing river and exploring the cultural villages and monastery is certainly an experience to go for in the monsoon.

Kathmandu Valley Rim Trek

kathmandu valley trek

This is a cool trip around the Kathmandu valley ridge. Kathmandu Valley Rim trek gives you a beautiful nature walk experience during the monsoon. In addition to the excellent nature, the Himalayan view is a high possibility if the clouds clear up. But the walk in itself is a wonderful indulgence in nature and local villages. Greenery everywhere along the route keeps you fascinated all the time during the trek. Although this trek does not go high in the Himalayas, it brings you the wonders of middle hills. Another great thing about the trek is it’s just around Kathmandu. Shivapuri Nagarkot Trekking is a 7 days Kathmandu Valley Rim Trek.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

nar phu trek

Nar Phu Valley Trek is another spectacular trek to do in the monsoon in Nepal. This Nar Phu Valley Trek also gives you the best experience of two secluded valleys in the north of Annapurna Circuit. The remoteness of the Nar and Phu valleys will be the most enchanting during monsoon season as a little bit of greenery boosts the beauty of the place. This recently opened and less crowded remote and restricted area trekking becomes one of the best trekking explorations during monsoon in Nepal.

Dhampus Sarangkot Trek

dhampus sarangkot trekking

It’s a beautiful short trek around Pokhara. This trek offers beautiful nature walking in addition to the close-up views of mountains in the Annapurna range. The monsoon enhanced greenery is another great attraction of the trek. Beautifully terraced rice fields, lush greenery, local villages and views of the surroundings make Dhampus Sarangkot Trek a beautiful trekking exploration during monsoon in Nepal.

These five trekking trips in Nepal can be explored at their best during the monsoon season. Although you can trek to these destinations at other times of the year, monsoon trekking is a great option there. You will enjoy your time in Nepal during the monsoon if you go on these treks. Let us know if we can be of any help in organizing you a monsoon trekking in Nepal.

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