Nepal Trekking Entry Fees and Permit Fees - 2024

09 Aug, 2018  |   By Trekking Trail Nepal

Trekking in Nepal requires permission from the government authority that regulates tourism industry of Nepal. Trekkers need to pay a certain amount of money as an entrance fee to the trekking trail in the mountains.

In January 2024 Nepal Government increase the Nepal Trekking Fees and Permits Fees.

TIMS ( Trekkers Information Management System)

As a famous adventure activity in Nepal, trekking attracts thousands of trekkers to Nepal every year. From the popular, upcoming and restricted regions, people go to spend peaceful time in awesome trekking trail for days that they find fit for them. Any trekker trekking in the mountains of Nepal needs to pay fees in two different titles one to the area-specific conservation project and the other for the TIMS Trekkers Information Management System.

nepal trekking fees

 The entrance fees for trekking differ from region to region. It can be anywhere from USD 20 to USD 500 per trekker for a certain duration. Most of the popular trekking regions like Annapurna, Everest as well as Manaslu Circuit Trek and Langtang charge USD 20 and 30 each traveler to allow them into the region. Nepal government has listed some regions as restricted areas and trekkers have to pay more. Like, if you want to trek to Upper Mustang, you have to pay a hefty USD 500 to be able to trek in there and you can stay in the region for 10 days at the most. However Nepal government made changes in Nepal Trekking Permit fees and Trek Entry Fees in July 2019. For your easiness Trekking Trail Nepal is hear with new updated Nepal Trekking Fees of 2019.

everest trekking entry fees

When you go trekking in the mountains, you have to register yourself with your details at the checkpoints established in the region to ensure your travel there has been monitored. You need to mention how long you intend to trek; where you intend to check out from and when and follow the schedule strictly.

Here is the list of New Trekking Permit Fees 2019 and entry fees to different trekking in Nepal.

Trekking Region Park / Area New Trekking Fees Local Entry Fees TIMS Restricted Permits Fees
Everest Trekking NPR 3000 NPR 2000 Not Mandatory  
Annapurna Trekking NPR 3000 Not Needed NRS 1000  
Langtang Trekking NPR 3000 Not Needed NRS 1000  
Manaslu Trekking NPR 3000 Not Needed NRS 1000 Restrict Permit 100 $ (75 $ Dec-Aug).
for 7 Days.
Dolpo Trekking NPR 3000 Not Needed Not Mandatory Restrict Permit US$ 500 for 10 Days
Upper Mustang Trekking NPR 3000 Not Needed Not Mandatory Restrict Permit US$ 500 for 10 Days
Nar Phu Trekking NPR 3000 Not needed NRS 1000 Restrict Permit $ 100 per week.
Nasho Area $ 15 per day.

For further more information regarding Nepal New Trekking Permit Fees, Area Entry Fees and Restict Area Permits Fees and TIMS, fees Please Contact Us.

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